Bring Warmth and Comfort to Your Home: Installing an Electric Fireplace (NO Construction Required)

Modern Flames: Setting the New Standard for Electric Flames

Modern Flames is a pioneering force in the design and technology of electric fireplaces, both for residential and commercial use. In 2008, they introduced the modern linear electric fireplace to North America, which has since become the go-to choice for architects, designers, builders, and homeowners due to its realistic flame appearance and easy installation at an affordable price.

There is a special electric fireplace from Modern Flames that will surely excite you and make you want to bring it home! Introducing:

Modern Flames 60" Spectrum Slimline Electric Fireplace

Modern Flames 60" Spectrum Slimline Electric Fireplace

Modern Flames' Spectrum Slimline is a revolutionary recessed electric fireplace that has been designed to maximize the viewing area. It features a sleek 5/8" trim and can be installed in a 2" x 4" or wall mount configuration. The fireplace is equipped with Hybrid-FX™ flame technology, which offers 12 different color options and high-intensity flame and ember bed lighting. It also includes variable & thermostatic heat, variable motor controls, a timer, a push button, and remote controls. Spectrum Slimline Electric Fireplace includes acrylic crystal media and driftwood logs as its standard media.

This product is also available in three more different sizes: 50”, 74”100”.

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Is there a way to have this fireplace in your home if you are living in an apartment, a condo, or renting and cannot cut holes in the wall or don't want to just hang a fireplace? Are there any alternatives to having this electric fireplace that can bring warmth and comfort to your home?

Answer: YES!

Today, we are also featuring:

Modern Flames Allwood Fireplace Wall System for Spectrum Slimline 60" Fireplace

Modern Flames Allwood Fireplace Wall System for Spectrum Slimline 60" Fireplace

The Allwood Fireplace Wall System by Modern Flames is an ideal choice for giving any room in your home a contemporary and stylish makeover with its sleek designThis wall system is slender and stylish, allowing it to be incorporated into any room's entertainment area. The installation process is straightforward, allowing anyone to set it up with ease.

*Note: Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline Electric Fireplace (SPS-60B) is Required and Sold Separately

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