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Best Fire Pits for 2024

Your backyard needs a fiery glow-up.

Fire pits are more in demand than ever – these are the perfect backyard add-ons to make your space a private retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Not only does this small upgrade change the cool evening’s ambiance completely, but it also allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home.

However, there’s no one-pit-fits-all solution available. Choosing a fire pit is similar to buying a new pair of shoes: It should fit. 

We know how time-consuming fire pit shopping can be, that’s why we’ve thrown in an insightful buying guide in the article as well. If you don’t have enough time to read the entire page, jump directly to our best overall pick.

Here are the best fire pits to get in 2022!

“There are three factors why Buck Stove wins this round-up: pricing, quality, and design.”

“Provides you with a ten-inch tabletop space where you can comfortably place your drinks and plates whilst enjoying the soothing crackling sound of the pit.”

“Lights-up in seconds, adjustable flames, and multicolor LED lights – Empire Carol delivers convenience, style, and ambiance to any modern home.”

“What makes Wave Gas Fire Urn shine brighter than its competitors is its larger than life flame. It delivers a star shape design that makes fire more dynamic than the average ring burner.”

Zip, snap, and drop – light the renegade round at the top! Easy, hassle-free, lightweight design, the fire pit for travelers of all kinds!”

“Large and in charge, the package includes a burner cover without extra charge. Wine and dine during the day, light up a beautiful flame at night – a 57-inch Fire Pit Table, a beautiful sight!”

An elegant two-tiered fire pit that can easily find a spot in celebrity homes, a deep pocket purchase that completes any patio’s look.”

“Under the light of a thousand stars, the 30” Fire Pit Bowl shines the brightest.”

“Just like fine wine, the Vintage Square Gas Fire gets better with time.”

“An easy to assemble, low-budget fire pit that anyone can purchase without having second-thoughts.”

“The 81” Kenwood Linear is on the wish list for every family man that has style.”

Best Overall: Buck Stove 30" Round Wood Burning Fire Pit

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, that’s for sure. Buck Stove 30” is an affordable fire pit that works like a charm. While it’s not the cheapest product on the list, you are getting more than what you paid for at $338.00.

This has a minimalistic appeal, which suits most backyard styles, especially the classic woodland landscape. 

What makes this stand out though, visually speaking, is its unique wildlife pattern. It completes the outdoor setting without the risk of running into some actual real, live bears.

This 30-inch fire pit is made out of high-quality steel, so it stays in tiptop condition for a long period. However, this does mean it’s slightly heavier than similar products at 64 pounds. 

It’s still fairly portable though, you can easily move it around with a helping hand from a friend. Or you can do it yourself if your deadlift PR is well-above 200 pounds.

Buck Stove’s fire pit is big enough to warm 4-6 people huddled up together in a circle, the ideal size to share ghost stories whilst drinking a hot cup of cocoa with friends and family. 

For homeowners who live alone, the 18-inch variation (available in square and round shape) might be a more suitable option.

If you feel like flipping burgers with your fire pit, you may also want to purchase Buck Stove’s cooking grate to go along with your package. The grate fits both 18-inch and 30-inch fire pit variants. 

Right out of the box, you’re getting a bottom grate and a fire lid removal handle. This model is available in two colors: black and bronze. 

Installing the item from the ground-up is pretty easy, even if you are a non-handy person. Buck Stove’s detailed manual does a good job in covering all the safety precautions, installation instructions, and other important reminders.

Although we think Buck Stove’s 1-year limited warranty could be better, it does provide enough customer guarantee for what it’s worth. What’s more, there’s been little to no complaints from buyers since its product release. 

All in all, this is a reasonably-priced fire pit with a somewhat portable weight designed to last for years.

Best Fire Pit Table: Athena 48" Olympus Round 

Whether you’re cracking a cold one with the boys or sharing a bottle of wine with your loved one, the Athena Olympus fire pit makes the experience more memorable. 

