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American Gas Lamp Works TMI13 Triple Inverted Gas Mantle Burner for Coachman, Grand Vienna, Grand Bavarian, Old Allegheny and Baldwin Lamps

Fuel Type: Natural Gas

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American Gas Lamp Works manufactures and sells the world’s finest natural gas and liquid propane lighting fixtures and accessories, as well as matching electric incandescent and LED fixtures. Whereas nearly all other gas lanterns are made from bent and soldered sheet metal, American Gas Lamp Works lamps are handcrafted from components that are formed by pouring liquid metal into sand-mold patterns. This foundry-casting technique results in sturdy yet beautiful fixtures that will deliver warmth and beauty to your home or outdoor living area for many years.

Inverted Mantle

Invented by Carl Auer von Welsbach in the 1880s, gas mantle lighting lined the streets of North America & Europe for most of the late 19th & early 20th centuries. Gas mantles provide a solid, bright white light when fueled by gas and stay on even when your electric power goes out.


  • Burners include venturi tube with air shutter ring, burner head, and ceramic tips
  • For best results, we recommend hard, preformed mantles (HM2)
  • Replacement triple inverted burner (When purchasing a lamp, inverted gas mantle burners are available and included).
  • Note: We cannot guarantee the compatibility of our parts in lamps that were not manufactured by AGLW.

Advantages of Gas Mantle Illumination Technology

  • Delivers the historic, romantic look of Welsbach gas mantle lighting
  • Bright illumination – gas mantle lamps deliver a steady, bright white light
  • Safety – gas mantle technology has been perfected over one-hundred years of use
  • Energy efficiency – a single gas mantle generates the same light output as a 50-watt electric bulb but uses the same energy as a pilot light
  • Reliability and security – gas mantle lighting stays on when the power goes out, keeping your home well lit at all times
  • Environmental – using natural gas directly for illumination eliminates electric energy conversion and transmission inefficiencies, dramatically reducing carbon output

Gas Mantle Lamp Maintenance

Gas mantle lamps are rugged, durable fixtures that can last for generations. However, they require minor maintenance on an annual basis that is best performed by a professional service person. In general, we recommend the following:

  • Replace your gas mantles at least once per year, and at any time they are no longer fully intact.
  • Clean glass and remove debris twice per year. Removing debris will enhance the air flow around your mantles and improve their performance.
  • Use only authentic, hard, pre-formed mantles in your lamp. Hard mantles will produce more light, last longer, and retain their shape much longer than “soft” mantles at a very small additional cost.
  • Blow out the gas lines annually to ensure proper natural gas supply to your lamp.


Model TMI13
Fuel Type Natural Gas/ Liquid Propane
Compatible Lamps 3000, 3100, 3200, 3701, 3800 Lamps
BTUs/Hour NG - 3,100
LP - 3,536
Gas Use/Month (cf) NG - 2,232
LP - 2,546
Venturi Length 13"