Selkirk 6" to 48" Pipe Length (UltimateONE)

Diameter: 6-Inch
Length: 6-Inch

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Selkirk 6"/7"/8" Diameter, 6" to  48" Pipe Length

The chimney must extend at least three feet above the highest point where it passes through the roof surface and at least two feet higher than any part of the building within a horizontal distance of ten feet.

Each length includes a Latch Locking Band.

Sectional overlap of 1".

Ultimate One Chimney

UltimateONE’s inner liner and outer casing are constructed of all welded 304 stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Engineered with a web coupler design utilizing 1" of Superwool insulation that contacts at the seam, creating a continuous column of protection.

UltimateONE allows for pipe expansion and eliminates cold air infiltration. Locked together with a latch-type locking band UltimateONE’s no tool installations are quick, solid and secure every time.
  • 6" to 8" Diameter
  • 304 Stainless Steel Inner Liner
  • 6" some products are also available in 316 Stainless Inner Liner
  • 304 Stainless Steel Outer Wall
  • All residential fuels
  • 1" Solid Pack Superwool Insulation
  • Adjustable lengths for ease of installation
  • Multiple Support Kits available
  • Smart Choice Warranty on all components

6-Inch Pipe Length:

Product Code
Part No Size (Length x Diameter)
6U1-6 0821606 6"x6"
6U1-6-316SS 0821606-316 6"x6" (Inner liner in 316 Stainless Steel)
7U1-6 0821607 6"x7"
8U1-6 0821608 6"x8"

9-Inch Pipe Length:

Product Code
Part No Size (Length x Diameter)
6U1-9 0821406 9"x6"
6U1-9-316 0821406-316 9"x6" (Inner liner in 316-Stainless Steel)
7U1-9 0821407 9"x7"
8U1-9 0821408 9"x8"


12-Inch Pipe Length:

Product Code
Part No Size (Length x Diameter)
6U1-12 0821206 12"x6"
6U1-12-316SS 0821206-316 12"x6" (Inner liner in 316-Stainless Steel)
7U1-12 0821207 12"x7"
8U1-12 0821208 12"x8"

18-Inch Pipe Length:

Product Code
Part No Size (Length x Diameter)
6U1-18 0821106 18"x6"
6U1-18-316SS 0821106-316 18"x6" (Inner liner in 316-Stainless Steel)
7U1-18 0821107 18"x7"
8U1-18 0821108 18"x8"

24-Inch Pipe Length:

Product Code
Part No Size (Length x Diameter)
6U1-24 0821006 24"x6"
6U1-24-316SS 0821006-316 24"x6" (Inner liner in 316-Stainless Steel)
7U1-24 0821007 24"x7"
8U1-24 0821008 24"x8"

36-Inch Pipe Length:

Product Code
Part No Size (Length x Diameter)
6U1-36 0820306 36"x6"
6U1-36-316SS 0820306-316 36"x6" (Inner liner in 316-Stainless Steel)
7U1-36 0820307 36"x7"
8U1-36 0820308 36"x8"

48-Inch Pipe Length:

Product Code
Part No Size (Length x Diameter)
6U1-48 0820406 48"x6"
6U1-48-316SS 0820406-316 48"x6" (Inner liner in 316-Stainless Steel)
7U1-48 0820407 48"x7"
8U1-48 0820408 48"x8"

CA Residents: 
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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Refer to the Smart Choice Warranty for full warranty details.