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Enervex RS 014 Chimney Fans

Enervex RS 014 Chimney Fans

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“I’ve been in the hearth industry a long time, so I know a lot about poorly-performing chimneys. An ENERVEX Chimney Fan is the best way I know to prevent soot and smoke from coming into a house. I tell my customers that if they want a maintenance-free, problem-free way to stop smoking fireplaces – and save on fuel costs – they need to install an ENERVEX Chimney Fan.” - Former chimney sweep

The Guaranteed Solution to Smoking Fireplaces. Optimize Your Fireplace and Create the Perfect Draft!

The perfect fireplace features a flame that’s just the right size – not too high or too low and that doesn’t allow smoke to escape from the firebox. Today’s energy-efficient homes are designed to keep airflow in the house to a minimum, which saves energy but makes it difficult to create a good draft. A fireplace that doesn’t get a good draft spills smoke, soot, and ash into the house, creating a mess and an unpleasant environment. Regardless of the airflow in your house, an ENERVEX Chimney Fan provides a reliable draft in your chimney – all the time. And you’ll never even notice that it’s there.

The RS Chimney Fan is specifically designed for applications where efficient operation, low noise level, low energy consumption, variable speed, and compact design are of utmost importance. It should be installed at the termination point of the chimney or stack section and can be mounted on masonry or metal chimneys. It is typically mounted in the vertical position but maybe sidewall vented as well. The fan assures a negative pressure is maintained in the entire chimney or stack system. The fan discharges horizontally (vertically, if side-wall vented) at a high velocity. The fan housing is hinged and the top can be opened for easy service and access to the stack. The RS is for use where flue gas temperatures do not exceed 575°F (300°C) for intermittent operation and 482°F (250°C) for continuous operation. The RS Chimney Fan is a component of the IntelligentDraft® System.

Are you having incurable draft problems? Look no further for a solution. The RS Chimney Fan mounts outside the chimney, where it literally sucks the smoke out from the chimney flue. The chimney fan is designed to disperse the smoke sideways (horizontal) just like a standard chimney cap. The RS is particularly suitable for gas-fired fireplaces and stoves. Installation is clean and easy - and the fan's compact design is barely visible from the ground level. The fan can be recessed or hidden behind the chimney top enclosure. 1x120VAC, 1.4A, 1600 RPM, Axial Vane

Standard Equipment

  • 2"x4" or 4"x4" Junction Box with Cover and Conduit
  • Fiber Mat and Mounting Brackets
  • Bird Screen
  • 5 Amp Fan Speed Control

Optional Equipment

  • ADC 100 Fan Control
  • ADC 150 Fan Control
  • PDS Proven Draft Switch
  • SCA Steel Chimney Adaptor
  • MFD Mechanical Fireplace Damper

Common Companion Product

  • Fan and Damper Control
  • Mechanical Fireplace Damper


Control System

ENERVEX provides a full line of listed, fully integrated residential venting systems for a truly one-stop design. All products are manufactured by one manufacturer, which means our systems will work together seamlessly. No guesswork in the design process, and the flexibility to add what you need, when you need it. At ENERVEX, one supplier takes full responsibility for the performance, efficiency, and sustainability of your system with the best guarantees and warranties in the business.

Click to see Intelligent Draft and Damper System

Maintaining proper and safe draft conditions for the fireplace while providing combustion air are massive challenges in today’s tight construction. Now you can set new standards in fireplace safety and energy savings for your gas fireplace or other gas-fired decorative appliances. Meet Intellidraft, ENERVEX's Modulating Fireplace Draft and Safety System. IntelliDraft is an economical, environmentally friendly intelligent draft solution that quietly maintains perfect draft for fireplaces while protecting homes from dangerous chimney downdraft and fireplace spillage. It is the first completely automated venting control system for use with gas fireplaces and is ideal for single-family dwellings. Download Intellidraft Brochure here.

System Components. 

  • RS Chimney Fan
  • Mechanical Fireplace Damper
  • Modulating Fan & Damper Controller (ADC150)

Click to see Automated Draft & Damper System

The environmentally friendly ENERVEX EcoDamper System is the first combined draft and damper system for use with gas fireplaces. The EcoDamper System quietly manages a perfect draft and prevents heat from escaping through the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. It eliminates the need for glass doors, opening up many new design options while allowing for a larger view area of the fire and a more natural look. The system consists of the RS Chimney Fan, the Mechanical Fireplace Damper (MFD) and the ADC100 Control. Download EcoDamper Brochure here.

System Components. 