While it does have a hefty price, this is a once in a lifetime investment for your home. For longevity, this is made out of GFRC, meaning it can withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors for years.

Athena 48” is head and shoulders above Buck Stove in terms of elegance, longevity, and size. This is a good purchase if you’re looking for a 2-in-1 fire pit for your patio. At 48 inches, it can keep a large group of people warm.

You have more color variations to choose from as well. This is available in black, rust, white, bone, and gray, so choose what fits your home the most. Also, you may want to throw in a jar of reflective fire glass – lots of variations, too!

Athena Olympus Round works with both natural gas and liquid propane for convenience, the two orifices are part of the package.

Another thing that makes this 48-inch unit a good catch is how it lacks the poisonous smokes and coal of conventional pits, despite being a match lit fire pit. The pan and burner are both stainless steel. 

The unit has a selection of optional media aside from reflective fire glass, including lava pebbles and cannonballs. We recommend purchasing fire glass though as it adds sophistication even when the pit is unlit.

Package comes with a natural gas orifice, propane orifice, flare straight, flex line, and key valve. If you find a 48” fire pit too big for you, Athena does provide you with a smaller option. 

There’s a 30” rectangular fire pit table that offers the same package inclusion and features. What’s more, Athena also has a square-shaped variation for the 48” fire pit table as well. 

Keep your Athena Olympus Round in mint condition by protecting it with a premium Athena fire pit cover, which helps in keeping dust and grime off when not in use. 

The manufacturer gives you a pretty extensive warranty, it covers a lifetime warranty on refractory logs and burner and a 1-year warranty on electrical and valves.

Best Design: Empire Carol Rose 48" Multicolor Fire Pit

Continue the conversation with your friends and family with Empire Carol’s linear fire pit, unlike some models of similar styles, this does not block sightlines. A great feature especially if you’re planning to install this at table height. 

With a turn of a knob, you can easily change the height of the flames to high, medium, and low, which means you can swiftly set the flame to suit the occasion. 

The multi-color LED lighting system offers plenty of colors to choose from, which include blue, violet, red, green, light blue, and white. You can have it set to a specific color or let them shine in sequence. 

Similar to the flames, the lighting intensity is adjustable as well from high, medium, and low. Feeling a little down? Set it to a cool, low-light ambiance to fit your mood.

We recommend purchasing Empire’s tailor-made wind deflector glass for the 48” fire pit, it protects the flame from wind in style. This also has a larger, 60” fire pit variant if you prefer that one. 

Probably what makes this a steal is its smart, built-in sensor. It saves you the hassle of shutting off the gas in the instance where the fire is extinguished due to high wind or rain.

Important Note: To fill the fire pit’s burner pan, you need twenty pounds of reflective fire glass maximum. It gives you the complete Empire Carol Rose experience together with its dazzling LED lights glow.

It’s a versatile fire pit that fits in multiple settings, including an apartment pool area, your home backyard, or a restaurant patio, giving you the best of both worlds whether it’s a commercial or a residential venue. 

Its steep price-range may come off as a shocker, but Empire Comfort Systems is known to deliver its promises. The Empire Carol Multicolor Fire Pit is built with marine-grade 316 stainless steel, so it’s not an exaggeration to say it can last for over a decade. 

Of course, there are certain measures you have to take to extend its lifespan as well. Make sure to only install this in a well-ventilated area. 

Over time, a dull patina could develop, and depending on its local environment, including the resources used for installation, it may be a subject for rust formation as well. However, this does not affect the fire pit’s performance by any means. 

If you want to keep its aesthetics in a perfect state, clean its exterior regularly with the use of a non-abrasive cleaner. The manufacturer covers the fire pit’s maintenance course thoroughly in the owner’s manual.

Safely concealed below a tilt-up cover is the fire pit’s LED control buttons, ignition button, and flame control knob, protecting it from external elements. 

