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The Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces in 2024

Electric fireplaces are safe, cozy, and stylish - a perfect addition to your residential and commercial space.

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are almost every homeowner’s dream, but they’re not a viable investment for everyone. They’re high in maintenance, expensive, and may involve a lot of wood chopping.

Electric fireplaces allow you to enjoy the dazzling fire lights comfortably indoors without the dangers and sky-high prices of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Here are the most realistic electric fireplaces you can purchase in 2024.

Best Realistic Electric Fireplace:  Dimplex Opti-Myst (Editor’s Pick!)

“Dimplex Opti-Myst: A fireplace that lets you play with fire…safely.”

First Runner Up:  Dimplex Opti-V Duet 54" Electric Fireplace

“Love it or hate it - Dimplex Opti-V remains as one of the most realistic fireplaces you can find in the market.”

Realistic Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace: Superior 60" ERC4060 Electric Fireplace

“Save floor space, brighten up your place, and bring friends over –Superior 60” ERC4060 Fireplace installs in an instant!”

Realistic Built-in Electric Fireplace: Amantii 74" Symmetry Built-in Electric Fireplace

“Built-in fireplaces require more of a commitment than wall-mounted units; however, the Amantii 74" Symmetry makes it a worthwhile purchase.”

Realistic See Through Fireplace: Napoleon CLEARion Elite 50"

“There are a few two-sided fireplaces that made it to our shortlist, but CLEARion Elite offers more features and higher heat output at a lower price.

Realistic 3-Sided Fireplace: Amantii Tru-View 72" Three Sided Slim Glass Electric Fireplace

“See-through three sides of the same fire pit, watch the flame glow at any angle, and brighten up your space!

Realistic Mantel Fireplace: Dimplex Upton 64" Mantel

“A sweet treat for retro lovers, the Dimplex Upton 64-inch Mantel serves as a vintage storage for your collectibles and a personal space warmer at the same time!”

Realistic Outdoor-Rated Fireplace: Amantii 40" Panorama Deep Extra Tall Electric Fireplace

“Amantii Panorama Deep makes cocktail parties in your outdoor patio 10x better!”

Realistic Fireplace with TV Stand: Dimplex Olivia 71" Electric Fireplace Media Console

The Dimplex Olivia 71-inch features a realistic fireplace and a TV stand at the same time, it’s a striking (and practical) addition for any country-chic living homes.”                                                                                                                   

Realistic Mirror Fireplace: Touchstone Mirror Onyx Fireplace

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, is the Mirror Onyx the best fireplace of them all?”

Contemporary Electric Fireplace: Dimplex 60" IgniteXL Linear

Everyone wants a Dimplex fireplace in their homes, and the Ignite XL sets contemporary design to a whole new level.”

Largest Multi-Sided Electric Fireplace: Modern Flames 96" Landscape Pro  

“Landscape Pro is the ultimate best friend for a compulsive redecorator – you can install it in more ways than one!”

Electric fireplaces have come a long way since the first release in 1995 by Dimplex. The first line of electric fireplaces uses LED screens, rotisserie-style light, and a heater with a blower to give a flame effect.

However, manufacturers are now integrating far more advanced technologies to emulate lifelike flames. The ultrasonic technology by Dimplex is the world’s leading technology, creating the most realistic 3D illusion of flames. 

The fireplace uses a fine water mist to replicate flame and smoke, which blows past the LED screen technology from the older generations.

Best Realistic Electric Fireplace:  Dimplex Opti-Myst 1000 Water Vapor 40

Dimplex is one of the leading companies that have innovated and shaped the industry to be where it is today.

Among the dozens of Dimplex fireplaces, the Opti-Myst stood out the most, respectfully earning the most realistic electric fireplace of 2024.

Unlike most of the fireplaces, we have on the list, the flames from the Opti-Myst aren’t coming from rotisserie-style light but from water.

These are flames that you can reach out and touch, giving you a more realistic experience from LED screen fireplaces.

The open concept nature of Dimplex Opti-Myst reinvents the conventional-styled fireplaces for a more dramatic AND sophisticated look in your commercial or residential space.

Opti-Myst uses lighting effects and water vapor to reproduce a realistic illusion of smoking fire. What’s more, you can change flame appearance with modifiable heights using the manufacturer’s spacers (included in the package).

To complete the experience, Opti-Myst cassette features a crackling fire sound that gives your office a realistic outdoor feel. The volume is adjustable as well.

