SunStar 48" SGL Glass Series Gas Infrared Patio Heater

Fuel Type: Natural Gas

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SunStar outdoor and Indoor Rated Patio Heater for Restaurants and Other Hospitality Applications. Ideal for outdoor or partially covered dining areas, bars, patios, verandas, smoking areas, vestibules and other outdoor covered areas.

Like the radiant warmth from the sun, radiant heat warms people and objects directly at Floor level without First heating the surrounding air. Customers can dine and relax under the radiant warmth of the GLASS, and help you to maximize the use of your seating areas during those colder winter months. Designed with high temperature tinted glass, SunStar GLASS is wind resistant up to 40MPH.

Factory shipped as a two stage control heater and can be used with optional 3 position switch for ultimate comfort. Operate at First stage (24,000 Btu/hr) during milder days and operated at full power (35,000 Btu/hr) on colder days. Also it can be operated at full power (35,000 Btu/hr) as a single stage heater by a simple factory supplied jumper wire.

Aesthetically designed to blend with nearly any decor. Optional mounting wall, ceiling, pole, column mounting brackets, heat shield to lover clearances to combustibles above, and three position switch for low/high/off operation. Requires 4 CFM per 1000 BTU/hr. of total installed heater capacity by gravity or mechanical ventilation.

Features & Applications

  • Ideal for outdoor or partially covered dining areas, bars, patios, verandas, smoking areas, vestibules & other outdoor areas
  • Can be mounted from a horizontal position to 60°
  • Clearances above can be as low as 10” with an optional heat shield
  • Covers 12’ by 12’ area with minimal wind conditions
  • Outdoor rated
  • 2-stage (high/low) models
  • Available for natural gas (SGL35-N7) & LPG (SGL35-L7)
  • Chain suspension or wall mounted
  • Aesthetically designed with a glass front to blend with nearly any decor
  • CSA Design Certified - Z83.19 & Z83.26


Fuel Type Natural Gas / Propane Gas
Material Stainless Steel
Ignition Type Direct Spark
Color Black
Mounting Location Chain Suspension Or Wall
Coverage Area 144 ft²
Dimensions 11.5" W x 48" D x 9.5" H
Weight 55 lbs
BTU Ratings (BTU/hr)
  • High - 35,000 (LP/NG)
  • Low - 24,000 (LP/NG)
Mounting Height
8'-11' horizontal; 7'-9' angled
Space Between Heaters 8'-16' horizontal; 6'-14' angled
Burner Pressure
  • NG - 6.0" w.c.
  • LP11.0" W.C.
  • 3-year limited manufacturer warranty on the burner assembly
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty on controls

    SGL Clearance to Combustibles

    Mounting Angle Ceiling Ceiling*
    20" 10" n/a
    30° 23" 14" 8"
    60° 24" 17" 12"
    Side End Below Front
    24" 12" 40" 48"
    24" 12" 40" 48"

    "Installed w/optional clearance shield to reduce ceiling & back clearances". 

    Please check Product Manual for more Information...

    Options & Accessories

    Click to see Thermostats Options

    3 Position Switch Kit (High/Low/Off)

    This SunStar 3 Position Switch Kit is high-quality, well-engineered, and ready to stand the test of time. Warm up and breathe easy, thanks to Sunstar.

    Two Stage Economy Thermostat

    Two Stage Economy Thermostat for indoor applications. 24V, temperature range 50° to 90°F (∓4°F differential). Up to 85 operating humidity range (%RH). Manual changeover

    Two Stage Digital Thermostat

    Two Stage Digital Setback Thermostat for indoor applications. 7 - day programmable digital 24V thermostat, temperature range 40° to 90°F (∓1°F differential). Up to 85 operating humidity range (%RH). Automatic changeover

    Two Stage Thermostat Relay Kit

    Two Stage Relay Kit for controlling multiple heaters with a single 3 position switch or single 24V Two Stage thermostat. Waterproof ABS Construction. Up to 85 operating humidity range (%RH).

    Click to see Gas Supply Accessories

    Stainless Steel Gas Connector

    Gas Connector – Black Powder Coated Paint to match the heater. 1/2in.OD -24in. Long with 1/2MIP X 1/2 FIP Connection.

    Gas Connection Kit

    Gas Connection Kit- 1/2in.-Includes Gas Connector, Manual Ball Valve, Sediment Trap (Tee, Cap, Nipple), Thread Sealing Compound.

    Gas Line Pressure Regulator Up To 2 PSIG

    This Regulator is for use with all Tube Heaters between 1/2 and 2 psig. The maximum supply pressure to the infrared heaters is 14" WC or 1/2 psig. If your supply pressure is between 1/2 psig and 2 psig then you will need this second stage regulator. The regulator is equipped with vent limiting device and complies with ANSI standards. The regulator does not need any venting. This product has limited warranty of 1 year. This product is made in USA.

    Click to see Hanging Hardware Options

    Heat Shield Kit

    Heat Shield Kits reduce clearances to combustibles above to 10" and allows the heater to reside closer to the ceiling. Allows for Horizontal and up to 60° installations. Hardware included.

    Ceiling Fixed Mount Bracket Kit

    Ceiling Mount Bracket Kit - 10" fixed installation for minimum overhead clearance. MUST be used with heat shield kit, when installed below a combustible ceiling. Hardware included.

    Wall/Ceiling Telescopic Mounting Bracket Kit

    Wall / Ceiling Telescopic Mounting Bracket Kit - 15" - 30" overhead space (check clearances to combustibles space above before ordering) includes both 15 - 22" and 22 - 30" extension legs.

    Column Mounting Arm Kit

    Column Mounting Arm Kit - Suitable for columns 7" and wider. Hardware included.

    3" Pole Mounting Arm Kit

    • Black Powder Coat Painted
    • Enables for pole mounting


    4" Pole Mounting Bracket Kit

    • Black Powder Coat Painted
    • Enables for pole mounting

    Threaded Rod Suspension Bracket

    Threaded Rod Suspension Bracket for 3/8" threaded rod suspension from the ceiling.
    • To be used for 3/8" threaded rod suspension from the ceiling.
    • Black Powder Coat Painted

    Chain Kit

    This chain kit is used to hang heaters from the ceiling. Includes 12' of chain and 8 S-hooks. For use with all ceramic heaters.