It features a 55,000 BTU propane burner pan that provides sufficient heat to keep a group of people warm during cool outdoor nights.

Best Fire Urn: American Fyre Designs 20" Wave Gas Fire Urn

A timeless classic, urns are the world-renowned kings of accent and style. American Fyre Designs made a creative leap with the Contemporary Fire Urn, a modern aesthetic that took patio designs a notch higher.

The color variations fit in all outdoor patio styles, giving off a refined accent even when unlit. You have four subtle tones to choose from, these are white aspen, smoke, black lava, and café Blanco.

Interestingly, its max heat output is 60,000 BTUs, higher than the Empire Carol Rose fire pit, which only produces 55,000.

It has enough firepower to keep a large group of people warm, definitely a good patio add-on if you fancy holding cocktail parties from time to time.

American Fyre Designs went the extra mile in individually handcrafting each unit, justifying its costly price tag.

To ensure longevity, it uses glass fiber reinforced concrete, meaning it does well in holding out to the harsh conditions of the outdoors than most fire pits.

Choose from two fuel types: Propane and Natural Gas. There’s a convenient access door where you can place a twenty-pound tank. To save $100, you can opt for the variant with no access door.

The wave urn needs twenty pounds of glass media and fifteen pounds of lava media to fill it up for optimal performance. American Fyre Designs provides you with plenty of media options, so you can change the look fitting to the occasion.

Weighing at 150 pounds, you’re going to need a buddy to help you move the urn around in your home. Also, its installation process isn’t the easiest to follow either, AFD recommends hiring a qualified technician to do it for you. 

On the bright side, there’s no need to purchase a heat retardant mat for patios with wooden floors, the solid construction base makes it safe to place it on combustible flooring. Just ensure the urn is situated on an even and hard surface.

However, due to the Wave Gas Fire Urn’s high temperatures, make sure there is no overhead construction (especially flammable ones) six feet above the unit.

There’s a manual valve that enables you to adjust the flame height according to your preference. For full-on flame visibility, light it on high.

Considering this is a high-end fire pit, maintenance is pretty low. An annual inspection is advised, which the manufacturer guides you step-by-step in the manual.

Concrete remains solid all year round, avoid dragging heavy objects on the surface of the urn to preserve its appearance.

Clean it regularly with a mild soap solution, and for hard-to-remove stains, there’s nothing a vinyl brush can’t fix!

Highly Portable Fire Pit: The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 32" Renegade Round

This puts up a fair fight against Buck Stove 30" Wood Burning Fire Pit, and it even wins a round or two in terms of weight and size.

Outdoor GreatRoom’s Renegade Round only weighs 37 pounds, light enough for an average teen to comfortably lift without straining a muscle. This is quite impressive considering this is two inches bigger in diameter than Buck Stove.

However, the lightweight design is not without its flaws. The package provides you with 3 removable legs, and while these make it easy to install and pull apart, it does tend to wobble on uneven grounds. A small price to pay for portability.

The convenient round design serves two purposes: a fire pit and a versatile coffee table. When you’re no longer using the pit, use the burner cover to turn it into a side desk for books, beverages, or snacks.

Despite the compact fire pit that this is, its maximum heat output is a fiery hot 55,000 BTU, more than enough to keep you and your company warm when it’s cold out.

While this is not a head-turner by a long shot, its modest all-black design somehow gives the Renegade Round fire pit its charm. It easily blends in all outdoor settings, making it a practical unit to bring when camping, hunting, and ice fishing.

It’s made using durable black powder-coated steel for longevity, and for additional assurance, Outdoor GreatRoom gives you a 1-year warranty on the unit as well.

To prolong its lifespan, keep the Renegade Round in its handy carrying bag after usage, which is thrown in as a package freebie.

Burner is made out of stainless steel and it is Underwriters Laboratory listed to ensure your safety. You can easily control the flame height through the unit’s manual control valve, a nifty feature for night outs.

