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Empire 40" Innsbrook Small Direct-Vent Clean Face Gas Fireplace Insert

Ignition Type: Millivolt
Fuel Type: Propane

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A Direct-Vent system uses two vent pipes. One draws air in from outdoors to support combustion. The other exhausts the by-products of combustion to the outside. The two vent pipes may be concentric (exhaust pipe within a larger diameter intake pipe) or co-linear (separate pipes of about the same size).

Combustion takes place inside a sealed chamber – with a glass front in the 
case of a fireplace. Room air circulates around the combustion chamber, often assisted by a blower, to heat the room.

A DV system is often installed along an outside wall to simplify the vent run, 
but can also be installed elsewhere in the home and vented through the roof.


  • Good efficiency – 60 to 80%
  • Good heat output with thermal transfer through the glass and air circulation
  • Separates room air from combustion air
  • May be used as primary heat source
  • Can operate with a remote or thermostat
  • Most systems can provide life-saving heat during a winter power outage

Traditional Direct-Vent Inserts

A Direct-Vent Fireplace Insert turns your existing wood-burning fireplace into an efficient gas-fired heat source.  Direct-Vent Fireplace Inserts are classified as zone heating appliances. Zone heating is inherently more efficient than your existing wood-burning fireplace or your central furnace.

Innsbrook Direct-Vent Inserts (DVC)

Empire Innsbrook Direct-Vent inserts feature optional liners and hand-painted ceramic fiber logs, nestled atop the variable flame height burner, to create an exceptionally attractive traditional fireplace. With inputs of 20,500 Btu, 26,000 Btu, and 28,500 Btu, the Direct-Vent insert’s unique Slope Glaze Burner produces natural flickering flames that dance and delight – warming your heart as it warms your soles.

Available Models


  • Up to 20,500 BTUs
  • Venting: 3-inch Flex
  • Ceramic Glass: 11 1/8 x 25 1/4
  • Opening - 18 1/2 H x 28 1/4 W x 14 7/8 D
  • This unit installs as an insert inside an existing fireplace


  • Log Set
  • Blower
  • Barrier Screen


    • Surround


    Model DVC20
    Actual Dimensions 23 1/4 H x 40 W x 15 7/8 D
    Fuel Type Natural Gas / Propane
    Vent Type Direct Vent
    Ignition Type Millivolt / Intermittent Pilot
    Installation Type Insert
    Style Traditional
    Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Max/Min (Propane) 19,500/15,000
    Input BTU/HR (KW/H) Max/Min (Natural Gas) 20,500/14,500


    *Please Note: Surround required to complete this unit.

    Cast Iron Surround (7x6)
    • Finish: Cast Iron (Black)
    • Size: 7x6
    • Detailed, classic cast iron appearance
    • Cast Iron Surround does not accept a decorative front or bottom cover.
    • Please Note:Cast Iron Surround Required SAK Adaptor

    Surround Adaptor
    • Type: Surround Adaptor Kit
    • Finish: Black
    • Please Note: This is required for Cast Iron Surround

    Fuel Conversion Kits

    • Natural Gas to Propane 
    • Propane to Natural Gas
    • For use with Millivolt / Intermittent Pilot Control
    • For Innsbrook Direct Vent Fireplace

    Click to see Liners

    Traditional Brick Liner

    • Type: Liner
    • Traditional Brick Liner
    • For use with DVC20IN31/71 Fireplace Insert

    Banded Brick Liner

    • Type: Liner
    • Banded Brick Liner
    • For use with DVC20IN31/71 Fireplace Insert

    Washed Brick Liner

    • Type: Liner
    • Washed Brick Liner
    • For use with DVC20IN31/71 Fireplace Insert

    Black Porcelain Liner 

    • Type: Liner
    • Finish: Black
    • Black Porcelain Liner
    • For use with DVC20IN31/71 Fireplace Insert

    Click to see Control Options


    FRBC Battery Operated On or Off Remote Control

    • Turn burner OFF and ON using two-button handheld remote (Adjust flame from low to high using knob on the valve)
    • Does not require running wire to the fireplace
    • Requires batteries for the receiver and for the handheld remote
    • Operates during power outages


    FRBTC2 Battery Operated Thermostat Remote Control

    • Type: Remote Control
    • Millivolt Control Options Only
    • Turns heater adjusts Thermostat
    • Battery-operated remote control


    FREC Electric On-Off Remote Control with Battery Transmitter

    • Millivolt Control Options Only

    • Remote control with Battery transmitter for Empire remote-ready appliances

    • Easy and convenient to use

    • The receiver must be plugged in.


    FRBTPS Battery Operated Programmable Touch Screen Remote Control

    • Type: Remote Control

    • Millivolt Control Options Only

    • Programmable and easy to use

    • Battery-operated remote control


    FWS1 Wall Switch On/Off 

    • On-Off wall switch for Empire remote-ready appliances
    • Mounts conveniently on wall


    TMV Wall Thermostat Reed Switch

    • Wall thermostat with reed switch for Empire remote-ready appliances

    • Mounts conveniently on wall


    TRW Wall Thermostat Wireless Remote

    • Wall thermostat with wireless remote for Empire remote-ready appliances

    • Thermostat mounts conveniently on wall


    Remote Kit for Natural Gas / Propane

    • Model: RVKN - Natural Gas

    • Model: RVKP - Propane 

    • Type: Remote Kit

    • Variable Flame Height Kit

    • Includes: Stepper Motor, Thermostat Remote, and Wiring.

    Click to see Decorative Doors & Fronts

    Front - Lancaster

    • Type: Front
    • Style: Lancaster
    • Finish:
      • Black
      • Bronze
    • Please Note: Fronts required surround for installation.

    Front - Horizon

    • Type: Front
    • Style: Horizon (non-operable doors)
    • Finish: Black
    • Please Note: Fronts required surround for installation.

    Doors - Transom

    • Type: Doors
    • Style: Transom (non-operable)
    • Finish: Black
    • Please Note: Fronts required surround for installation.

    Click to see Surrounds / Bottom Covers (Surround Required)

    (3-Sided Metal Surround / 1-Piece)

    • Size:
      • 6x3x1 / Deep Surround - 6x3x2.2 (34-in W x 23-in H)
      • 6x6x1 / Deep Surround - 6x6x2.2 (40-in W x 23-in H)
      • 9x6x1 / Deep Surround - 9x6x2.2 (40-in W x 26-in H)
      • Deep Surround moves insert forward 1 1/2 inches.
    • Finish:
      • Black
      • Bronze
    • Please Note: Surround required to complete this unit.

     Bottom Cover for Surround

    • Type: Bottom Cover
    • Finish: Black / Bronze
    • Use Bottom Cover when the steel surround does not reach floor.

    3-Sided Custom Surround

    • Finish: Matte Black
    • Custom Built Surround for Various Empire Fireplaces and Inserts

    4-Sided Custom Surround

    • Finish: Matte Black
    • Custom Built Surround for Various Empire Fireplaces and Inserts

    SH1BL Shroud

    • Helps cover large gaps between your fireplace and surround when installing fireplace inserts
    • Finish: Black
    • Dimension: (48-in W x 35 3/4-in H, plus 2-in Bottom panel.
    • Opening 36-in x 23 3/4-in)


    • 10-year limited warranty on combustion chamber, limited lifetime on glass.
    • All other parts carry a three-year limited warranty.
    • All remote controls carry a one-year limited warranty.