Faber by Dimplex

Faber Fires

What could be more relaxing than a fire?

Turn on your favorite music and share a cup of tea with your favorite people as you watch the flames from the crackling hearth. The warmth and ambiance of a fireplace can bring such a sense of togetherness to your home, but only if you give it the proper attention.

With Faber Fires, you can easily create that special moment by bringing the warm glow of a fireplace into your home. Be mesmerized by the flames of a Faber Fire and get lost in the moment. Enjoy the beautiful flame effect, the classic style and true workmanship of every Faber fireplace. Whether you choose electric or gas, a Faber Fire will create an incredible atmosphere.

Faber offers a range of different fires between gas and electric. There is a perfect fire for every home and you will find your fit with Faber. Show Now Faber e-MatriX Water Vapor Series Fireplaces or MatriX Gas Series Fireplaces