Majestic Fireplaces

Each Majestic fireplace is designed for long-lasting dependability, performance, and style. All of our products are meticulously tested for dependability and longevity after being meticulously constructed by hearth experts using strict engineering requirements. We want to make sure we're delivering the best possible product to your home.

Majestic offers different Series of Fireplaces:

Gas Fireplaces: Echelon II, Echelon II See-Through, Jade, Marquis, Mercury, Meridian, Meridian Platinum, Quartz, Pearl, DV Linear, Reveal, Corner, Courtyard, Lanai, Villa Gas, Twilight, and Fortress Collections.

Wood Burning Fireplaces: Ashland, Biltmore, Royalton, Sovereign, WarmMajic, Designer, Villawood, Castlewood, and Montana Collections.

Fireplace Inserts: Jasper and Ruby Collections.