Enervex Residential Chimney Fans

The perfect fireplace features a flame that’s just the right size – not too high or too low and that doesn’t allow smoke to escape from the firebox.

Today’s energy efficient homes are designed to keep airflow in the house to a minimum, which saves energy but makes it difficult to create a good draft. A fireplace that doesn’t get a good draft spills smoke, soot, and ash into the house, creating a mess and an unpleasant environment.

An ENERVEX Chimney Fan provides a reliable draft in your chimney – all the time. And you’ll never even notice that it’s there.

Enervex Enervex RS 009 Chimney Fans $3,024.00
Enervex Enervex RS 016 Chimney Fans $5,572.00
Enervex Enervex RS 014 Chimney Fans $3,836.00
Enervex Enervex RS 012 Chimney Fans $3,568.00