HY-C Stove Board



HY-C has been protecting homes and families since 1947 with home improvement products including chimney covers, UL1618 certified stove boards, firewood storage log racks, nuisance wildlife control screens, and wood- and coal-burning furnaces. All of our products are engineered to provide the highest level of comfort and protection for your home.


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UL1618 Type 2 Stove Board


Whether you want to protect your floor or the walls around your wood-burning stove, this Hy-C Stove Board/Hearth Extender will adorn the fireplace or heat source area in front of your fireplace or heat source. Constructed of embossed printed steel over 1/2" thick specially formulated fiberboard which is non-combustible. It may also be used as a wall shield to protect walls from intense heat.