About Fire by Design

Taming the flame, that’s our passion at Fire by Design.

Born with a need to create better (in every way!) fire feature systems for commercial and residential use, founded a company to reimagine the products and applications needed to create special environments and unforgettable experiences. Discover our unique fire pits, fire bowls, tiki torches, and more.

From Match-Lit Fire to Automated Fire

In the early days of building fire pits and fireplaces, all the features were lit by hand. The customer would turn on the gas by way of a manually operated gas valve and then ignite the flame using a log lighter or similar device. One day an owner of a local bar contacted Bob asking about installing a fire feature on top of the sign in front of his bar. He wanted to be able to turn the fire on by way of a remote control and/or a timer. Not the type to ever say “No,” so Bob began researching the different options for controlling fire by way of a remote control.

This led to his introduction to electronic ignition systems which are commonly found in furnaces, hot water heaters and boilers.

His first attempt at automating this fire feature involved using a gas valve and a controller typically found inside a furnace. This makeshift system operated flawlessly inside his shop; however, when installed on top of the sign, it behaved erratically, and on windy days it would not operate at all. Simply put the system was not designed for outdoor use. Troubleshooting that installation led him to the idea of developing a system that was truly designed “For Outdoor Use.”


In Fall 2009, Bob met with a local engineer adept at designing circuit boards and writing the code for the boards. Eight months later after a considerable investment in time, money, and effort, the All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) was born. Though the original AWEIS was an excellent system, we have continued to refine and improve it. We are proud to say the AWEIS is considered the “Gold Standard” when compared to other systems on the market today and we remain committed to ongoing improvements to maximize customer satisfaction.

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