Installation is easy peasy, only takes a couple of minutes to set it up for use. You can learn more about the procedure in its color-printed user-manual – the colored illustrations makes it three times easier to understand.

Fire Pit Table For Large Groups: The Outdoor GreatRoom 57" Denali Brew Fire Pit Table

The mocha-stained frames give off cozy cabin vibes, throw in some warm white fairy lights into the scene, and you have a remote open-air getaway in your backyard.

Built to last for decades, this features a high-grade Sienna Suede top that blends perfectly in various patio styles. To ensure the crystal fire burner stays in tiptop condition for years, it uses a 304 stainless steel structure.

The Outdoor GreatRoom offers pretty good warranty coverage on the stainless steel burner, it gives you a limited lifetime warranty for burners installed in a residential area and a 5-year coverage in a commercial setting.

Another great thing about the unit is that it weighs lesser than it looks thanks to its Everblend textured top – a modified concrete that only weighs half of its original weight without losing durability.

Of course, it’s still fairly heavy at 180 pounds, and at 57 inches, you’re going to need more than one helping hand to have this set-up.

When it comes to pure firepower, it puts the mentioned fire pits to shame at 80,000 BTUs. This has a lot more to give than the Athena 48" Olympus Round, which only has a max BTU of 65,000.

It’s not a social gathering without alcohol, right? Apparently the good guys at The Outdoor GreatRoom think so too, that’s why there’s a convenient little bottle opener attached to the right side of the table.

Keep the fire burning with the Linear Tempered Glass Wind Guard, it’s a cool-looking accessory that ensures no little hands, paws, and debris accidentally falls into the burner.

There’s a foldable and non-foldable variant, it’s better to go for the former for added protection – it looks better, too.

For a backyard patio without roofing, invest in a protective cover, it’s only a few dollars and adds years into its life.

The unit is initially designed for liquid propane. However, you can have it changed to natural gas using the conversion kit (included in the package).

While this does not look as sophisticated as the Athena Olympus Round, it is a more practical option if you’re looking for a fire pit table with the higher heat output and bigger size while saving a few hundred dollars.

Luxury Fire Pit Table: The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 64" Uptown Linear Gas Fire Pit Table

A fire pit table for people with style, finesse, and deep pockets. The Outdoor GreatRoom spared no expense in crafting this two-tiered centerpiece for expansive patios.

Showing off a two-tone color design, it’s the focal core for every modern home as it provides depth and texture. For aesthetics and durability, the unit is hemmed in by Stony Creek stucco compound.

This is definitely bigger than the Denali Brew Linear Gas Fire Pit Table, giving you a lot more room than the aforementioned product. Its massive stature can accommodate six (or more) individuals to lounge around the dancing flames.

Measuring at only 24 inches, the table does deliver the optimal height profile for your patio’s focal accent. Unlike other fire pits in the same category, this isn’t off-putting by any means. As a matter of fact, it delivers coherence to any design, style, and motif.

Its two-tiered structure isn’t just for show, the lower-tier showcases porcelain tiles that gleams dazzlingly under bright lights. It provides plenty of space to place drinks, bottles of wine, and appetizers.

The upper tier is made with a heavy-duty super cast that compliments well with the first row, it completes the modern look of the overall unit.

This luxury fire pit table is one of the heaviest pits in the market at a whopping 445 pounds, weighing two times or more than any of the pits on the list.

Installation quite complex, four detailed manuals go with the package. The OutdoorGreatRoom recommends hiring a technician for the job to avoid accidents from occurring.

On the bright side, due to its enormous size and weight, you don’t have to worry about burglars lifting and stealing it from your property – unless they’re a bunch of strongmen.

Its heat output matches its build with an astonishing 80,000 BTU. The unit’s Crystal Fire Plus burner is made out of stainless steel, ensuring it’ll stay in pristine condition for long periods.

