Home Management Control Options


Enjoy the convenience and customization of smart home integration, to maximize automation control in your outdoor living space.

For use in conjunction with your home management system:

  • Integrate Infratech’s heaters directly into your home management system, so you can get the most automation control out of your living space.
  • Infratech’s Home Management Control is compatible with top selling Home Management Systems like Lutron™, Crestron™, Control 4™, and others.
  • Infratech’s simple interface requires a 0-10V DC signal for streamlined installation and straightforward programming.
  • This control option allows the user the ability to save preferred heat settings for off-site control via mobile device, control zones, heat intensity, timer functions, and more!


    Residential/Commercial Application


    Infratech’s Home Management Panel interfaces with a Third Party System Requires a 0-10V DC Input Signal
    Infinite Heat Control
    Use Any Switch Programmed through Third Party System
    Timer Programmed through Third Party System
    Remote Dimming Programmed through Third Party System
    Zoning Capabilities Programmed through Third Party System
    Smart Phone/Tablet Application Programmed through Third Party System
    NEMA Rating --- NEMA 4 Panel
    Wiring Diagrams Provided
    Tested Before It Leaves The Factory
    Assigned a UL Listing Number
    Panel Built Job Specific
    Overall Dimensions 20" H x 16" W x 7" D
    Interior measurements 20" H x 14" W x 6" D
    • Each relay has a max capacity of 9,000 Watts.
    • Each heater on a single relay must be the same wattage.
    • This unit is installed as a sub-panel. The heaters are connected to the relay box, then the relay box connects to your electrical service panel, or have a separate service.
      • Example: You can control (3) 3,000 Watt heaters off 1 Relay, or (1) 6,000 Watt heater off 1 Relay.
    • You may NOT mix heater Watts on a single relay.
      • Example: You can NOT put a 3,000 Watt heater and a 6,000 Watt heater on the same relay.
    • We advertise up to a 6 Relay Control Panel, however the number of relays can be unlimited if the power supply is adequate.
    • Zone and timer capability is set up by the smart home system installer.


    Home Management Product Sheet

    Home Management Control Sample Wiring Diagram

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