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European Home 42" H Series Single-Sided Contemporary Indoor Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace

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The H Series Inspires: Beautiful flames, clean modern styling, this is the H Series vent-free fireplace line. Available in 42", 60" and 72" sizes.


Whatever your design aesthetic or style, you’ll find the perfect modern fireplace with European Home..

European Home offers a complete line of contemporary indoor and outdoor gas and wood fireplaces. We’ve got you covered: from linear to vertical, from suspended to see-through. All our products focus on clean lines, cutting edge technology and high-quality materials.

All vented European Home gas fireplaces are ANSI and CSA approved for use in the US and Canada. All vent-free European Home fireplaces are ANSI approved for use in most US cities and states..

Our History


European Home’s history dates back to the 1990s when Founder Holly Markham discovered her interest in European design while traveling throughout Europe and Scandinavia. She found it fascinating how architecture preserved the historic nature of the city on the outside, all the while, the interior spaces she encountered were completely renovated and modern. These early influences inspired her to start a business of her own.

Tell us a little about how you started the business?

I started the business back in 1999, after discovering my interest in European design.  While attending a trade show in London in 2002, I saw modern European fireplaces for the first time.  I literally got goosebumps on the trade show floor.  Good design moves you.

What is it about design that particularly excites you?

I find design to be emotional. Something visceral happens to you when you sit in a particularly well-crafted chair or hold the perfect hand-made coffee mug in your hands. I am largely self-taught in design so I feel fortunate to be a part of a thriving design community. We make exceptional products and then work with inspirational architects, builders, and designers who use them to realize their overall aesthetic. It really is a wonderful feeling to be a part of a larger design-driven community.

Why are fireplaces still so relevant to interior design?

Fireplaces provide a gathering place and appeal to people because of their warmth and visual allure. They encourage conversation, relaxation, and it brings us back to our roots as people. There is simply an emotional and universal draw to fire.

This is truly a family-owned business. How do you and John complement each other?

As I’ve said I am in love with design and beautiful products. However, I also get a lot of pleasure out of putting things in order- Accounting, administration… in a way these things are a lot like design.  All the little pieces have to come together to make a business work.

John is much more technically savvy. He has seemingly endless amounts of patience and is great at solving problems. Also, there’s nothing John wouldn’t do for this business and the people who work here..

I remember one time we had a young woman who was an administrative temp for us. She wanted to get her driver’s license but her whole family lived in China so she didn’t have an obvious teacher. In the middle of the workday and without hesitation, John grabbed his keys, and away they went for her first driving lesson!

We have a great group of people, who all breathe the same passion every day.”
Holly Markham

In 2018, Holly won the Family Business Association’s Outstanding Women in Business Award.

European Home is a proud member of

Our Advantages
Real Flame Burner

Demand has steadily increased to have a gas fire that looked like a log fire with logs that glowed and flames which looked more real. Customers want the convenience of a gas fire with the look of a Real fire without the mess. European Home has been at the forefront of pushing this technology and now they have fires with probably the most realistic flame picture in the market. A Real Flame burner creates the log fire effect and gives a heightened flame picture and look. Flames curling around a log are far more realistic and with European Home’s unique ability to turn off different burners the fires are still extremely controllable.

So, what has been the result of the launch of Real Flame burners. We have seen a massive shift from flat burners to Real Flame fires and so now 98% of all customers demand the realism of logs – a far cry from the days when we sold fires with pebbles and stones. Realism has won through, and European Home is delighted that Element4 has been there to lead the way.



At European Home, beautiful design drives everything we do. We design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality modern fireplaces. However, our attention to design doesn’t stop there. From the way our warehouse is organized, to the way we collaborate with customers, dealers, builders and architects, every detail is considered.




ProControl App. As you may have guessed, there’s an app for that! With a Wi-Fi enabled Netherland-made fireplace, you can download the ProControl App to your smartphone or tablet. This app allows you to manage and operate up to eight gas fireplaces with an elegant interface and extensive functionality such as: timer, thermostat, childproof and a number of eco modes (E-Save), which can save you up to 45% on your gas consumption.

Augmented Reality. European Home as an exclusive distributor of Netherland-made fireplace has an app of their own but this one is specifically for envisioning a beautiful suspended or wall-mounted fireplaces in your home. As France-made fireplace’s Augmented Reality App allows you to literally see a 3D rendering of any Focus model in any space. Simply print off a target (think big QR code) and point your app enabled smartphone or tablet in that direction.

These apps will locate the target and give you a 3D rendering of any European Home fireplace in your place!


Made in the USA

Our name brand line, European Home, products have always been proudly made in New England. We are committed to supporting good, design-oriented, jobs in our company and our greater community.

Our imported lines: Focus (France) and Element4 (The Netherlands) feel the exact same way about their respective communities. All our products are ethically manufactured by hard-working people who take pride in what they do for a living.


