Real Fyre Colonial Oak Gas Log Sets

Real Fyre® artisans work from real wood samples to meticulously recreate the intricate bark detail and natural coloration of deeply charred wood. The burned-through centers of the resulting log sets—from the Charred American Oak to the Charred Majestic Oak—reveal the brilliance and fiery heart of a robust, long-burning fire.


The Colonial Oak gas log sets are the perfect addition to your rustic or traditional home. With enticing dancing flames, you can feel the warmth and experience the glow of the Peterson Real Fyre G52 Radiant Fyre gas log systems. Molded with an exclusive fiber-enhanced refractory ceramic mixture, these handcrafted logs showcase the crisp Charred Evergreen Oak, Charred Evergreen Split Oak bark detail, as well as the unique look of the new Burnt Aspen and the new Colonial Oak log sets. Whether you're looking for a gas log set that is rich in character or one that offers an exceptional level of comfort and enjoyment, the Colonial Oak gas log sets are a perfect choice.

Real Fyre Real Fyre 30" Colonial Oak Gas Log Set $622.80 $692.00
Real Fyre Real Fyre 18" Colonial Oak Gas Log Set $476.10 $529.00
Real Fyre Real Fyre 24" Colonial Oak Gas Log Set $522.00 $580.00