Firegear TPSI Ignition System


     ● Thermocouple Piloted System with Safety Valve turns gas off when loss of flame
     ● Easy ignition with Battery Spark Igniter (included)
     ● TPSI system with Safety Valve turn gas off when pilot flame goes out
     ● Robust ignition system with full BTU throughput

How it Lights

     1. Press and hold Red Ignitor button to spark
     2. While holding the red ignitor button, Push in slightly & rotate the Control Knob from the OFF to PILOT LIGHT position
     3. Release the Ignitor Button while Continuing to depress the Control Knob for 30-60 seconds.
     4. Release the Control Knob Confirm your pilot light is on.
     5. Turn Control Knob from PILOT LIGHT to the ON position to ignite your burner.