You can have it built into a wall or a custom mantle, simply direct-wire Dimplex Opti-Myst to a 120V circuit. Additionally, the cassette fireplace gives you other installation options, including two-sided and three-sided installations.

Another great feature is how you can build your own large and unique fireplace by connecting multiple sets of Opti-Myst units to create a larger fireplace, a great idea for commercial lobbies, such as hotels. It’s not a stretch to say that the applications are limitless with Opti-Myst – a little bit of creativity and you’re good to go.

You can have the optional plumbing kit in case you want to connect the fireplace to a singular water supply for convenience. It saves you the hassle of running to and from the unit to refill the reservoir.

For homeowners who do not wish to purchase the plumbing kit, just fill the water tank and that’s enough to keep it going for 8 hours.

If you’re looking for the most realistic fireplace that uses the latest technology to mimic lifelike flames, the Opti-Myst is your best bet.

While it does ask you to exert a little bit of effort due to hard water build-up, it only takes a small fraction of your time in exchange for a realistic fire effect. Overall, it sounds like a good deal!

First Runner Up:  Dimplex Opti-V Duet 54" Electric Fireplace

One of the reasons why Dimplex Opti-V is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of fireplace is because of how expensive it is. The Duet 54-inch goes well-beyond the price of a luxury fireplace, which gets a lot of buyers second-guessing its value - is it really worth the price? 

While it’s arguably the most realistic-looking electric fireplace in certain angles and lightings, it still falls short compared to Dimplex Opti-Myst. 

The Opti-V highly resembles a wood-burning fireplace as it has the tiniest details down. Dimplex even added a nice spark flying out from the flames, something we rarely see from other fireplaces. 

What’s more, you can listen to the crackling sound of a wood-burning fireplace, which adds in the ambiance and the realistic appeal. It carries a linear sleek look, which looks nice in commercial and residential spaces. 

It features a 3D log effect that gives it a nice glow. There’s an HD monitor flame at the back that’s almost transparent. 

Another great feature from Opti-V is how the fire comes to life in between the logs, creating depth. We like how the logs look 3D when the flame is on.

The Opti-V by Dimplex has won the European product of the year award, which is justifiable with its advanced technology.

However, there are things that make Opti-V in second place. It does not have a heater feature, meaning it’s purely for aesthetics with no practical applications.

It’s true that the realism is off the charts, but the Duvet version is simply two Opti-V solos in one unit. 

Dimplex did not do anything to make it a little different, the patterns and flames are identical, so there’s little to no effort in design.

Considering that this is an expensive fireplace that can break the bank, we expected more from Opti-V Duet. 

If you’re looking for a realistic fireplace that can outshine Opti-Myst 1000 in certain angles, and you don’t mind spending a lot of money on this technology, this might be a good investment.

Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace: Superior 60" ERC4060 Electric Fireplace

Despite being a mid-priced electric fireplace, its premium-looking aesthetics make you think otherwise. Fits nicely in modern-styled homes and commercial lobbies due to its contemporary design.

The Superior 60” ERC4060 is a popular option among apartment and condo residents as this is easy to install without the requirements of a built-in fireplace.                                                                                                                

It features multicolored flames, setting the ambiance in your living area. You have two colors to choose from bright red or deep blue flames.

Adjust the flame height and color intensity, depending on your preference, using its included multi-functional remote control. 

For cocktails and small social gatherings, let the two brilliant colors flutter pleasantly for a more animated fire.

The unit’s flame and heater work independently, it gives off a standard 5,000 BTUs, which vents from the top. It produces enough warmth for two people up to 400 square feet, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Using its efficient energy-efficient LED technology and zone heating, ultimately lowers your monthly utility bills, especially during colder seasons.

One of the features that makes it a notch better than competitors of a similar price range is its auto-mode function, which regulates the room temperature.   Another winning point is its versatility, you can have the Superior 60" ERC4060 mounted like a picture frame on your wall or recessed.

However, if you do decide to have it built-in, its heater function is disabled. We recommend choosing the latter for commercial use.

You can have the fireplace plugged-in with its 3-pronged 100V power cord for a quick installation or hard-wired to conceal the wires from view.

While it may not be the slimmest electric fireplace we have, its large black trim captures the flames seamlessly as it flickers from the contemporary crystalline embers.

The manufacturer, Superior, included a handy installation manual. It’s a 16-page long manual where they cover the instructions, precautions, diagram, and unit warranty.

Superior 60" ERC4060 Electric Fireplace gives you a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.  The glass components, accessories, and light bulbs have a 90-day replacement warranty – it’s pretty good considering its quality and build.