This gives you a simple push-button manual ignition system, it also features a control valve wherein you can adjust the flame height accordingly. For users who want something more convenient, you can upgrade to Direct Spark Ignition (DSI).

Along with the set, you’re given 15 pounds of diamond glass fire gems, the necessary fittings to connect your propane tank, and a natural gas conversion kit.

There’s a sleek access door to place your twenty-pound propane tank, so you can neatly conceal it from view. Protect the flame from burning out during high winds with the glass wind guard.

This is truly a luxury fire pit table in every sense of the word – a suave, high-end fire pit that knows how to leave a first impression and statement to your guests.

Best Fire Pit Bowl: The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 30" Cove Round Gas Fire Pit Bowl

Shines brighter than any other fire pits on the list, outshining the 64" Uptown Linear Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom at 90,000 BTUs.

Unlike the 57" Denali Brew fire and Athena 48" Olympus Round, which is both fire pit tables, the 30” Cove Round Fire Pit Bowl is designed to do one thing: Emitting a large lifelike fire. This has a 30-inch burner pan, more than twice the size of the Athena Round.

For homeowners who are looking to purchase a crowd-pleaser of a pit, the entrancing dancing flames of this fire bowl is a real show stopper.

Its design suits well in most backyard styles, especially in contemporary patio themes. Throw in a couple of classic outdoor chairs around the pit to create a comfy atmosphere for two.

This is made from high-end concrete, its solid construction guarantees long-term life. To ensure your fire bowl stays in the best possible condition after usage, keep it safe with The GreatRoom’s protective cover.  

Choose from three different colors: white, natural grey, and black. The natural grey variant is popular among buyers as it provides more oomph to the patio.

The Outdoor GreatRoom recommends three people and a few tools, including a power drill and utility knife, to install the fire bowl successfully.

Considering that this is a 265-pound fire pit (for the natural grey variation), the number of hands needed is understandable. The other two colors – black and white – weighs 240 pounds.

The Round Gas Fire Pit Bowl’s custom-made wind guard adds pizzazz to the unit’s aesthetics, but it also serves a more practical purpose. It keeps your fire burning during high winds and works as a safety barrier for kids and pets.

By default, the fire pit is liquid propane ready. However, the manufacturer includes a conversion kit for free in case you prefer using natural gas. It doesn’t fit the standard twenty-pound propane tank, which is something worth considering.

There are two ignition choices: a simple, push spark manual system that allows you to control flame heights. Or you can upgrade to Direct Spark Automatic Ignition system for full-on electronic control.

To ensure the unit is at the highest safety standards, the 30-inch stainless steel burner is UL listed. The manufacture gives you a lifetime warranty on the unit’s stainless steel parts when assembled in a residential home. For commercial use, the warranty covers 5 years.

Vintage Fire Pit Table: The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 49" Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table

With more and more homes adapting to contemporary styles, manufacturers are mostly producing modern-day designs for fire pits.

However, The Outdoor GreatRoom took one for the retro lovers, when they manufactured the Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table.

The heart of a rustic backyard is none other than a fire pit, and this rendition of a fire pit table completes your vintage-inspired outdoor landscape with its faux wood tile top.

What might be its best-selling factor is how the distressed cedar base changes over time as it ages and wears, giving it the coveted timeless look.

What’s more, no two cedar bases are alike – wood color and grain pattern vary, meaning each unit has its unique edge. You can delay the wood’s aging by applying sealant after a year or two from purchase.

To match the wood-look tile top, the burner pan has a honey glow brown finish, which enhances its natural aesthetics. The stainless steel fire burner features 79,500 BTUs, remarkably close to Denali Brew Pit Table’s heat output.

Similar to the other fire pit table models, this provides you with two ignition options. The unit comes with a push-button spark ignition system, it also allows you to adjust flame height with the use of its manual control valve.

Or you can top-up and upgrade to Direct Spark Ignition, which allows you to control the fire pit table electronically with a flick of a switch or a push of a remote control button.

