Imperial Black Hex Stove Pipe Screws

Quantity: 12 Pcs.

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  • Self-drilling screws made from Black Zinc
  • Hex washer head screws


Model KK0170(1)
Product Type Stove Pipe Screws HEX
Quantity 12 or 500 Pieces


Safety Information: See CA Prop 65 Warning for more information.

FAQs & Tips

Why is initial burn crucial before using a wood stove?


The paint on newly bought and installed black matt stove pipes or accessories is not cured. The protective high-temperature paint will melt and peel off if the paint is not cured correctly, per instructions.

Curing occurs during the first burn. Allow the stove pipes and accessories to cure under 475° F heat for 2-3 hours. This procedure will cause a non-toxic odor for the first hours of burning.

Note: We recommend leaving a window open close to the stove area during the paint curing process to allow the burnt smell to escape.

If your wood stove is an airtight model, you may have to leave the stove door open 2 inches to allow the stove to reach a high burn temperature, as airtight stoves burn at lower pipe temperatures than non-airtight stoves.

Note: Do not leave the wood stove unattended while burning with the stove door open.

Imperial Burn Indicator (Magnetic)

Use a burn indicator to determine the burn temperature. Place it on the single-wall stove pipes 18” above the stove.

How to install wood stove pipes, elbows, and accessories?

Creosote vapors condense in the relatively cool chimney flue of a slow-burning fire. As a result, creosote residue accumulates on the flue lining.



Always insert the stove pipes to the stove collar with the crimped end or male end pointing down. It is necessary to have the stove component’s male end point toward the stove to ensure condensation and creosote travel down only within the pipe to prevent creosote leakage. Connecting pipes this way will result in adequate condensation. It will allow the creosote to flow within the pipe and return to the firebox to be burnt and fully dissipate. See picture.

Exposed creosote is not only unappealing; it is also a fire hazard and a health risk. Avoid creosote leakage by properly installing a stove pipe.

How to snap stove pipes together?

Recommended Stove Pipe Assembly

For more details on how to assemble Imperial single-wall stove pipes, please refer to the instruction sheet.