For users who are looking for a smaller wall-mounted fireplace, this has a 54-inch variant that delivers the same features at approximately $100 cheaper.  

Best Built-in Electric Fireplace: Amantii 74" Symmetry 3.0 Built-in Smart WiFi Electric Fireplace

Amantii 74" Symmetry 3.0 Built-in Smart WiFi Electric Fireplace

Built-in fireplaces are a more permanent answer for your home’s interior design, but Amantii 74-inch provides you with flexible options.

Unlike other electric fireplaces, this unit can be completely recessed or semi-mounted, allowing you to achieve your ideal living space aesthetic.

In comparison to Superior 60" ERC4060, this gives you plenty of colors to play around with. Change the colors from orange, yellow, blue, violet, and rose using its handy remote control.

It further emphasizes the colors with Amantii’s glass ember bed, which reflects the dancing fire projections.

A great feature from Amantii is its two flame pattern options – pick the standard diffused flames for regular days and the new realistic flame setting for special occasions.

It delivers ambient canopy lighting that allows you to cycle through thirteen different lights, blend flame colors for a more animated home experience.

To make the installation process quicker at any stage, this comes with a standardized sizing – Amantii deliberately designed this Symmetry Built-in with a narrower depth for this reason. For convenience, you can have it plugged or hardwired, depending on your needs.

They’ve thrown in a few things in the package as well, including a clear fire glass media, black surround for a clean installation, and a log set to complete the look. However, the semi-flush surround is sold separately.    

Another great feature is its versatility in location, the Amantii Symmetry Fireplace suits indoor, outdoor, and bathroom set-up. You may refer to the manufacturer’s dedicated installation guide.

Great for zone heating at 4,800 BTUs, which delivers adequate warmth within 400 square feet. However, the ERC4060 Electric Fireplace delivers higher heat output at a lower price, which is something worth considering.

During warmer seasons, you can have it glow as a centerpiece without the heating function. Amantii offers a wide variety of sizes for this unit, you can purchase the 34-inch variation at only $899.00, and it gives you similar inclusions except for the log set.

For accessibility, the fireplace comes with a touchpad that shows you the temperature. Amantii gives you a longer warranty than Superior, offering two years of coverage from the date of purchase.    

Best See Through Fireplaces: Napoleon CLEARion Elite 50"        

A see-through fireplace truly comes with its own charm, a practical design solution for two spaces for the price of one.

Napoleon CLEARion Elite is a sleek, built-in fireplace that fits in most modern homes, office spaces, and living areas.

For a fireplace that provides more features than the ones listed above, it’s surprisingly cheaper than the Amantii 74" Symmetry by a hundred dollars, which makes this a better option if you’re looking for a built-in unit.

Despite being a single fireplace, it can heat two distinct rooms at various rates. To ensure both spaces have equal experience, the manufacturer allocated two remote controls for convenience.

It provides warmth up to 800 square feet at 10,000 BTUs, which is twice as much as the Amantii 74" and Superior 60", enough to keep a small group of people warm and comfy in your personal space.

In case you want to have solitude, the unit features a privacy mode where you can change the transparency for a more remote space.

Not only does the CLEARion Elite enable you to modify heat on separate rooms, but the colors are customizable as well.

Napoleon CLEARion Elite gives you three flame colors: blue, orange, and multi-color. There are 15 color options for its ember bed, including ice blue and magenta. You can cycle through all of the colors with its auto-cycle setting.                                                                                                                    

Not only does the unit allow you to customize its heat output, flame colors, and ember bed colors, but you can also modify the flame speed to your liking. Choose a slower tempo for calmer nights and faster speeds for energetic mornings.

For a few hundred dollars, you can upgrade to the 60” variant, which fits better in larger living rooms and offices.

Upon receiving the package, the manufacturer included crystal media, hand-painted logs, Topaz glass embers, and two feature remote controls.

For the unit’s surrounds, you can get the Stainless Steel Trim Kit or the deep surround variants (stainless steel available). Or you can opt for its standard black powder-coated surrounds that go along with the fireplace.

With its wide variety of personalization options, Napoleon CLEARion Elite 50" is a good choice for people who like to tweak around with home motifs and designs regularly.

Best 3-Sided Fireplace: Amantii Tru-View 72" Three Sided Slim Glass Electric Fireplace

While a two-sided fireplace enables you to control the unit from both sides, a three-sided fire pit graces your room a little more glam to the sides.

