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Hearth Classics Traditional 36" x 36" Standard Canyon Classic Edge Type 2 Hearth Board

Hearth Classics Traditional 36" x 36" Standard Canyon Classic Edge Type 2 Hearth Board

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Accent your home with a quality hearth pad from Hearth Classics Hearth Products. Our hearth pads are crafted from a variety of quality stone and ceramics — expertly finished for maximum durability. Choose from a wide range of styles and enjoy the security of knowing your hearth pad meets all government safety standards. Hearth Classic’s tile and stone hearth pads are handcrafted to provide the ideal foundation for your freestanding gas, wood, pellet, corn, coal or oil stove.

Hearth Classics hearth pads are crafted from a variety of quality stone and ceramics — expertly finished for maximum durability. Choose from a wide range of styles and enjoy the security of knowing your hearth pad meets all government safety standards. All traditional hearth pads are manufactured as Type 2 (Ember Protection and Thermal Protection). Since 1976, Hearth Classics Hearth Products have been designed and manufactured with your home in mind. Five-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and product failure under normal use.

Type 2 Heat Protection. Hearth Classics traditional hearth pads are fully non-combustible with an R-value of 2.24 or 1.592. This exceeds the Type 2 minimum R-value of 1.0. For today’s highly efficient stoves, a Hearth Classics non-combustible hearth pad will block the heat from passing through to your subfloor. Fully non-combustible, with an R-value of 2.24 or 1.592 (R-value information), it provides protection well above the minimum requirements for Type 2 hearth pads (minimum requirement of R-value=1.0). ThermaShield or a 6" pedestal is recommended for hearth pads requiring an extremely high R-value. All our pads are tested to meet or exceed UL1618.

Traditional Hearth Pad Tile Color Options. Select from a large variety of tile colors that will look best with your stove and home. Looking for a more complex color combination? Add extra beauty to your stove while still providing great protection with a two-tone tile hearth pad.

** Current tile offerings are subject to change, and the actual color of tile may vary from the product picture. Tile shown in any lifestyle pictures may or may not be available. Product pictures below are samples and do not reflect the scale of the finished pad. **

Hearth Pad Shapes & Sizes. Our pads are offered in most popular sizes and shapes. Please consult your stove’s owner’s manual to determine the clearance requirements of your stove. It can then help you chose the most appropriate pad size and shape for your home. Custom sizes welcomed but cannot exceed 60".

Type 2 (T2) - Hearth Pad Frame Options. For some of today’s high-efficiency stoves, along with older stoves and stoves that do not use heat shields, the hearth pad may be required to provide thermal protection as well as ember protection. If this is the case with your stove, then the Type 2 hearth pad is the correct hearth pad for your application.

What's Included

  • 36x36 Type 2 Hearth Pad


    Hearth Pads Available in Any Size With R-Value of 1.592 

    • 1-1/4" frame
    • Utilizes two substrates equal to ¾", these substrates provide a slightly lower R-Value than the singe substrate in our 1" frame
    • Two substrates are required to provide strength for larger hearth pads and the thickness required for our Classic Edge

    All Sizes of Hearth Pads

    • Extruded, tubed aluminum for maximum strength
    • Corner plugs to ensure perfectly “square” hearth pads every time
    • Powder-coated
    • No overspray issues on tile/grout, frame powder coated prior to tile/slate installation so grout and thinset clean off frame easily
    • Both substrates provide excellent tile bonding characteristics, unlike substrates found in other brands of hearth pads
    • Does not rely on air pockets for thermal value


      Model C-36-ST-CAN-T2
      Material Ceramic, Non-Combustible
      Color/Finish Canyon
      Frame Style Classic Edge
      Trim Shape & Size 36x36 Standard (ST)
      Dimensions A36 x B36 x C30 1⁄2 x D24 1⁄2 x E8

      Documents & Files

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What size hearth pad do I need? The stove you put on determines the size of the pad. Generally speaking, wood stoves require pads 48″ and larger to protect from falling embers. Pellet, gas, electric, corn, oil and propane stoves can be installed on smaller pads. Consult your stove dealer or stove manual for your stove’s specific requirements.
      How do I know whether I need ember protection or thermal protection?

