Solid State Control Options


Infratech’s Solid State Control Packages are designed to provide efficient operation for spaces that range from upscale residences to large-scale commercial properties with multiple heating zones.

  • Energy efficiency – including timer functions, control versatility, and ease of use.
  • The ability to adjust heating intensity, to achieve the ideal comfort for your space.
  • Zone Heating – the capability to control one or more heaters to heat specified target areas within a large-scale space with a single touch.
  • The Solid State Relay Panel and Zone Analog Controller (with or without optional timer) work together, and are project specific.
  • Electrical wiring diagrams provided for each installation.

Consists of a Solid State Relay Panel and Zone Analog Controllers

  • Infratech’s Solid State Controls are engineered for your individual project and suitable for commercial or residential installations of any size.
  • Multiple zoning capabilities.
  • Allows for the option to adjust the intensity of heat of one or more heaters in a specified target area.
  • Available with optional timers.
  • Controls are built to UL 508 listing, which is a higher safety standard than the National Electric Code (NEC).
  • Heaters are hard wired directly to the Solid State Relay Panel.
  • Tested before leaving the factory, and provided with wiring diagrams for each installation.

Required to complete Solid State Package Control System:

  • Solid State Relay Control - Compatible with all voltages. Must purchase a Solid State Relay Panel
  • Solid State Relay Panel Compatible with all voltages. Must purchase a Solid State Relay Control.


Residential/Commercial Application


Ideal when using multiple heaters to set up zones for a variety of simple or complex applications
Infinite Heat Control
Use Any Switch Solid State Control Packages work in conjunction with Infratech’s Analog Controllers Only
Timer --- Analog Controllers are offered with or without Digital Timers
Remote Dimming
Zoning Capabilities
Smart Phone/Tablet Application
NEMA Rating --- NEMA 12 Analog / NEMA 4 Panel
Wiring Diagrams Provided
Tested Before It Leaves The Factory
Assigned a UL Listing Number
Panel Built Job Specific
Overall Dimensions 14" (W) x 7" (D) x 16" (H)
Interior measurements 16" H x 12" W x 6" D

Each relay has a max capacity of 9,000 Watts.
Each heater on a single relay must be the same wattage.
This unit is installed as a sub-panel. The heaters are connected to the relay box, then the relay box connects to your electrical service panel, or have a separate service.
This system is compatible with the Solid-State Relay Controls.

Each Control Knob can control up to 3 Relays.

  • EXAMPLE: You can control (3) 3,000 Watt heaters off 1 Relay. You could then control 3 Relays from 1 Solid State Dial Control. Giving you the ability to control 9 heaters with 1 control knob.


Solid State Product Sheet

Solid State Control Sample Wiring Diagram

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