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Caframo 8" Black Ecofan AirDeco I Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

Caframo 8" Black Ecofan AirDeco I Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

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Caframo is made up of many individual brands, each serving consumers in different ways—all with a focus on innovative products for passionate people.

Insight and innovationCaframo designs, develops and manufactures high quality fans, heaters, laboratory stirrers and accessories to a wide range of North American and International markets. Our products are constructed with the highest quality and greatest care.

About Caframo
High quality products, outstanding customer service and engaged employees

Caframo is a privately owned Canadian manufacturing company founded in 1955. We pride ourselves in being an industry leader in laboratory overhead stirrers, specialty fans, heaters, thermoelectric fans, and thermoelectric lighting. Caframo is more than just a quality manufacturer; Caframo is a great place to work.

Our unique combination of products, and our name, originally evolved from the development of Canadian Fractional Motors and the products that use them. A fractional motor is a motor that outputs less than 1 horse power.

Today, our product line is organized into two divisions – Caframo Lifestyle Solutions (consumer products) and Caframo Laboratory Solutions (laboratory stirrers and accessories). Caframo Lifestyle Solutions include the Ecofan, JOI Lamp, specialty marine fans and heaters. Caframo Laboratory Solutions produces overhead stirrers and a wide range of accessories.

Company processes include: market research, customer feedback, product design, parts manufacturing, assembly, packaging, quality testing and functional testing. Caframo products are built and approved to appropriate standards such as CE, UL, CSA, RoHS and WEEE.


The who, where, what and why of Caframo...

Nine years after the Second World War, a company in Germany wanted to expand outside the country, into North America.

The Wiarton Town Council had sent invitation letters to Chambers of Commerce in Germany, and Hans Heidolph Sr. decided to include Wiarton in his expedition to find a North American location.

In 1954, he decided on Wiarton, and then set out to find a location for a factory. Unable to find the “sturdy foundations” he was looking for in the light industry buildings in town, he was directed to the old “Colonial Portland Cement” factory on the waterfront nearby. The factory had been closed for years, but was of solid concrete construction.

The Heidolph family purchased the property and refurbished the buildings. For the largest building they took detailed measurements and had new roof trusses fabricated in Germany and shipped over. This is the building that can be seen from the water.

The intent was to continue the Heidolph motor-winding business in this new location, so they named the company “Canadian Fractional Motors”. A fractional motor is a small motor with only a fraction of a horsepower, for example a 1/10 horsepower. Motors of this size are typically used in household appliances and laboratory stirrers.

In 1955 the new business was started, manufacturing and distributing heaters, fans, and laboratory stirrers.

The founders were Hans Heidolph Senior, his son Hans Heidolph Jr, and his son-in-law Doctor Rudolph Zinsser. In 1964, Hans Heidolph Jr. was appointed President.

In 1994, Tony Solecki joined the company as General Manager, and in 1996 purchased the company.


Culture at Caframo

At Caframo you are part of a team, working together toward a common set of goals. You have a voice that can make a positive impact, no matter what position you hold.

As a Certified Great Place to Work, we focus on building a sense of credibility, pride, fairness, respect, camaraderie, and trust with our team members.

We believe we can make a positive impact on our local community through our annual charity efforts and supporting community initiatives in Grey Bruce.

We are an organization that truly cares.


Innovative, patented, cutting edge

Thermoelectric Technology. Caframo is on the cutting edge of applying thermoelectric principles to create real world applications that offer personal comfort solutions. Our first thermoelectric product, Ecofan by Caframo, works on the “Seebeck effect” through a thermoelectric module, using waste heat to generate electrical power that is used to drive a DC motor, which rotates a fan blade that propels and circulates heated air into your living space. Proven in our testing lab to cut your fuel costs by up to 18%, this silent and eco-friendly product is the winner of many awards for innovation and design.

Caframo’s most recent thermoelectric product is JOI, the first product of our Thermologi brand.  Using the same technology as the Ecofan, JOI transforms the heat from a tea light candle into electricity that powers a canopy of LED lights giving you the equivalent lighting of 100 tea light candles.

Computerized Simulations, Design and Analysis. Using computerized software and a numerical technique called Finite Element Analysis (FEA), our Product Development Engineering team can create, test and optimize product designs on simulation software before building their first physical prototypes. FEA software allows the designer to create 3D models and analyze the design for stress, strain, loads, etc., based on the known properties of different materials. The same software can also test the physical limitations (thermal, fatigue, velocity etc.) of parts and assembly through various simulated tests as well as simulate interactions between the product and its environment (i.e. Fluid Dynamics – airflow, etc.). FEA software enhances the product design experience through cost savings and the ability to explore and evaluate more design ideas.

Engineering Test Lab. Caframo has built an engineering test lab to test and observe all of our products in real life scenarios and harsh environment conditions, to prove and ensure safety, quality and innovation across all products.  Testing instrumentation in the lab includes a wind tunnel, thermocouples, an environmental chamber and many more testing devices. Studies performed range from: wood fuel usage measurements showings the potential cost savings of using an Ecofan; to the safety of using Caframo’s explosion proof heater in marine engine compartment; to demonstrating the efficiency of Caframo stirrers in mixing highly viscous materials and liquids.



