Firegear Media

For upgrading your fire pit and fireplace, Firegear has a fantastic selection of fire media. We have the ideal choice for your needs, from reflecting glass to log sets.

Fire Glass

     ● Fire glass is a fantastic way to give your gas fire pit or fireplace a modern feel and some jewels. Firegear fire glass is constructed of tempered glass and has a diameter of roughly 1/2" to 3/4". There are several colors available for this type of media, which is made to radiate heat and will never melt, discolor, or produce smoke.

Lava Rock and Lava Stone

     ● Lava Rocks, which are extracted from the earth, stand out strikingly against a blazing flame.

     ● Lava stones have a relaxed elegance and are produced from lava rock that has been tumbled. The diameter of each lava rock and stone varies between 1" and 2".

Gas Logs

     ● Your gas fire pit or fireplace will seem more realistic with the addition of Firegear Gas log sets. They are formed of refractory concrete and come in a range of sizes, colors, and shapes. As the ideal companion to our log sets, twig sets are also available.

Firegear Firegear Black Lava Rock from $29.00