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Gas vs Electric Fireplace. Which is one right for you?

If you want to purchase a fireplace, usually you have the option of either going with an electric unit or a gas-fueled one. Each of them has its pros and cons. So you have to figure out which option suits your needs the most and adapt everything accordingly.

Appearance and safety
Both of them have beautiful designs, and you have lots of models to choose from. But the thing to keep in mind here is that the gas fireplace generates flames that you can see and feel. Electric fireplaces are not like that. They just project the image of a burning log. That makes them a lot safer, just because there are no real flames. With gas-fueled fireplaces, you need to be much more careful what you put nearby your fireplace.

The gas fireplaces prices start from $400+, electric models range anywhere from $400 to $1600 or even more. Summing up maintenance costs, connecting the gas line might be creating additional expenses, in addition to more costly installation than electric fireplaces.

Maintenance costs
Gas fireplaces will cost you an average of 17 cents per hour on the utility bill. It is advisable to think about the annual service checks that should not exceed $100 per inspection. As for the electric models, they don’t need maintenance, and the costs are not more than your average fridge or any other higher voltage device in your home.

If you want a gas fireplace, you need to think about insulation. A unit with 40000 BTU will be great for most homes. Electric units will tend to have a lower BTU, especially the least expensive ones. That’s why you need a gas fireplace for more efficiency. But the more expensive electric fireplaces will give a good value too, so keep that in mind.

Environmental friendliness
Electric fireplaces are safe, but the process that leads to generating heat does release harmful carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. This is not a renewable resource either. In the case of gas, it’s fossil fuel and not as harmful to the environment as you might imagine. But it does generate greenhouse gas.
When it comes to convenience, the electric unit wins since you just need to push the button and it will generate your dreamed flames. Gas units are pretty much the same, however a bit slower because you are dealing with natural gas. Both types are much more convenient than traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Which type is the better?
Most of the time it depends on preference. We found the gas units to be more efficient, however, you need to be sure the installation was made correct, and they can be costly to install and maintain. For a lot of people, the electric units are better, and they bring in great effect. The idea here is to know what you need to prepare in order to have your dreamed fireplace meet your expectations. You should have no problem getting the results you expect as long as you study your energy needs in your home!

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