The package includes a free grey glass burner that matches the fire pit table well. For a more rustic look, purchase the Ceramic Fiber Fire Pit Log Set, it’s the perfect pair for the Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table.

This retro-inspired fire pit table is designed for liquid propane, this even has a convenient access door to store the standard twenty-pound tank away from view. But for those who prefer using natural gas, you can use the conversion kit included in the package.

The fire pit is made with durable, lightweight concrete for long-term use. This is easier and faster to install than GreatRoom’s fire pit bowl as the manufacturer only recommends two people to get the job done.

Table is large enough to accommodate four people while its crackling flames provide warmth to your friends and family. For a more intimate setting, pop a bottle of wine, and use the glittering crushed tempered glass for an ember-like burn.

Budget-Friendly Fire Pit: Buck Stove 18" Round Wood Burning Fire Pit

Most of the enlisted fire pits on the list are quite high-priced. For those who are looking for a standard, reliable fire pit that doesn’t have the bells and whistles the more expensive units have, this 18” round fire pit by Buck Stove is a good option.

It delivers the same features as the Buck Stove 30” with only minor differences. This costs and weighs around half of the 30-inch variant. However, the color option is only limited to black.

The unit gives you a powder coating finish, which prolongs its lifespan as it’s resistant to corrosion and flaking. Make the unit last longer with proper handling and maintenance.

Buck Stove does cover a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, which is a good deal considering you’re purchasing a relatively affordable product.

Assembly is as easy as it can get, takes a minute or two to have it up and ready for some blistering action. To maximize the fire pit’s performance, use naturally seasoned hardwood.

Unfortunately, the 33-pound fire pit does not have the optional cooking grate. But in case you want to sizzle meat and flip burgers, you may opt for the Buck Stove 18" Square Wood variant.

It’s a little heavier though at 39 pounds and costs roughly $30 more, a small price to pay for the cooking grate convenience.

The manufacturer included a fire poker to lift and adjust the lid or stoke fire. Buck Stove did a bang-up job with its attractive diamond cut-out design, it doesn’t dwindle over time, maintaining its top form.

Its 18” build is enough to warm a small group of people (around 2-3) clustered together. Or if you’re riding solo, it’s a good unit to take with you on road trips as it is compact enough to fit in car trunks.

Only set the Round Wood Burning Fire Pit on a level surface to prevent accidental slips. Use the fire screen as much as possible, especially during high winds to catch flying embers and ashes.

Check out the manual before lighting fire, Buck Stove gave informative points and helpful guidelines on installation and precaution to keep you and your neighbors safe.

Best Fire Pit For Dining: The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 81" Kenwood Linear

It’s popular in homes due to its modern style and warm features, an inviting fire pit table for an evening get-together with family and friends.

While we have multiple fire pit tables on the list, this is the only unit big enough to dine on for an entire family. This gives you a smooth composite deck top, which highly resembles natural wood, but easier to maintain and clean.

For durability and design, the fire pit table’s base showcases a powder-coated aluminum structure. At the center, the 24-inch stainless steel burner is situated with a heat output of 80,000 BTU. It’s similar to its much more expensive counterpart, the Uptown Linear Gas Fire Pit Table.

Despite its powerful firepower (one of the strongest on our list), the uniquely designed fire pit table carries an elevated design, raising the stainless steel burner the composite tabletop, minimizing heat transfer. Therefore, your drinks remain cool as ice throughout your meal.

You can adjust the flame height accordingly with the use of its handy control valve to suit any occasion. The unit features manual ignition, but you do have the option of upgrading to direct spark automatic ignition.

We recommend purchasing a glass wind guard along with the fire pit table to keep you and your family safe. This adds a layer of barrier between you and the flame, preventing hands from accidentally brushing the flames.

Weighing at 150 pounds, it’s remarkably lighter than the 64” Uptown Linear despite being the larger table and almost a hundred pounds lighter than the 49" Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table.

