DuraVent DuraPlus Chimney Systems


DuraVent is the premier company in the venting industry. With a broad range of engineered venting products, DuraVent has earned its reputation as the industry leader by offering innovative, safe, and professional products for the HVAC and Hearth markets. We use our years of experience to develop solutions that help improve your business performance and quality of life.


DuraVent is a recognized technological leader in the venting industry. Consistently the first to market with new innovations in venting systems, the result is the best-in-class design capabilities that continue to grow its reputation as a trusted brand.

DuraVent DuraVent DuraPlus Star Section from $282.23 $352.79
DuraVent DuraVent DuraPlus 6"-8" Extended Roof Bracket from $186.59 $233.24
DuraVent DuraVent DuraPlus 6"-8" Diameter Base Plate from $80.72 $100.90