About Victory Lighting

For over 30 years, Victory Lighting Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of lamps and fittings for lighting, heating, and industrial processing.

The company’s range literally covers the full spectrum, from UV for curing and hygiene, through LED light bulbs, to infrared sources for comfortable heating and industrial processing.

Victory has a great deal of experience and industry knowledge to offer its customers.

With distributors throughout the world and warehouse centers in the UK, USA, Poland, Australia, and China, Victory has the capability to get products to where they are needed quickly and efficiently.

A Lighting Legacy

Incandescent lamps were the core products of Victory Lighting's business in 1991, when the company took over the special lamp manufacturing operations of OSRAM-GEC in London. Additional products joined the range following the acquisition of the special incandescent lamp manufacturing activity of THORN Lighting shortly afterwards.

Victory then went on to develop numerous special types for customers as specialised as NASA and the Ministry of Defence. Although many incandescent lamp types have been superseded by energy saving technology, Victory still has an important role in supplying specialist and decorative markets.

A speciality in infrared lamps and other speciality products evolved from this and today the company has expanded to include the design and manufacture of luminaires and controls, enabling it to supply total infra-red solutions to the customer. Ultraviolet, LED and petcare products are among the many other products in the company’s portfolio.
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