HY-C Black Galvanized Steel Draft King Single Flue Chimney Cap Round Slip-In

Size: 10"

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Draft King Single Flue Chimney Cap

Our black galvanized steel Draft King chimney cap is the durable and economic choice for chimneys in most regions. Like all Draft King chimney caps, the outside mounting design engineers a maximum free air space allowing uninhibited chimney draft. Manufactured with a 24-gauge black powder-coated galvanized steel hood with scalloped corners and turn-down edges, an 18-gauge 3/4" black powder-coated expanded galvanized steel mesh, and a 14-gauge black powder-coated galvanized steel base, this cap stands up to the elements. Using slotted hex-head stainless steel mounting bolts, Draft King's unique corner chimney cap mounting attachment provides the most secure fit possible to a masonry flue tile. These Draft King chimney caps are made in the USA and backed by HY-C's 7-Year Limited Warranty.



  • Made in the USA and backed by HY-C's 7-Year Limited Warranty
  • 24-Gauge Powder-Coated Galvanized Steel Hood with Scalloped Corners and Turn-Down Edges
  • 14-Gauge Galvanized Steel Base for Extra Strength
  • 18-Gauge 3/4" Expanded Galvanized Steel Mesh; 18-Gauge 5/8" Expanded Galvanized Steel Mesh Available for California
  • Attractive Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Slotted Hex-Head Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts for Easy, Durable Installation
  • Outside Mounting Provides Greater Free Air Space for Better Draft
  • Expanded Metal Mesh Turned Inward at Base Allows Cover to Rest Firmly on Flue Tile, Closing Any Gaps to Protect Against Nuisance Wildlife Intrusion
  • Optional Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Leg Kit (for chimneys whose flue tile does not extend above crown)
  • Designed for Masonry Flues Only. Not to be Used with Metal Air-Cooled Chimney Systems.
  • Arrests Sparks and Reduces Certain Downdrafts




     Model Outside Tile Size Fits Outside Tile Size Color Weight
    CBO811 10" Round Slip-In 9.5" to 10.5" Round Black Galvanized Steel Approx. 8 lbs.
    CBO813 12" Round Slip-In 11.5" to 12.5" Round Black Galvanized Steel Approx. 10.5 lbs.
    CBO815 14" Round Slip-In 13.5" to 14.5" Round Black Galvanized Steel Approx. 11 lbs.
    CBO816 16" Round Slip-In 15.5" to 16.5" Round Black Galvanized Steel Approx. 11.5" lbs.
    CBO818 18" Round Slip 17.5" to 18.5" Round Black Galvanized Steel
    Approx. 12 lbs.

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    Note: In situations where Oil or Coal is burned, or when Wood or Pellets are used as the primary source of heat, do not use Aluminum or Black-Painted Galvanized Steel Covers.

    Designed for Masonry Flues Only. Not to be Used with Metal Air-Cooled Chimney Systems.