Safety Barriers

InvisiMesh Screen (Standard). By regulation, all fireplaces with a glass front must come with a safety barrier installed to prevent direct contact with hot surfaces. The new InvisiMesh screen material you get the benefits of a safety barrier, while still enjoying an uninterrupted, clear view of your flames.


  • Installs securely in minutes via rare-earth magnets
  • Easy to remove
  • Near-invisible protection
  • No added bulk or extra electricity required
  • InvisiMesh screens come standard for all Element4 fireplaces except 240H models

Glass Safety Barrier. An alternative to the InvisiMesh screen is our Glass Safety Barrier (GSB) system. With this option, the air is vented between two glass layers, reducing the heat of the outermost pane. Hot air travels up the chase and is then efficiently distributed into the room, so no heat is lost. This clean and stylish look maximizes the trimless modern lines of your fireplace.


  • Clean, trimless lines
  • Glass barrier stays warm to the touch, but won’t burn
  • Serviceability (easy to access fans)
  • A great option for commercial projects



Design is a lot like cooking. Technique can only take you so far; in order to be the best you must start with the best ingredients. Our fireplaces are fully welded and constructed out of the highest quality steel and ceramic glass. We believe timeless design deserves timeless craftsmanship.



Many of our fireplaces are designed with a high turndown ratio. The vast difference between the high and low settings allow you the best of both worlds: a roaring fire, or a more intimate flame. Here is a rundown of why each of our lines is an industry-leader for fuel efficiency.

European Home (Vent-Free): 99+% efficient. Being vent-free, these fireplaces keep all of the heat within the room.


Fire Media

If you have the opportunity to take a look at what sits on top of the burner of many of the gas fireplaces you see, you'll notice that we put as much thought into our ceramic log sets, fire glass, and curated media mixes as we do the rest of our fireplaces. The end result is the most realistic, and creative fire media around.


This ventless gas contemporary fireplace features a modern, trimless, open front style and is designed with European simplicity in mind. With zero clearance with vent-free technology you have multiple benefits including ease of installation as well as greater flexibility in fireplace location all while delivering fuel efficiency ratings near 99%

The H Series modern linear gas fireplace is available in three lengths: 42″, 60″, and 72″. (42″ model pictured shown.)

All H Series fireplaces feature high-quality fire media, which sits directly in the flames and covers the burner. Choose between multiple colors of fire glass or Carrara pebbles.

Click below for a PDF listing specifications, information, and accessories.

H Series Single-Sided Information Sheet

The H Series Vent Free Fireplaces are a family of vent free linear fireplaces in 3 sizes and multiple design configurations. Each style features a clean, simple, hole-in-the-wall opening with fire media which sits directly in the flames for a more natural appearance. Standard features are: electronic ignition, battery back-up, set of fire media, remote control with flame adjustment and satin black interior.

While open-faced fireplaces do not require a screen, optional safety screens are available.  H Series ventless gas fireplaces are manufactured in the U.S.A.



Model No. EH-FP-HVF-42-Single
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Heat Output 25,000 - 37,500 BTU/hr.
Venting Vent Free
Viewable Opening 42” W x 18” H
Flame Length 37 1/2"
Overall Width 49 5/8"
Overall Depth 18"
Overall Height 26 3/16"
Flame Adjustment Yes
Interior Satin Black (Standard)
Optional Designer Interiors Black Enamel or Concrete Style
Remote Control Yes
Electric Ignition Yes
Certification ANSI Z21.11.2
Mass Approval Code G3-0616-532
Efficiency 99%
Weight 169 lbs.


Options & Accessories

Interior Black Enamel

  • Black Reflective Panel Set for HVF-42-Single - includes interior walls and hearth panel.

Interior Concrete Style

  • Concrete Style Panel Set for HVF-42-Single - includes interior walls only (satin black hearth panel is used for hearth panel).

Optional Safety Screen

  • Installs securely in minutes via rare-earth magnets
  • Easy to remove
  • Near-invisible protection
  • No added bulk or extra electricity required

Heat Deflector

  • Heat Deflector (order 2 for See Through)

Designer Surround - Fulcrum

  • Designer Surrounds - for Single Sided and See Through Models only

  • Fulcrum 42 (order 2 for See Through)

Designer Surround - Scaffold

  • Designer Surrounds - for Single Sided and See Through Models only

  • Scaffold 42 (order 2 for See Through)

Designer Surround - Joist

  • Designer Surrounds - for Single Sided and See Through Models only

  • Joist 42 (order 2 for See Through)

Media Options

Click to see Media Options
Fire Glass - 4 lbs.
  • Fire Glass for HVF-42 (4 lbs.)

  • Fire Media (one set included in price) - $60.00 if ordered separately






Carrara Pebbles - 5.5 lbs.
  • White Carrara Pebbles for HVF-42 (5.5 lbs.)

  • Fire Media (one set included in price) - $99.00 if ordered separately


Safety Information: See CA Prop 65 Warning section for more information.