HPC 43" Round Bowl Pan Fire Pit Insert

Why Choose HPC Fire Inspired?

Thoughtful Innovation

 Discover the timeless beauty and innovative technology of our fire pits. With various styles and designs, you’ll find one to fit your needs. From sophisticated stone accents to enhanced flame control, we’ll help you design the fire pit that suits your lifestyle.

 Burn hotly with the Steel fire EI High-Low, a beautiful high-fire pit. The EI High-Low is designed for you to enjoy yourself outdoors and easily control your fire from as far away as 20 feet without cell service or a traditional remote control. 

Built To Last

 Our stainless steel fire pits are durable and long-lasting, providing better heat resistance. They are also safe for use for years to come.

Safe Fire Pits

 Our custom fireplaces combine the most CSA certifications in the industry with NFI-certified technicians to deliver the safest and most dependable fire features.

 We believe that a commitment to safety, quality, and comfort is the hallmark of our products. We have taken great care in designing this fire pit so that even the most experienced users will have a safe, comfortable experience.