Stove Bright Metallic Black Paint




Stove Bright® high-temperature paint is a durable, color-fast high-temperature paint for wood and gas stoves. We provide more color options for high-temperature surface conditions than any other paint supplier and offer aftermarket aerosol touch-ups for most colors. Pigments in our high-temperature paint resist discoloration and breakdown even at high temperatures.


Stove Bright High-Temperature Paint is even more heat resistant than standard paint. It has been used to coat various metal surfaces that require heat resistance for operating temperatures above 400F. The original demand for aerosol paint came from manufacturers of wood stoves in the late ’70s.


Stove Bright High-Temperature Paint is a technical product manufactured to tight tolerances for optimum performance. The paint meets all industry standards and specifications in various applications, including painted metal surfaces and metallic raw materials. Understanding the characteristics of the coating and its performance will result in the best possible finish for your project.