Ecofans are designed to enhance the warmth and comfort delivered from your wood stove without the use of electricity or batteries..

Whether you use a wood stove leisurely or as a primary heat source, there are numerous benefits you’ll experience by using a genuine Ecofan.

Why Ecofan
Why having an original Caframo matters...

As the very first heat powered stove fans, the original Caframo Ecofans are proudly invented and manufactured by Canadians. We were the first to develop an innovative solution to enhance warmth and comfort delivered from the wood stove without the use of electricity or batteries.

Like many world-leading brands, Ecofan’s success has led to imitation products. As the only manufacturer of genuine Ecofan models, Caframo has maintained its standard of excellence for over 25 years. Since the original Ecofan’s debut, Caframo has introduced several new Ecofan models including the low-temperature BelAir Model 806, patented UltrAir 810, and AirMax 812, all of which have garnered a demand throughout North America, United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, and Japan.

Whether you use a wood stove leisurely or as a primary heat source, here are just some of the benefits you’ll experience by using Ecofan:

  • Circulate warm air throughout the house 38% faster, enhancing heat distribution and minimizing cold corners.
  • Save up to 18% on fuel costs from maximized wood burning efficiency.
  • Reduce environmental footprint with fewer particulate and carbon emissions

VESTA AWARD 2019. We have been awarded two Vesta Awards from Hearth & Home magazine - one in 2007 for the low-temperature BelAir model, and most recently in 2019 for the 8200 Series which will be available in the Fall of 2019.

With your comfort and well-being in mind, trust none other than a genuine Ecofan.


The Ecofan Story

Ecofan - the original heat powered stove fan - was developed in the Bruce Peninsula, an area in Ontario, Canada. Canadians understand a cold winter, but the Bruce Peninsula can be particularly brutal. As such, a wood stove can make all the difference on those days when the cold sinks into your bones and you just can’t get rid of the chill. Getting the heat from a wood stove to circulate faster, and stretching the life of your wood pile make the Ecofan an invaluable addition in living your best winter life.

MAKING THE WARMTH FROM A WOOD STOVE EVEN BETTER. Wood stoves offer a warmth different from any other. The fire is comforting and pleasureable to watch, connecting us to our earliest ancestors. The only issue is, heat collects around the stove and takes ages to distribute throughout the room. It’s sad to think that people just used to accept this, right?

Ecofan is the original stove fan and is the stove fan with the highest CFM available. Because it's manufactured at Caframo in Canada with the highest quality parts and materials, we believe Ecofan is the best stove fan on the market. And many of our fans do too!
The genuine Caframo Ecofan is the very first heat powered stove fan to market, proudly manufactured on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. Adding an Ecofan to your home allows you to enjoy the warmth of your stove sooner, increasing the comfort of your home. We know, because we have been manufacturing them for 25 years.


Ecofan Technology
All Ecofans are purposefully designed for maximum performance and aesthetics. Our engineers develop these products to deliver optimal airflow under specific stove temperatures. Blades are designed in order to maximize heat circulation while maintaining CE safety compliance. Modules and motors are carefully selected and tested to give the best performance based on the fans. Superior engineering in this field and attention to detail make the original Caframo Ecofans the best heat powered stove fans on the market!

How it works. Ecofans use thermoelectric technology to convert a temperature difference into electricity. The base of the Ecofan collects heat from the top of the wood stove, while the fins at the top of the Ecofan, or heat sink, maintain a cool temperature by drawing in cooler air from behind your stove.

Thermoelectric Technology. At the centre of an Ecofan is a unique thermoelectric module. The patented Ecofan design creates a hot side and cold side on the module. When this happens, a principle called the ‘Seebeck Effect’ causes electrons to flow, creating electricity to power your Ecofan and warm your room faster!

Heat Displacement without an Ecofan. Without an Ecofan, the heat produced by your stove collects around the stove and escapes up to the ceiling.

Heat Displacement with an Ecofan. With an Ecofan, the warm air is circulated further into your living space to warm up a chilly room more quickly.



The Ecofan AirDeco is the next generation of authentic Ecofans featuring an award winning, patent-pending design, new aesthetics and increased overall performance.

  • Low start temperature
  • Award-winning design
  • Superior performance



Model 8203
Blade Color Black
CFM (m³/h) 160CFM (272m³/h)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.8" x 4.0" x 2.6" (223 x 103 x 66mm)
Blade Size 8" (203mm)
Minimum Stove Top Temperature (required to produce 50CFM) 150°F (66°C)
Style Contemporary
Operating Range 149°F - 650°F (65°C - 345°C)
Weight 1.84lbs
Limited Warranty 4-years



Safety Information: See CA Prop 65 Warning section for more information.

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