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DuraVent PelletVent Pro 3" C Clamp

DuraVent PelletVent Pro 3" C Clamp

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All PelletVent Pro® components that come into contact with flue gases are built with an inner wall of corrosion resistant superferritic metal. PelletVent Pro® is engineered with features for a durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing venting system. PelletVent Pro® is a venting system for stoves and inserts that use wood pellets, corn and other biofuels, or oil, as fuel. As a result of DuraVent’s cutting-edge manufacturing process and commitment to innovation, PelletVent Pro® is uncompromised in attention to detail and performance. This perfect fit and finish is made possible with a laser-welded inner and outer wall. Select components are available in black.

PelletVent Pro® is now UL listed for 1″ clearance to combustibles in the USA and in Canada. Its double-wall, air-insulated design offers superior performance. Seams are factory-sealed on all elbows, tees, and fittings. Since the introduction of pellet stoves in the 1980’s, DuraVent is recognized as the industry leader in venting systems for pellet stoves. Today, approximately 3 of every 4 pellet stoves in the US and Canada are vented with a DuraVent pellet system.

What's Included

  • C Clamp


  • Clamp for applications where existing factory-built chimney is being relined for pellet.


Brand DuraVent
Model 3PVP-CC
Series 3" PelletVent Pro
Product Type C Clamp


DuraVent, Inc. (“DuraVent”) provides this limited lifetime warranty for all of its products with the exception of Ventinox® (lifetime), and PolyPro® (ten years). Subject to the limitations set forth below, DuraVent warrants that its products will be free from defects in material or manufacturing, if properly installed, maintained, and used.
Click to See Warranty Coverage and Limitations

DuraVent, Inc. (“DuraVent”) provides this limited lifetime warranty for all of its products with the exception of Ventinox® (lifetime), and PolyPro® (ten years). Subject to the limitations set forth below, DuraVent warrants that its products will be free from defects in material or manufacturing, if properly installed, maintained and used. DuraVent products are fully warranted if installed only by a professional installer. This Warranty is transferable from the original homeowner to the buyer of the home. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, smoke damage or damage caused by chimney fires, acts of God, or any product that was: (1) purchased other than from an authorized DuraVent dealer, retailer or distributor; (2) modified or altered; (3) improperly serviced, inspected or cleaned; or (4) subject to negligence or any use not in accordance with the installation instructions included with the product as determined by DuraVent.


DuraVent provides the following warranties for its products: One Hundred Percent (100%) MSRP 15 years from the date of purchase, and Fifty Percent (50%) thereafter, except for the following limitations on: all Termination Caps and DuraBlack® are warranted at One Hundred Percent (100%) for five years. All warranty obligations of DuraVent shall be limited to repair or replacement of the defective product pursuant to the terms and conditions applicable to each product line. These remedies shall constitute DuraVent’s sole obligation and sole remedy under this warranty. This warranty provides no cash surrender value. The terms and conditions of this warranty may not be modified, altered or waived by any action, inaction or representation, whether oral or in writing, except upon the express, written authority of an executive officer of DuraVent.


Corn, bio-fuels, driftwood or other wood containing salt, preservative-treated lumber, plastic and household trash or garbage, or wood pellets containing such materials must not be burned in the appliance or fireplace. In case of a chimney fire, the chimney must be inspected and approved by a certified Chimney Sweep before reuse. After each annual inspection, maintenance, and cleaning, the certified Chimney Sweep must fill out and date the appropriate section of the warranty card provided with the chimney liner.


LIMITATIONS ON INTERNET SALES: Notwithstanding any other terms or conditions of this Limited Lifetime Warranty, DuraVent provides no warranty for the following specific products if such products are not installed by a qualified professional installer: DuraTech®, DuraTech® DTC, DuraTech® Premium, DuraPlus HTC®, DDW®, DuraChimney® II, PelletVent Pro®, DirectVent Pro®, FasNSeal®, FasNSeal® W2, FasNSeal® Flex, and PolyPro®, and DuraVent’s relining products including DuraLiner®, DuraFlex® (SW, Pro, 316, 304), and Ventinox®. For purposes of this warranty, a trained professional installer is defined as one of the following: licensed contractors with prior chimney installation experience, CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps, NFI Certified Specialists, or WETT Certified Professionals.


DuraVent must be notified and given the opportunity to inspect defective product prior to replacement under the terms of this limited lifetime warranty. All warranty claims must be submitted with proof of purchase. Labor and installation costs are not covered under this warranty. To obtain warranty service contact: DuraVent Warranty Service, 877 Cotting Ct., Vacaville CA 95688, or call 800-835-4429.




Download DuraVent Limited Lifetime Warranty here.

Documents & Files

Frequently Asked Questions

What are PelletVent Pro's Specifications?


PelletVent Pro® is a venting system designed for stoves and inserts that use wood pellets and oil fuel. It is also built to vent biofuel products such as corn, switch grass, cherry pits, soybeans, coffee husks, sunflower hulls, walnut shells and wheat, to name a few. (Rated for continuous use flue temperaftures up to 570°F.)


