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Napoleon Electric Fireplace Series | Overview and Differences

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Napoleon fireplaces, stoves and inserts are designed to offer long-lasting, top-notch performance and keep you warm and secure even in the event of a power outage. In this article, you'll be able to compare the two models and decide which one is best for your home.

Let us run through these four (4) electric fireplace line by Napoleon fireplaces today. In this 5-10 minute read article, you'll surely recognize the comparison of each fireplace, and realize what you might like for your install at your home as well. 


These two electric fireplaces may appear similar, but they have unique features that will astound you.

Allure Series:  Enjoy The Intensive Flame Experience

The  ALLURE™ series of Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplaces inspires you with their  intense flame experience, which is further enhanced by the floor covering with crystal embers. The mesmerizing flicker of the electric fireplace, seen through the high-grade glass front, adds a unique ambiance to any room and provides a feeling of complete serenity.

You can choose from five (5) different screen widths to watch and enjoy the play of flames of Allure Series. These electric fireplaces are available in:

  • 32'' (81 cm)
  • 42'' (107 cm)
  • 50'' (127 cm)
  • 60'' (152 cm)
  • 72'' (183 cm)

Allure Phantom Series:  Powerful in Every Way

The ALLURE™ PHANTOM series of Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplaces offer powerful flame images and heat generation. The matte black metal front with metal mesh ensures a reflection-free view of the flames and the play of colors of the crystal embers in the floor covering. This highlight of the electric fireplace translates to pure enjoyment for yourself, especially in rooms with difficult lighting conditions.


The ALLURE™ PHANTOM series is available in three different screen widths:

  • 42'' (107 cm)
  • 50'' (127 cm)
  • 60'' (152 cm)


Allure Series and Allure Phantom Series basically differs in their finish. The former has a  high gloss glass finish  while the latter has  matte finish. Below, however, are the common features of the two series.

Heating Capacity

950 watts and 2,000 watts

Flame colors

Enjoy the play of flames without and with the heating power switched on.

Flame colors are:

🔥 Orange

🔥 Blue

🔥 Multi-color

Flame strength and height are both adjustable using the remote control or touch panel.


18° to 27 °Celsius


Overheat and child safety


Cable cover system (1.80 m)


Allure Series  and  Allure Phantom Series  are among the most powerful electric fireplaces on the market. That is because of  the two-stage heating output of 950 and 2,000 watts. These two series are both capable of heating rooms of up to 30 m² and both has ventilation feature as well.




Can be mounted on the wall or integrated

Can be mounted and flush on the wall

Depth of 12.7 cm

Dept of 13.6 cm

Very flat and barely protrude into the room

Flat form and barely protrude into the room



The Alluravision™ linear electric fireplace provides a straightforward and effortless way to add warmth and a captivating display of flames to any room.

Alluravision™ Series:  See the fireplace, not the frame.

Napoleon's Alluravision™ Series Linear Electric Fireplaces focus on bringing the flame to your space, rather than the frame.

Alluravision Slimline  series is available in four (4) model sizes:

Napoleon Alluravision 42" Slimline Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
Napoleon Alluravision 50" Slimline Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
Napoleon Alluravision 60" Slimline Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
Napoleon Alluravision 74" Slimline Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Alluravision Deep Depth  series, however, is available in five (5) model sizes:

Napoleon Alluravision 42" Deep Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
Napoleon Alluravision 50" Deep Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Napoleon Alluravision 60" Deep Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Napoleon Alluravision 100" Deep Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Quick run through of  Alluravision Slimline  and  Deep Depth  series’ similarities.

  • They are both linear electric fireplaces that allow you to see the actual fireplace, and not the frame with its nearly frameless linear design. 
  • As a contemporary electric fireplace, its frameless modern look is just as important as its functionality.
  • It is easy to use; the unit can be hung on the wall and plug or play immediately once it is turned on.
  • It can also be hardwired in to hide the plugs.
  • Owners can select from four (4) flame colors such as yellow, orange, blue, and multi-colored and with five different flame speeds, which ensures the perfect atmosphere for any space.
  • Can be enjoyed all year round with separate flame and heat controls.
  • Three heater functions: Low (H1), Medium (H2), and High (H3)


Viewing Area

Large Viewing Area; Nearly Frameless


Whisper Quiet Blower with Boost Function


Fully recess into the wall or easily hang on the wall with a built-in bracket

LED Lights

High Intensity Led Lights With Soft Start & Stop


🔥 4 flame color options

🔥 4 flame brightness options

🔥 5 different flame speeds

🔥 6 different ember bed color options

Basically, the difference between the two series of Alluravison is the depth of their ember bed. The  slim series  is only 4 inches deep versus the  deep depth series  which is  six inches deep. The latter is more predominantly designed for a built in or new construction type application. The  slim series  only offers a  crushed glass option,  compared to the deep depth series that  accommodates a driftwood log set.  

Below is the table that sums up other different features of Alluravision’s two series:



Warms up to 400 sq. ft.

Warms up to 800 sq. ft.

Crystal clear cube media

Includes log media with glass embers and crystal media

As simple as plug, play, or can be hardwired to 120V

As simple as plug, play, or can be hardwired to 240V

Up to 5,000 BTU's

Up to 9,000 BTU's

1,500 Watts

2,800 Watts

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