      Just as when determining the right size of the pad, the stove you will be putting on it determines the type of protection you need. Consult your stove dealer or stove manual for your stove’s specific requirements.

      All of our traditional hearth pads are Type 2 only, providing both ember and thermal protection. Our steel Ember Defender pads are Type 1 only, providing ember protection only. All pads are tested and approved under UL1618 testing guidelines.

      How thick are your hearth pads? Original Edge framed hearth pads less than 54″ are 1″ thick (slates in these sizes vary from 1-1/8″ to 1-1/4″ thick), and all Original Edge frame hearth pads 54″ and larger, as well as all sizes in our Classic Edge framed pads, are 1 1/4″ thick (slates in these sizes vary from 1-3/8″ to 1-1/2″ thick). Ember Defenders are made with 10-gauge steel and are approximately 1/8″ thick.
      How high are the pedestals? Tile and slate pedestals are 6″ high. Spartan Shield pedestals are 1″ thick.
      Can I install my hearth pad directly over carpet? With our new Type 1 – steel Ember Defender and our Type 2 – traditional Ember and Thermal Protectors, the answer is YES. These pads have a solid bottom that will support a stove up to 450 lbs when installed on carpet. Stove weight is not an issue if you are installing on a level, flat floor.

      On carpet, if your stove weighs more than 450 lbs, its weight pushes the hearth pad down directly under its footprint. The carpet will compress and may cause the pad to bow. Unfortunately, tile and grout aren’t flexible materials, and that pressure could cause cracks in the grout or tile.

      A simple solution is our Low-Profile Base, which can be placed beneath the hearth pad. The Low-Profile Base compresses the carpet evenly and provides a flat surface on which to place the pad. Another option is to cut a piece of 3/4″ particleboard slightly smaller than your hearth pad to do the same job. The particleboard should be cut so that it supports the metal frame of the pad on all sizes.

      Can I have a hole cut in my hearth pad? Yes. We can cut a hole in the hearth pad or wall pad according to the specifications your stove dealer provides, showing the size and placement of the hole. We will render a drawing for approval before proceeding with the project.
      Can you make a pad to fit my special dimensions? Yes, we can. We excel at custom work. Part of our factory and team of craftsmen are dedicated to making custom hearth pads. Your stove dealer will need to send us a drawing with all your required dimensions. Please keep in mind your pad cannot exceed 60″ in length or width. However, we can make extensions for use in front of a fireplace up to 72″ long, but no deeper than 22″. All of our pads are made using 45° and 90° angles.

      We do not have the capability of making a pad with angles different from these. If you have a custom pad(s) made for your wall, please include it in your specifications.

      Would you make a pad using my tile? Absolutely. Just know that shipping small amounts of tile can be problematic if some or all of the tile is damaged. It also creates an issue when we ship the completed hearth out. Again, if it is damaged and we need to build another one, more tile will need to be shipped to us.
      When you have determined the square footage for your pad, remember to provide us with the grout needed for your project.  
      What paint should I use if the frame on my pad gets scratched? We suggest you use Rust-Oleum®, Textured, in black
      I bought a hearth pad in the past and would like to add the same tile to the surrounding area. Can I buy matching tile or slate directly from you? Please check with us to see if the tile is still available. If you do not see the matching tile on our Color Options page, it has likely been discontinued. If your pad was made with one of our slate options, please note that slates vary in color and texture and may not be an exact match for your existing pad.
      What is ThermaShield XTreme?

      Some stoves require extremely high R-values. For these stoves, we have designed the Low Profile Base and the award-winning ThermaShield Xtreme Floor Protection System. With the ThermaShield Xtreme, you can achieve an R-Value of up to R=10. Consult with your stove dealer and stove manual for your stove's required R-value.

      Low Profile BaseAt 1" thick, the Low Profile Base provides additional layers of insulation in a frame beneath your hearth pad. This will provide an additional R-value of R=2.4. This is also a great option for installations when carpet can’t be removed beneath the pad.

      ThermaShield Xtreme Floor Protection SystemThermaShield Xtreme Floor Protection System. Consisting of a ThermaShield hearth pad and specialized matching 6" pedestal, the system can be customized to provide a range of R-values from R=2.4 to R=10.


      Five-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and product failure under normal use.

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