Security Chimney Tubinox

Twist-lock System


Tubinox is a unique twist-lock system that allows for simple and easy installation of your equipment. Just slip the components together and twist 1/8th of a turn, and your new equipment is ready to use.


Dripless Connection


The double-lock seam is critical to your finished product. It prevents deformation and enables a tight seal, keeping moisture out and preventing creosote and condensation from damaging your liner. This means that you'll have a more secure, less expensive product than any other competitively priced liner on the market.


For Your Safety


The stainless steel liners of TUBINOX are designed to fit the specific dimensions of your masonry chimney. This makes it possible for technicians from our company to deliver you a liner that is precisely fitted to your chimney. We will not waste your time on a liner that will not meet the quality requirements of our company. The workmanship of all our TUBINOX liners is such that these will not corrode or tip, even in extreme conditions.


For Great Performance


Controlled combustion stoves are designed in accordance with highly efficient heat transfer and combustion technologies. Their performance rate increases when installed with a suitable chimney. Clay liners are often too large, which leads to gas condensation in the installation.

Security Chimneys Security Chimneys Tubinox 8LST Flashing $173.11