Comparing it with the Amantii 74" Symmetry, the difference is evident. The three-sided electric fireplace gives a more clean, realistic appeal than any other units on the list.

The Amantii True-View product line took a major leap with the release of their Slim series, it gives you a depth of 3-7/8” and you have five sizes to choose from.

At nearly 4-inch in-depth, it fits well in a variety of settings, including office, home, and apartment lobbies. The unit is designed to be installed on a 2 x 4″ wall, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

If you find the 72-inch too wide for your taste, Amantii does provide you with a smaller unit. The 40-inch variant is a more suitable option for mid-sized offices and homes.

There are four installation configurations though for customization. You can have three sides of the glass open, left side visibility, right-side visibility, and the front-only open (refer to the manual).

Showing style as a corner fireplace or a centerpiece, it delivers three-color LED light strips, which enables multi-color flame selections. You can choose from blue, rose, yellow, and orange. 

Light up your choice of decorative media with the unit’s ambient canopy lighting feature, giving you 13 colors to choose from. For a more unique look, blend the flame colors together, you have a TON of color combinations to play with.

Similar to its counterpart, the Amantii 74" Built-in Fireplace, delivers a maximum heat output of 4,800. Not as impressive as the Superior 60" ERC4060 and Napoleon CLEARion Elite 50", but it’s definitely classier.

It’s installable for outdoors and bathrooms as well, meaning you have more flexibility in case you want to remodel your home. 

The fireplace works with or without heat, so you can conveniently turn off the heater during warmer days. Control the unit’s functions with the use of its convenient remote control that’s included in the set.

Amantii added some other things alongside the remote control – a beautiful 10-piece log set, charcoal gray fire glass, black fire glass, and vermiculite. Of course, there is plenty of decorative media for the Amantii Tru-View 72" for personalization.

Best Vintage Mantel Fireplace: Dimplex Upton 64" Mantel

With a rich espresso finish, Dimplex Upton pulls off the retro vibe aesthetics perfectly; a befitted add-on for cabin and modern wooden homes.       

The 1980-styled mantel is a focal point for living areas and dining rooms. The cabinet delivers the same features of a traditional serve where you can neatly store your chinaware or collectible ornaments for easy retrieval. 

There are two-panel doors, so it delivers plenty of storage space. To frame the fireplace, it carries a stiletto-type leg, which goes up to server height.

Another feature that makes the fireplace standout is its convenient wave setting, allowing you to turn the unit off and on with a wave of your hand. It’s quite useful especially when you are in a hurry. But you can always use the unit’s remote control for more options.

Dimplex Upton uses a unique flame technology that makes the electric fire glow and crackle realistically, fitting for your home’s showpiece.

It reproduces the flames of a natural wood-burning fire pit quite nicely, and its fan-forced heater that produces 5,118 BTUs can make any guest think twice. Similar to most of the fireplace above, it provides enough warmth up to 400 square feet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The acrylic ice media bed supplements the realistic flames as the light sparkles, dances, and plays through the wide spectrum of colors, which makes any meal a restaurant-like experience.

Dimplex went the extra mile in including a handcrafted fireplace log along with the package. The set is molded from real wood, a nice touch from the manufacturer to make it more authentic.

For convenience and accessibility, it sports a floating on-screen LED display that allows you to read temperature settings and unit functions.

Unlike built-in fireplaces that require you to follow complex installation processes, you can plug it into your home’s standard outlet, and you’re good to go – adding ambiance in an instant!

During colder times, the unique fireplace mantel features a heat boost to speed-up warmth. This is done by exerting maximum heat output for a designated amount of time.

Upton is backed with a one-year warranty on the mantel and two years on the unit itself starting from the date of purchase.

Best Outdoor-Rated Fireplace: Amantii 40" Panorama Deep Extra Tall Electric Fireplace

While most electric fireplaces are designed indoors, there are a few units designed for outdoor use. And among them, the Amantii 40-inch fireplace sits at the pinnacle.

What makes Amantii 40-inch different from the company’s long line of Panorama models is its extra tall feature, it is 6 inches taller than similar units, so Amantii is pretty generous with the height.  It makes the flames and the experience more realistic.

You have four color options to choose from blue, rose, violet, and yellow, which you can easily change with the use of the included remote. It also features three-color LED light strips, giving you more customization options.

Another feature that makes it a winner is its ambient canopy lighting, which Amantii Tru-View also features.

It gives you a vibrant glow over your chosen decorative media, cycling through 13 different colors to match your contemporary space. 

