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Infratech Comfort 61 1/4" Stainless-Steel Flush Mount Frame For W61 Heaters

Color: Stainless Steel

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Every heater comes with a set of brackets for simple installation. Infratech also offers a great selection of other mounting options. These options help integrate your outdoor heating seamlessly into your outdoor living space.

Infratech’s flush-mount installation option has long been a customer favorite among the interior designers, architects, and engineers who develop today’s most sought-after commercial and residential properties.


Here’s Why:

  • Flush-mounted Infratech heaters are as stylish as they are versatile, combining the benefits of ambient warmth with a clean, seamless look that vanishes into the décor of a space.
  • Heaters can be flush-mounted with the edges exposed or can be partially covered by drywall, plaster, stucco, or tongue-in-groove wood ceiling treatment.
  • Flush mounting is a great choice for rooms with flat ceilings (cannot be mounted on a ceiling that is sloped or pitched), and will not disrupt a space’s structural or aesthetic design.
  • Remember to always use a licensed contractor for installation
  • When to flush mount?

    • Choose the 304 stainless steel C-Series/CD-Series or W-Series/WD-Series heaters and the frames in the appropriate sizes for your space.
    • Select a heater capacity between 2,000 – 6,000 watts, depending upon whether you’re using a single or dual element heater.
    • Select an area with a flat ceiling and minimum 2" x 8" studs, where the heater can face straight down when recessed.
    • Avoid flush mounting the heater close to a ceiling fan or light fixture.
    • To complete a flush mount installation, you will need to hire a licensed electrical contractor.
    WARNING: Heaters cannot be flush-mounted on a sloped/pitched ceiling. Flush mount applications must always be installed with heaters horizontal to the floor on a flat, non-sloped ceiling.


    Flush Mount Your Heater in Four Simple Steps

    Step 1. Frame the pocket that will house the heater with a one-hour-rated fire containment box. Note: Frame and heaters cannot be mounted on a sloped/pitched ceiling.

    Step 2. The junction box must be mounted outside of the lined pocket. You can choose to mount the junction box in a variety of locations, depending upon where you’ll be accessing it.

    Step 3. Install the frame into the finished pocket. You may choose to leave all four inches of the trim exposed, or partially cover it with a decorative ceiling (1/2″ clearance is required from ventilation holes).

    Step 4. Install the heater (heater must face horizontal to the floor) and adjust the tabs to set the heater flush with finished ceiling.



    Possible heater series that can be used... C & CD, W & WD Series Heaters
    Heater Length 61 1/4” Heater
    Framing Dimensions 65 ¼”L x 11 ¾”W x 8”H