  • RS Chimney Fan
  • Mechanical Fireplace Damper
  • Fan & Damper Control (ADC100)



  • Quiet Operation
  • Variable-speed motor
  • Use with gas-fired appliances
  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Complete fan and control packages available from a single manufacturer
  • Low operating costs
  • 6-months Performance Guarantee



Capacities 0-1,800 CFM (0-3,000 m3/h)
Material Cast Aluminum Housing and Stainless Steel Axial Vane
Drive Axial Vane
Motor Variable Speed, TEFC, Class H
Max. Temp 575°F (300°C)
Warranty 2-Year Factory Warranty
10-Year Warranty Against Corrosion Perforation
Listings UL 378 Standard for Draft Equipment
UL 705 Standard for Power Ventilators
CSA3-B255-M81 Standard for Mechanical Flue Gas Exhauster

Model RS 014 
Discharge  Horizontal
Fan Type Axial Vane
Motor Type Totally enclosed, Variable speed, Class H
Voltage   VAC 1x120V @ 60 Hz
Amperage   Amps 1.4
RPM  1600
CFM at 0.0Ps 1400
Motor Output  hp / kW  1/7 / 0.1 
Weight lbs / kg 47 / 21
kg 21
Dimensions A in / mm 13.1 / 334
B x B in / mm 16.6 / 422
C in / mm 15.5 / 395
D in / mm 3.9 / 100
E in 13.5 / 342
Temperature Rating Interm. 575°F / 300°C
Cont. 482°F / 250°C



No other residential draft control solutions offer a more straightforward installation and greater adaptability to changing conditions. ENERVEX gives you precise and safe control of your fireplace or stove, including protection against:

  • Spillage from the fireplace opening
  • Erratic draft
  • Erratic flame pattern
  • Mechanical or electrical failures

All of our controllers are built to integrate seamlessly with our chimney fans. This modular approach reduces risk and guesswork during the design process and delivers the flexibility to add what you need when you need it. Safe, efficient, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

Click to see controls

Modulating Fan & Damper Control

used with gas fireplaces where it monitors and maintains a constant draft in a chimney.

Fan and Damper Control

used to control draft in a fireplace where modulation is not required. It controls the speed of the fan to maintain proper pressure in the chimney. 

PDS Proven Draft Switch

protect against the insufficient draft and unsafe draft conditions caused by a mechanical or electrical failure.

Smart Remote Control for Chimney Fans

With an Xzense control (in conjunction with an exodraft chimney fan system), you obtain full control of your fireplace and maximum comfort.


We complete our systems with the addition of a wide range of accessories. That is one of the advantages of working with a single manufacturer. No need to deal with multiple suppliers hoping everything will go together properly in the field.

Click to see accessories

MFD Mechanical Fireplace Damper

An energy-saving, low profile, automated chimney-top mounted fireplace damper for use with gas-fired applications.

SCA Steel Chimney Adapter

The adapter used to provide support for the installation of an RS or RSHT chimney fan on a round steel chimney.

ASCA Steel Chimney Adapter

The adapter used to provide support for the installation of an RS or RSHT chimney fan on a round, air-cooled steel chimney.

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  • Researched and ordered my fireplace from US FIreplace Store. Pricing was a fair value however, the customer service was EXCELLENT! I had an issue with the direct vent venting. I called US Fireplace and the correct items were sent out the next day AND Janessa stayed on top of my return authorization and sent me the permissions and documents I needed to return the incorrect item and no cost to me, including return shipping. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and my fireplace looks and operates flawlessly. I am glad that I selected US FIreplace to source my direct vent fireplace. Thank you for the great service.


    Monteagle, TN

  • I had placed an order, through Lowe's Home Improvement, for an Electric Firebox: Revillusion RBF42. Ordered 1st part of January. Was told I would have it in 3 weeks. When checking to see is it came in, was told it was delayed to 3/15. Was then told is was delayed until 4/25. Waited until 4/27 to check on it. Was then told it was now delayed until August. This firebox was going in a new Sun Room addition. I could not get my final inspection until the Firebox was installed. I went on line and googled for this same product. US Fireplace Store web site was given to me. This was on a Saturday. I call and reached a very nice man. Explain what I was look for. He checked and told me they had 30 of them in stock. I almost fell out of my chair. I clarified with him the product I was wanting. I ask how soon could I get it. He told me it would ship today. Again, was amazed. It arrived on the following Monday. What a pleasure and a relief working with US Fireplace Store and their employees. Exceed my expectations.

    Thomas W.

    Fort Mill, SC

  • Great prices, quick delivery and fast hassle free services on the issue I encountered. I had purchased an electric fireplace unit that would not fit into the existing fireplace space. With one email I was able to get the wrong fireplace refunded and picked up at my home at no extra cost and the new one I purchased and delivered free of charge. Great company.

    John P.

    Denvers, MA

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