Amantii makes the installation procedure easy to understand and easy to follow in their well-written step-by-step manual. The manufacturer gives you two installation guides designated for indoor and outdoor applications.                      

It features a heater with a standard 4,800 BTU heat output, enough to keep a portion of your home warm at 400 square feet.

Similar to other units, you can turn off the heater as necessary for a year-round flame enjoyment, regardless of the season.

For customers who find the 40” lacking in width, the Amantii does provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

There’s a 50-inch, 60-inch, 72-inch, and the large 88-inch fireplace, these are all Panorama Deep Extra Tall variants.                                                                       

However, aside from Amantii’s superior quality, they do provide you with a media set of your choice.

The media kit includes driftwood style logs, rustic style logs, stones, pebbles, blue diamond media, and clear nuggets.

And aside from these media sets, the manufacturer provides you with a black metal surround in case you fancy using the add-on.

Fireplace with TV Stand: Dimplex Olivia 71" Electric Fireplace Media Console

Dimplex is a world leader in producing high-end residential and commercial products, and they are especially known for their long-line of realistic fireplaces.

Among their dozens of units, the Olivia 71-inch is one of the best-looking electric fireplaces that aren’t only just sitting pretty at the center of your home, it also serves a practical purpose.

You might see some kind of resemblance with the Upton 64-inch Mantel in this unit, considering both are mantel fireplaces. However, Olivia provides a more contemporary look with a bigger overall size.

Despite its modernized design, the old southern charm that Dimplex was originally trying to go for still remains. The unit is finished in stone fox on genuine white birch to achieve this effect, captivating the space whilst blending with most décor styles.                                                                                         

The Southern barn-door-style side cabinets complete the look, and Dimplex even added a metal screen to go with it and classy mutton bars.

Dimplex Olivia can house a large flat-screen TV up to 75-inch a cinch, so you can watch movies with your friends and family over the weekends. The mantel offers both open semi-concealed storage slots where you can keep your extensions, electronics, and accessories.

However, what makes this mantel stand out is its feature-rich firebox. For a mantel fireplace, it delivers realistic flame projections that glow, play, and dance like a fire pit. It gives a visual illusion of the flames rising from the log set.

The Olivia 71-inch features 5 ambient color themes, so you can add some variation to your home for more eccentric energy.

Dimplex equipped the unit with a powerful ceramic heater with a 5,118 heat output, which is more than the Superior 60". Its generous heater can warm up your large living area space, which is ideal for zone heating for lower utility bills.

The convenient remote allows you to alter flame effects, set temperature, and tinker with the timer. The manufacturer gives you a 1-year warranty on the unit.

Mirror Fireplace: Touchstone Mirror Onyx Fireplace

Vanity strikes with Touchstone’s Mirror Onyx Fireplace. It serves as a fireplace at night and a mirror during the day, making it a two-in-one electric unit that fits perfectly for commercial and residential homes.

While it doesn’t provide the same level of glam as the Amantii 74" and Napoleon CLEARion Elite 50", Mirror Onyx does have its own uniqueness that transforms the room.   

Mirror Onyx is one the cheapest fireplace we have on the list as well. Although Touchstone is known for its affordable line of fireplaces, we like the fact the Mirror Onyx gives the same lifelike blaze as the original Onyx by Touchstone.

Turn the fireplace off and it becomes a mirror, making it a good addition for lobbies, dressing rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. The unit is 50 inches, so it’s big enough to be a focal point in a large space.

It’s pretty impressive how Touchstone made the Mirror Onyx have the same level of heat capacity as pricier units. The fireplace features 5,118 BTUs, which can provide warmth up to 400 square feet.

For installation, the Manufacturer does encourage you to test the product first before proceeding with the process, which you can do by plugging the fireplace in an approved outlet.

Its easy to install and easy-to-use nature is two of the reasons why the Mirror Onyx Fireplace is a convenient option for homeowners who prefer a one-man, hassle-free installation system.

Another great feature of the fireplace is that its two heat settings – high and low – so you can warm up your place depending on your preference.

 Like many of the fireplaces here, you can control the heater function with the included remote. You can also set the timer up to 7.5 hours max.

Along with the package are wall mounting brackets. However, Touchstone enables you to have the fireplace recessed into your wall.

Contemporary Fireplace: Dimplex 60" IgniteXL Linear

The Ignite XL by Dimplex is one of our best sellers because of its nice and tight clean lines, realistic rolling flame pattern, and classic fireplace design.

