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Vented vs Ventless Gas Logs

Which one should you choose and why?

If you love to try the warmth of a real fire, but with a touch of modernization (no hassle of managing and stoking natural burning wood), then a gas fireplace is what you should probably start shopping for. 


Like everything nowadays, there are always options, options, and options that you must choose from. In this case, you must pick between a vented or ventless gas fireplaces. 


Fear not! We here at US Fireplace Store would love to help you out. Let us discuss the pros and cons, and hopefully, by the end of this article, you would already be able to choose which one suits you and your home best. 


Vented Gas Logs Pros


Vented Gas Logs has a lot of stars on its advantage columns. Let us discuss what we think are the top three reasons why it is a great choice:


  • Easy Installation for Those That Already Has A Fireplace and Chimney
  • Customers who already got a working fireplace and chimney would choose a vented gas log since it can be installed with no further construction or remodeling needed. The installation process is easy-peasy! 

    Of course, it is essential to note that the chimney must be working since vented gas logs make carbon monoxide. If you choose this type, you must make sure that the fumes are vented outside for safety. 


  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • If you wish to have a fireplace that looks like it was taken directly out from Pinterest, then vented gas logs would be best for you. The fire it produces looks so realistic but without the mess of the wood version fireplace. It also adds to the allure that the vented gas log’s flame mimics the same dancing motion fire does on natural burning wood. 


  • It Won’t Break the Bank
  • Market prices show that vented gas logs are much more affordable than ventless gas logs. As mentioned above, if you already got a working fireplace and chimney, the installation is a breezy process, meaning the labor cost for installing it is much cheaper. So, for people who don’t want to spend much on upgrading to a gas fireplace, the vented gas logs are the better choice. 


    Vented Gas Logs Cons


    Since we discussed the advantages, we must also tackle the disadvantages of buying vented gas logs. Here are the top three: 


  • Working Fireplace and Chimney Is Not an Option – But a Must
  • Previously, we discussed how vented gas logs can save a lot of money and time for people who already got a fireplace and a chimney. Well, how about those who don’t have them available already? They cannot have a vented gas log set unless they have a fireplace and chimney built and installed from scratch, which would be expensive and time-consuming. 


  • Vented Gas Log Is Not for Efficiency 
  • Unfortunately, for people whose primary reason for getting a fireplace is for it to be a primary source of warmth for their place, then the vented gas log would disappoint them. A good portion of the heat that it produces goes out the chimney. 


  • It Consumes More Gas
  • As mentioned previously, a vented gas log uses a chimney, and a lot of the heat it produces gets wasted, so it needs more gas than its counterpart. In the long run, it can be pretty expensive. 


    Ventless Gas Logs Pros


    Since we already discussed the pros and cons of the Vented Gas Logs, it is time to talk about its rival in the market. Here are the best reasons why one should choose vent-free or ventless gas log sets:


  • No Need for A Chimney 
  • You don’t need a working fireplace and chimney to install a ventless gas log. It can be installed in a wood-burning fireplace or even in those factory-made fireplaces. Honestly, all you need is a gas line, and you can start enjoying a warm and cozy time in your place. 


  • Quick and Efficient 
  • According to research, Ventless Gas Logs burn so hotly that almost if not all 100% of the fuel is combusted. Due to this, it does not need a chimney or a flute, leading to more heat that provides more warmth. Despite being much more efficient than its counterpart, it is also good to note it consumes less gas, leading to more financial savings in the long run. 


  • Friendlier to Mother Nature
  • I mentioned above that Ventless Gas Logs is extremely hot, that the fuel burns almost completely, which means it produces much less pollution. That’s a significant checkmark on the pro’s column. 


    Ventless Gas Logs Cons


    And now let’s talk on aspects about Ventless Gas Logs that can be a dealbreaker for some:


  • Some Places Can Be Strict About It
  • States like Massachusetts got codes and rules that need to be explicitly followed for Ventless Gas Logs before installation. Meanwhile, in California, ventless gas logs are outright prohibited. So before buying, make sure to check in first the legalities in your state about it. 


  • It is Not as Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Compared to vented logs that look like it belongs to Pinterest, Ventless Gas Logs produce somewhat less realistic looking flames. The color of the fire looks more like the blue you see on the stovetop counter rather than the yellow-looking fire you see on a campfire or fireplace. 


  • Can Trigger Health Concerns
  • Unfortunately, due to its system and how it works, Ventless Gas Logs can irritate the lungs. People with bad allergies and chronic lung issues are much more susceptible to its harmful effects. It can also irritate the eyes and trigger coughing. 


  • Possibility of Grave Risk
  • Ventless fireplaces have sensors specifically for oxygen levels. It will automatically shut off the system if the oxygen in your place gets depleted to the point of being unsafe. Due to this, people must face the fact that it can be dangerous if the system encounters an error or malfunctions. As a fallback, it is recommended to avoid using Ventless Gas Logs longer than an hour and if that is not possible, make sure to crack a window or door for more oxygen access on the place.


    So, which is which? Ventless or Vented Gas Logs?

