American Gas Lamp Works Included Glass and Finial Options

With any order of American Gas Lamp Works's Residential and Mid-Size lamp, you have different options of glass panes and finials to customize it according to your needs.

Glass Panes:

Flat Tempered

Beveled Tempered

Lamp Model Flat Glass Panes Model Beveled Glass Panes Model
1200 Bavarian G9T G9B
1400 Cavalier G9T G9B
1800 Contemporary G3T G3B
1600 Cosmopolitan G9T G9B
1900 Essex G3T G3B
2900 Gothic G9T G9B
1000 Vienna G9T G9B
2000 Washington G3T G3B
2300 Westmoreland G3T G3B
3800 Baldwin G2T G2B
3000 Coachman G2T G2B
3200 Grand Bavarian G10T G10B
3100 Grand Vienna G10T G10B
9000 Kronberg G6T G6B
3701 Old Allegheny G2T G2B



F01 Universal*

F03 Solid Brass Ball
F3P Ball*

F05 Solid Brass Urn
F5P Urn*

F06 Brass Plated Eagle F07 Solid Brass Loop*
F7P Loop*
F08 Brass Plated Acorn
F8P Acorn*
F09 Small Cast Acorn* RS09 Small Cast Acorn w/ Guard* F10 Bishop*
F11 Fleur de Lis* F12 Spike* F13 Cast Eagle*

 *Powder Coated finials will match the finish selected for the lamp.


Feel free to contact us anytime for the accessories you'd like to add to your lamp order.

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