The Outdoor GreatRoom recommends at least two people (wearing leather gloves) to complete the installation.

The manufacturer explains the installation in the manual, it comes with colored pictures and well-explained details to prevent confusion and mishaps. Installation may take a while, but you may be able to breeze through in an hour or so if you follow the instructions step-by-step.

Like how most tables from The Outdoor GreatRoom, this is set up for liquid propane. However, you may use the conversion kit if you prefer using natural gas. The 81" Kenwood Linear features a discreet access door where you can conceal the twenty-pound propane.

Use 220-grit sandpaper to clean off light scratches from its poly-wood surface. Do not sand too deep, it may lead to permanent abrasions.

If you want to complete the classic 81" Kenwood Linear look, purchase the Kenwood Short Bench and Kenwood Long Bench, so you and your loved ones can have a restaurant-like experience for every meal.

Fire Pit Buying Considerations 

Before you make the final call, it’s important to know what you’re looking for when purchasing a fire pit. Here’s a quick little run-down on the 4 things to consider:

Style and Design

Companies are manufacturing fire pits for every need, backyard, and occasion. 

There are fire pits that double as a grill with the use of a cooking grate, and there are units that provide sufficient space to hold your beverages as well. 

Or you may want to purchase a fire pit table instead, where you can dine and drink with the heat of the crackling fire at the middle, similar to the Athena 48" Olympus Round.

Think about your primary reason for investing in a fire pit, whether it may be decorative, functional, or practical.

Local Wood-Burning Laws

Firepit laws for outdoor fire pits vary from city to city, it’s important to consult professional help for the sake of safety and property limitations.

Some regions enforce fees for violations, your local government dictates how you can use your outdoor fire pit, depending on your home location and the neighboring area.

This is because environmental agencies are raising community awareness on the hazards of inhaling wood-burning smoke from these fire pits.

Fuel Type

If you’re after portability, propane-powered pits are for you. These have containers attached to the unit, that’s why fire pits of this type are pricier upfront. However, it outdoes natural gas by a landslide.

Natural gas is the cheapest fuel option you can find in the market, it burns cleanly with quick and easy maintenance requirements.

Wood-burning fire pits provide you with a relaxing crackling sound and an outdoorsy aroma that stays on your fabric for a long period. But these pits have more prep time and a tedious aftercare regimen.


Popularly sold fire pits are made out of either stainless steel or steel, the difference these two have is their ability to resist outdoor elements. Look for a powder-coated option for steel to prevent rust from forming. As you would expect, stainless steel is pricier, lighter, and sturdier.

If you want to avoid rust completely, copper may be a good choice. It develops a pleasant patina as time goes on, although this is quite expensive.

Another rust-resistant material is cast iron, it’s cheaper than copper and a perfect option for cooking. You can easily find a bowl or bucket-shaped fire pit in your local stores. It’s light enough for an average person to move around.

Aluminum is both durable and affordable, a great heat-conducive fire pit that’s easy to carry. Similar to cast iron, this does not rust or crack, making this a practical purchase for longevity.


  1. Where should I put a fire pit in my backyard?

A safe location that’s ten feet away from your home or any tall trees or flammable fences. Avoid building a fire pit on uneven ground or a slope. 

  1. How do I protect my Patio from a Fire Pit?

Make sure your patio is high enough for the fire pit, a low-ceiling may cause extensive damage to the roof over time as it’s directly exposed to the heat of the fire. 

The flooring material should be stone, brick, or concrete to avoid accidents. If your patio uses wooden flooring or other combustible surfaces, invest in a heat retardant mat.

  1. How close can a fire pit be to a house?

It should be at least 10 feet away from your house or any combustible surface. 

  1. How can I make my wood-burning fire pit hotter?

Use pieces of hardwoods from maple, oak, and fruit trees. It burns longer and hotter.

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