What makes Ignite XL a popular option among buyers is how it offers a wide variety of sizes. The Amantii Panorama Extra Tall series is only limited to 88 inches, which may not be wide enough for some buyers.

Meanwhile, the Ignite XL series go up to 100 inches wide, delivering plenty of options for a homeowner who plans on placing a widescreen TV at the top of the fireplace.

Other size variations of the Ignite XL Linear fireplaces are 50-inch, 60-inch, and 74-inch. You can control the fireplace manually using the buttons at the upper right corner of the unit or use the remote control.

The Ignite XL uses Dimplex’s patented flame and heat technology for lifelike. The flames have a variety of stenciled designs, so each flame is unique for a more lifelike effect.

Ignite XL allows you to run the heater on Heat Only Mode or you can have it disabled during warmer seasons.

However, you might notice a slight harmless odor the first time you turn the heater on, which is common for most fireplaces.

The unit allows plenty of customization. You can change color themes according to your taste. Using the prism mode, the fireplace freezes on your preferred hue.

Another useful feature from Dimplex Ignite XL 7 is its heat boost function wherein the fireplace warms the room quickly by producing the max heat output for twenty-minutes in a five-minute increment.

The Sleep timer feature allows you to set preset the fireplace anywhere between 30 minutes to 8 hours, a convenient setting to use during busy seasons.

We like how Dimplex included an automatic cutoff switch feature in the unit, which instantly shuts the unit off when it overheats for safety measures.

To have it back and running, you have to turn the fireplace off at its main disconnect panel. Dimplex advises waiting for five minutes before turning the unit on again.

If you prefer to have a more traditional style for your home, you can purchase Driftwood and River Rock Accessory Kit. It features wood tones and gives the space an organic appeal.

Largest Multi-Sided Electric Fireplace: Modern Flames 96" Landscape Pro

Although the Multi-Sided Electric Fireplace is not as large as the Dimplex Ignite XL 7 that goes up to 100 inches, Modern Flames is the industry’s first three-sided customizable built-in fireplace.  

For people who find the 96-inch fireplace too large for their homes, Modern Flames does offer other size variations as well. The sizes available are 44”, 56”, 68”, and 80”.

Modern Flames allows four installation options – single-sided, left corner, right corner, and 3-sided bay –allowing you to find the best style for your home or office area.

You can adjust them accordingly by removing or adding the side panels. The fireplace delivers seamless glass edges for an ultra modern-looking space.

It comes with a top mount heater to achieve an extensive viewing angle. What’s more, the Landscape Pro features LED light technology by Modern Flames, showcasing a crisp multi-color flame.

You can wire the fireplace with 110V for a 5,000 BTU heater, and during the winter season, you can wire it with a 220V to use its 10,000 BTU heater.  Another thing we like to point out is how the heater operates quietly in comparison to similar brands.

Modern Flames is one of the priciest units we have on the list. However, aside from its unique aesthetic, it does give you plenty of customization choices and the manufacturer included three media options in the package.

You’re given a clear acrylic stone media, black smoke acrylic crystals, and a hand-painted canyon driftwood log set, which complements the LED flame for a true to life flame effect.

The unit features an active ember bed, which gives acrylic media an animated glow. What’s more, the downlighting feature enables you to illuminate the driftwood log set when the flame is turned off.

The maintenance is pretty simple for this unit. The manufacturer recommends having it inspected on a semi-annual basis, which you can do without the help of a technician.


1.) Do electric fireplaces heat a room?

Yes. Most of the electric fireplaces available today have the capability to heat up the room. An average fireplace features a 5,000 BTU heater. However, you can find more powerful fireplaces with a 10,000 BTU heater or higher. Electric fireplaces heat up the room faster than their wood-burning counterparts.

2.) Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

No. Electric fireplaces do not consume a lot of electricity. On average, it consumes 1,500 watts of power. Homeowners who purely use the fireplace for decoration, the pay is at $0.03 per hour. The cost goes up to $0.09 per hour if the heater is on.

3.) Do electric fireplaces need to be vented?

No. These units do not produce emissions, so there’s no need for a direct vent or a chimney. The ones that need to be vented are gas and wood fireplaces.

4.) Do electric fireplaces cause a fire?

No.  It does not produce real flame, and the heat from an electric fireplace is produced artificially.

5.) Can I leave an electric fireplace on overnight?

Yes. It’s safe to turn on the fireplace overnight as it does not generate carbon monoxide fumes. However, it’s recommended to turn the fireplace off if you plan on leaving it alone for a long period.


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