    After reading about the pros and cons of both options, have you already made up your mind? Is it the ventless or vented gas logs? Remember, to make the best decision, you must weigh in your situation, wants, and needs. 

    Does your place already come with a working fireplace, or is it a modern apartment where there is no chimney and fireplace available? 

    Do you prefer a good source of warmth, or does the ambiance matter more for you? Where do you live? What’s the law about gas logs in your state? There are quite a lot to consider. So, I suggest you take your time and think about it carefully. 

    In the meantime, you can browse Vented and Ventless Gas Logs available in our shop. Whichever you decide, you can be assured the products in US Fireplace Store are of the best quality and at significantly affordable prices: 

    Top Recommendations: Ventless Gas Logs 

    Empire 18" Flint Hill Ceramic Fiber Gas Log Set with Vent-Free Contour Burner

    gas logs with burner

    Our top pick is the lovely set of Empire Flint Hill ceramic fiber gas logs with a vent-free contour. It is proven and tested in eliminating gases, odors, and smoke. 


    The product is made in the USA, and the quality is superb (the logs go through a unique, very detailed hand-painting method).

    This specific model assures the buyer of consistent and controlled heat – no more fear of dangerous flare-ups or sudden die-downs. 


    What we like about it: 

    • You can choose between 18", 24", and 30" sizes.
    • It is available in both propane and natural gas.
    • The package includes a five-piece beautiful log set.
    • Comes with a burner, logs, and glowing embers.
    • Burner options:
    1. Manual including Hi-Med-Low Knob
    2. Thermostat including Hi-Low Knob
    3. Millivolt and on/off Switch

    Real Fyre 16/18" Charred Frontier Oak Gas Log Set

    Gas logs burning

    We love this one for the very reason why it is one of the top picks when it comes to Gas Logs. Real Fyre Charred Frontier Oak Gas Log Set is a practical and potent heat source, but it comes in remarkably an affordable price tag! 


    What we like about it: 

    • Available in 16/18", 24", and 30" sizes.
    • Four log styles to choose from; charred aged split oak and charred frontier oak, the gnarled split oak, and the charred alpine birch. 
    • Wide ember bed with bryte coals.
    • Handcrafted logs.

    Real Fyre 30" Gnarled Split Oak Gas Log Set


    We are in love with this one! And I bet it is the same for everyone who picked the Real Fyre Gnarled Split Oak Gas Log Set. It was explicitly crafted to create a brilliant flickering display that would remind anyone of natural burning wood that brings back memories of a campfire on the beach or mountains. Aside from the exceptionally aesthetically pleasing and realistic appearance, this set is also handy and easy to use. 


    What we like about it: 


    • You can choose between 24", 30", and 36" sizes.
    • Superior and durable material.
    • Efficient and powerful but at the same time is nature friendly. 
    • Authentic wood finish 
    • Multiple accessories ready to flatter the appearance of your hearth.


    Top Recommendations: Vented Gas Logs 

    Real Fyre 24" Charred Evergreen Oak Gas Log Set

    Real Fyre 24" Charred Evergreen Oak Gas Log Set

    It is one of our top picks, and it was not easy to pick among the great list of choices available on the US Fireplace Store. Real Fyre Charred Evergreen Oak Gas Log Set produces more fire, more glow, and more heat than other vented gas logs thanks to its stainless-steel booster.


    How it looks is also a key factor, it was painstakingly hand-painted to achieve a natural wood appearance. Every bark on the set got unique details, and it gleams like authentic burning logs.


    What we like about it: 

    • Available in 18", 24", and 30" sizes.
    • It looks and feels like real burning wood but is still extremely convenient to use. 
    • Multiple control options to choose from:
    1. Electronic valve with (IPI) and variable flame height control via remote button.
    2. Electronic valve with (IPI) and on/off remote button.
    3. Millivolt valve standing pilot that comes with variable flame control.
    4. Manual valve standing pilot that comes with variable flame.
    5. Manual valve match lit - natural gas only.

    Real Fyre 18" White Birch Gas Log Set

    Real Fyre 18" White Birch Gas Log Set

    Affordable, quality, and easy to use – those are all true when it comes to Real Fyre White Birch Gas Log Set, and that is why it is our best value choice. It is also good to note that the set does not look shabby in any way. It seems more expensive than how much you need to pay for it. 


    What we like about it:

    • You can choose between 18", 24", and 30" sizes.
    • You can depend on its quality, especially since each log was inserted with a reinforced steel rod. 
    • The split pieces and log ends were specifically made to have a different shade of color than the bark for a more realistic look
    • Attractive dancing flame 


    Empire 30" Flint Hill Ceramic Fiber Gas Log Set with Vent-Free Contour Burner

    Empire 30" Flint Hill Ceramic Fiber Gas Log Set with Vent-Free Contour Burner

    What we like about it: 

    • Available in 18", 24" and 30" sizes.
    • It can be used with Natural Gas or Propane.
    • Includes Burner, Logs, and Glowing Embers.


    If you wish to check out the complete list of available Vented and Ventless Gas Log Sets, then click here, where you can get the best deal online! 

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