Materials and Construction

Laser-welded, double-wall pipe with a .012″ inner wall of 444 stainless steel and a .018″ laser-welded galvalume outer wall. Painted black exterior available. Primary metal-to-metal connection seals joint. Encapsulated o-ring provides a secondary seal.



1″ clearance to combustibles in the USA and Canada for appliances using corn and other biofuels, wood pellets or oil.



3″ and 4″



c-UL-us Listed to UL 641 (MH8381 and MH14420).
ULC Listed to ULC S609, ULC/ORD C441 (CMH1439 and CMH1440).

What is PelletVent Pro's Typical Installation?

Refer to our Typical Venting Installation drawings to select the appropriate component parts for your installation.

  • The inner pipe diameter should match the outlet size of the appliance. For installations that require 4″ vent and the appliance has a 3″ outlet, use an Increaser Adapter 3″-4″.
  • Check the appliance manufacturer’s installation instructions to confirm which types of vent configurations are permitted (i.e. horizontal, vertical, chimney reline, etc.). Also, check for any venting restrictions such as maximum horizontal run, minimum and maximum vertical rise, maximum offset, etc.
  • Be fire safe! Maintain the minimum clearances (air-space) between the vent pipe and nearby combustibles, as specified in the appliance manufacturer’s installation instructions. Use proper support and bracing. Follow local building codes and have your venting system inspected.


More Typical Installations:

Installation Key

  1. Vertical Cap
  2. Storm Collar
  3. Flashing
  4. Cathedral Ceiling Support Box
  5. Straight Length Pipe
  6. 45° Elbow
  7. Appliance Adapter
  8. Flex Length
  9. 90° Elbow
  10. Horizontal Cap
  11. Wall Thimble
  12. Celling Support Firestop Spacer
  13. Tee w/Clean-Out Tee Cap
  14. Wall Strap
  15. Attic Insulation Shield
  16. Prairie Termination Cap

Planning Your Installation:

  1. Refer to the Typical PelletVent Pro Installations diagram, on the opposite page, to be familiar with some of the standard PelletVent Pro installations and the required component parts.
  2. For a horizontal termination, you will need a Wall Thimble and a Horizontal Cap. The cap must be installed with a 6″ clearance to the outside wall (refer to appliance manufacturer’s installation instructions for other clearances).
  3. For a vertical termination, you will need a Cathedral Ceiling Support Box or Flat Ceiling Support, Attic Insulation Shield (if passing through an attic), Flashing, Storm Collar, and Vertical Cap.
  4. Determine the length of PelletVent Pro pipe required. For a vertical termination, measure the pitch of the roof and select the proper flashing. The required minimum height above the roof is 12″.
  5. Pellet stove inserts in masonry fireplaces will require a flex pipe to snake the vent past the smoke shelf. For transition from PelletVent Pro to an existing DuraPlus, DuraPlus HTC, or DuraTech Chimney, a Chimney Adapter is available.
  6. For vertical rise of PelletVent Pro on the outside of the house, Wall Straps should be used at 4′ intervals to provide proper support.
  7. Important! Check to be sure that the appliance and the venting system are in compliance with all minimum clearance to combustible requirements.


The following design recommendations are a general guideline to assist in the design and selection of venting components for your installation. Always follow DuraVent Installation instructions before installing your chimney system (found with the cap or support box).

  • Size the vent to meet the appliance manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Avoid long runs and excessive use of elbows. Refer to the appliance manufacturer for minimum rise and maximum run configurations for the venting system.
  • Use an Appliance Adapter to ensure a proper connection to appliance. Seal adapter to appliance with high temperature sealant.
  • Use a Single Tee with Clean-Out Tee Cap to facilitate easy cleaning. It is recommended to use a tee off the back of an appliance.
  • In the United States and Canada, maintain the minimum 1″ clearance (air space) from vent pipe to combustibles. Use proper support and bracing. Follow local building codes and have your venting system inspected. Be fire safe!

DuraVent PelletVent Pro Common Questions

1. What is the minimum clearance to combustibles?
1” clearance to combustibles.

2. Is the PelletVent Pro® approved as a Category III UL1738 for use on horizontally terminating Unit Heaters and Radiant Tube Heaters?
Yes, PelletVent Pro is gasketed with laser welded super-ferritic stainless steel inners and approved sidewall Termination Caps.

3. What is the minimum termination height above the roof?
1’ minimum of pipe is required above the high side of the roof.

4. Why is there so much slope at the collar of the stove?
The problem is with the stove manufacturer, not the vent.

5. What flashing do I use for roof pitches over 7/12?
Use the gas vent flashing for a steep roof (order #s: 3GVFSR, 4GVFSR)

6. What flashing do I use for a tile roof?
DSA Roof Flashing (Stock #s: 3PVP-F6DS, 3PVP-F12DS, 4PVP-F6DS, 4PVP-F12DS)

7. Why don’t I have tee supports?
DuraVent® wall straps are approved to support the tee.

8. How close to the wall can I terminate?
6” minimum distance from the wall to pipe.

9. Can I seal the pipe where it passes through the thimble?
Yes. Use a 500° RTV Silicone Sealant.

10. Which side of the thimble goes on the interior wall?
The black side goes on the interior wall.

11. Are the 45° and 90° elbows adjustable?
No. The elbows are factory sealed to prevent leaking under pressure.

12. What do I use to install through cathedral ceilings?
Use a cathedral ceiling support box.

13. How do I extend the wall thimble?
Use similar material to extend the sleeves. Must maintain a 1” overlap.

14. Why is the 2’ 10 rule for Chimneys not followed?
PelletVent Pro® terminates 1’ above the high side of opening in roof because the fan gets the exhaust airborne.

