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The Hottest Fireplace Trends For 2023

Fireplace trends are always changing based on what people want to see and expect from a great unit. This year the trends are exciting and quite spectacular at the same time, and you will be rather impressed with them and the features brought to the table. With that in mind, here you have a quick list with some of the most important fireplace trends you can follow this year.

Smart features

Yes, 2023 is all about smart fireplaces and adding in digital controls or automatic shutters to these units. It might not seem necessary for some people, but adding such features does enhance safety and it makes sense to have something like this in a smart home. The trend is just getting started, so we believe it will continue to grow in the years to come. It’s certainly unique and distinctive, something that will hopefully continue again and again as time goes by in the long run.


Until this year we were limited to specific heat resistant materials like tiles, stones or bricks. But now you are finally able to use wallpapers and other finishes around the edges too. So you can easily make chimney cleaning a lot easier, not to mention gas fireplace services are a lot simpler to complete. You can even add a TV or art above the fireplace without having to worry about any damage. Something as simple as this can have massive design impacts, with designers being able to use the space above the fireplace a lot better than ever before.

Large fireplaces

Big and bold is the way to go if you want a new fireplace. Of course, you will be limited to the overall space you want to put it in, but it’s still nice to have some options and to pick what works for you based on your needs. It’s definitely something interesting and downright impressive at the same time, so you do need to check it out and give it a shot.

Linearity works

Linear designs are coming back as a great trend. Modern gas fireplaces, in particular, tend to use a linear design because it goes well with multiple styles. Fireplaces need to align with the other themes and design ideas in your home. And having a linear design makes it a lot easier to customize the interior in a way that works for you, which is what you really need.

As you can see, fireplace trends are shifting and changing all the time. The current trends are rather unique and very appealing, as they bring in front of some interesting features and the results they deliver really work. You do need to check them out and see how well they fare, as the outcome is downright impressive if you follow the right ideas. We do recommend you to check out the fireplace trends right now and see how they work for you. It’s a great way to spruce up your interior design, and you will be impressed with the results for sure!

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