Monessen 18" Mountain Oak Gas Log Set (Logs Only)

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These dual rated, Mountain Oak, gas log sets can be installed in a vented or vent free setting. The 18" 4-piece set and the 24" and 30" 5-piece models all provide radiant heat and an attractive focal point.

These log sets feature burners with flames in the front and rear, adding warmth and ambience to any room.

The vent free gas logs from Monessen offer the realistic look of a wood fire but without the effort. Available during a sort of styles, the pliability of the vent free gas logs from Monessen means you'll install them in any existing firebox without the necessity for venting - making them a terrific choice for almost any room in your home.

A safe and straightforward alternative to vented fireplace solutions, vent-free gas logs from Monessen offer you the chance to incorporate the ambiance and heat of fireside with the convenience of flexible installation.

Refractory log sets are constructed to be heavier and more detailed then their ceramic counterparts. The refractory construction allows for the very best level of detail during a log set. The denser material doesn't absorb or radiate heat just like the Ceramic Fiber logs.


  • 18" Mountain Oak Design
  • 4 Piece Refractory Log Set
  • For use with 18" EYF burner system
  • Refractory cement for fine detailing
  • Detailed log design
  • Includes volcanic rock
  • Available in millivolt and manual control

*Note: This item may be a vent free appliance and installation of it's going to be prohibited in your jurisdiction. Customers are liable for checking local codes and regulations before purchase.


Mountain Oak 18 EYF18-R
Size: 18
Front Width Minimum Firebox Opening: MIL: 25"
Height Minimum Firebox Opening: MIL: 17"
Depth Minimum Firebox Opening: MIL: 13"
Back Width Minimum Firebox Opening: MIL: 17-1/2"
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
BTU/hr Input: 30,000
Heating Capacity1: Up to 1,500 sq ft
Efficiency2: 99.9%


  • Vent free units do not require any venting products


      EYF Burner (Required to Complete)

      Click to see 18" EYF Burner 




      • Fuel Type: NG or LP
      • Ignition Type: Manual Control/Millivolt Control
      • Burner Only: EYF Burner
      • For use with firebox
      • Use with 18" Mountain Oak 4-piece Multi-Log Set


      • Double flame burner with heavy grate assembly
      • Manual ignition in natural gas or propane gas
      • Millivolt ignition in natural gas or propane gas
      • Manual variable flame height control
      • Dual rated for vent free and vented applications
      • Vented applications require the purchase of a damper clamp
      • 18,000-30,000 BTU/HR (Nat) (Manual) 
      • 22,500-30,000 BTU/HR (LP) (Manual) 
      • 26,000-30,000 BTU/HR (Nat) (Millivolt)
      • 24,500-30,000 BTU/HR (LP) (Millivolt)


      Click to see Damper Clamps - Carton of 6 (Required for Vented Installations)


      The C-CLAMP Damper Clamp permits the operation of Manual and Millivolt controlled gas logs to be installed as a vented decorative log set by keeping the flue open in the least times allowing the exhaust gases to flee from your fireplace.

      • Six count
      • Damper clamps
      • Required for vented installations

      Click to see Flat Black Adjustable Canopy


      • Color: Black
      • Flat black finish
      • Optional accessory
      • Adjusts from 28" to 48"
      • Adjustable fireplace hood

      Click to see Volcanic Rock - Carton of 12 - 2 lb. Bags


      Designed to be used with Monessen Vent-Free Fireplace Inserts and Vent-Free Fireplaces. Volcanic Rock, Carton of 12-2 lb. Bags. Volcanic rock brings a weathered, organic look to your fireplace. Spread round the floor of your fireplace and ahead of your gas log set for added beauty.

      • Two pound bag of volcanic rock
      • Works with Monessen fireplaces
      • Adds a more realistic look to the fireside
      • Must be purchased separately from fireplace and field installed

      Control Options

      Click to see Control, Remotes, Wall Switches

      RRCM Remote Receiver Cover

      • Made of metal
      • Specifically for Monessen brand products
      • Metal box will help hide your remote receiver

      TS Thermostat Bulb Sensor 

      Monessen has become alright known for creating the absolute best in fireplaces and hearth accessories, and this product is completely no different. The Monessen Thermostat Bulb Sensor for Millivolt Model Only is meant to be used on the Monessen Millivolt Model only. This sensor acts to feature thermostat operation to a Millivolt on and off valve, making your life easier and far more convenient overall. Priced affordably, you cannot afford to pass this Thermostat Bulb Sensor up! Get yours today for this great low price, and obtain able to enjoy your fireplace in ways in which you never thought were possible.

      • Thermostat Bulb Sensor
      • For Millivolt Model Only

      RRCE Remote Receiver Cover

      • Made of ceramic material
      • Specifically for Monessen brand products
      • Realistic piece of ember to hide your remote receiver

      RCB Remote

      Hand-held On/Off with battery receiver and wall cover plates. Ambient Technologies Offers a broad line of remote controls, thermostats and accessories designed for total convenience and luxury . Ergonomic design, simple operation and soft-touch finish combine to reinforce the comfort, luxury and convenience of any gas fireplace. Let Ambient surround you with all the technology to reinforce the enjoyment and luxury of your gas fireplace.

      • Signal indicator
      • 16 security codes
      • Battery Low indicator
      • For use with Millivolt or 24V Systems
      • Battery receiver with easy battery access
      • 6 hour optional safety shutdown (receiver)

      RCMT Remote

      Ambient Technologies Offers a broad line of remote controls, thermostats and accessories designed for total convenience and luxury . Ergonomic design, simple operation and soft-touch finish combine to reinforce the comfort, luxury and convenience of any gas fireplace. Let Ambient surround you with all the technology to reinforce the enjoyment and luxury of your gas fireplace.

      • Soft touch finish
      • 16 security codes
      • Thermal safety shutdown
      • 90 minute countdown timer
      • For use with Millivolt or 24V Systems
      • Battery receiver with easy battery access
      • 6 hour optional safety shutdown (receiver)

      RCST Remote

      Convenience is that the name of the sport when it involves purchasing a foreign control for your Monessen appliance. With the Monessen Handheld Thermostat, you'll control the hearth and temperature with slightly of a button. This handheld thermostat are often attached to the wall to be used or just for storage when not in use. The highly intuitive screen will indicate when the battery is low, what the present temperature is, and can indicate when the flame is currently on. It also has childproof protection, which can offer you peace of mind.  

      • 16 security codes
      • Childproof protection
      • For use with Millivolt or 24V Systems
      • Thermal safety shutdown (transmitter)
      • Battery receiver with easy battery access
      • 6 hour optional safety shutdown (receiver)