15. Can I use B vent instead?
No. Use PelletVent® Pro only it has the required SS inners to burn wood pellets.

16. Is there a high wind PelletVent Pro® cap?
No. Use the vertical cap termination.

17. Do I need sealant or tape on connections?
Sealant is required with old-style PVL. If using PVP (PelletVent Pro) with silicone O-rings, the use of sealant is not required.

What are the DuraVent product lines?

DuraVent offers the following product lines:

DuraTech 5″-8″: All-fuel, double-wall chimney system. UL 103 HT and ULC S604.

DuraTech 10″-24″: All-fuel, double-wall chimney system. UL 103.

DuraTech Canada is a double-wall, all-fuel chimney system for use with wood stoves, wood fireplaces, and other appliances using wood, oil, gas, or coal.

DuraPlus: Triple-wall all-fuel chimney with two layers of insulation.

DuraPlus HTC: Double-wall all-fuel chimney built to Canadian standards.

DuraChimney II: Double-wall air-cooled chimney for pre-fabricated masonry chimneys.

Combustion Air Systems: DuraVent’s exclusive, patent-pending system is designed to bring in outside combustion air directly to your wood or pellet stoves.

DuraBlack: Single-wall stovepipe.

DVL: Double-wall stovepipe.

DuraLiner: Double-wall factory insulated masonry relining system.

DuraFlex: Flexible stainless steel liners.

DuraFlex Aluminum: Flexible aluminum relining for masonry chimney. UL 1777 and ULC S635.

Ventinox: Flexible stainless steel liner.

CVS: Provides Ortal Branded Fireplace Systems and as a Direct Vent for Pellet Stoves.

PelletVent: Multi-fuel vent.

PelletVent Pro: Vents appliances using oil, wood pellets, corn, and other biofuels.

DirectVent Pro: Unitized, co-axial venting system for direct vent gas or propane stoves, heaters, and fireplaces.

Type B Gas Vent: Vents natural gas, liquid propane category I, and draft-hood equipped appliances

FasNSeal: Single, double-wall, flex, and concentric venting for category II, III, and IV appliances.

FasNSeal 80/90: Combined Category I and IV venting for Gas-Burning Appliances.

PolyPro: Single-wall, flex, and concentric venting made of polypropylene for category II and IV condensing appliances that operate up to 248 degrees.

PolyPro Flex: PolyPro double-wall flex lining system. Environmentally safe venting system for high-efficiency appliances, including water heaters, condensing boilers, and warm air furnaces. ULC S636.

DuraSeal: Single-Wall and Double-Wall Special Gas Vent Boiler Adapters.

DuraStack: A modular double-wall, positive pressure chimney for use with boiler breeching and stack, engine exhaust, and grease duct (DIS only)

DuraStack Pro: Models DIS and DAS. Modular Double-Wall Positive Pressure Chimney for Boiler Breeching, Stack, and Engine Exhaust.

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  • Researched and ordered my fireplace from US FIreplace Store. Pricing was a fair value however, the customer service was EXCELLENT! I had an issue with the direct vent venting. I called US Fireplace and the correct items were sent out the next day AND Janessa stayed on top of my return authorization and sent me the permissions and documents I needed to return the incorrect item and no cost to me, including return shipping. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and my fireplace looks and operates flawlessly. I am glad that I selected US FIreplace to source my direct vent fireplace. Thank you for the great service.


    Monteagle, TN

  • I had placed an order, through Lowe's Home Improvement, for an Electric Firebox: Revillusion RBF42. Ordered 1st part of January. Was told I would have it in 3 weeks. When checking to see is it came in, was told it was delayed to 3/15. Was then told is was delayed until 4/25. Waited until 4/27 to check on it. Was then told it was now delayed until August. This firebox was going in a new Sun Room addition. I could not get my final inspection until the Firebox was installed. I went on line and googled for this same product. US Fireplace Store web site was given to me. This was on a Saturday. I call and reached a very nice man. Explain what I was look for. He checked and told me they had 30 of them in stock. I almost fell out of my chair. I clarified with him the product I was wanting. I ask how soon could I get it. He told me it would ship today. Again, was amazed. It arrived on the following Monday. What a pleasure and a relief working with US Fireplace Store and their employees. Exceed my expectations.

    Thomas W.

    Fort Mill, SC

  • Great prices, quick delivery and fast hassle free services on the issue I encountered. I had purchased an electric fireplace unit that would not fit into the existing fireplace space. With one email I was able to get the wrong fireplace refunded and picked up at my home at no extra cost and the new one I purchased and delivered free of charge. Great company.

    John P.

    Denvers, MA

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