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Majestic Meridian Platinum 42" Traditional Direct Vent Gas Fireplace with IntelliFire Touch Ignition System

Majestic Meridian Platinum 42" Traditional Direct Vent Gas Fireplace with IntelliFire Touch Ignition System

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Contemporary Rectangular Door

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42 in. Bronze

42 in. Pewter

Decorative Black Mesh Front

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Brick Interior Panels

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42 in. Tavern Brown Brick Interior Panels

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Create an inviting place where the best moments begin.

With the big, bold, comfortable Meridian or Meridian Platinum gas fireplace, you’ll gather ‘round dancing flames with an expansive hearth that puts out generous heat. You can even run your fireplace by smart speaker or phone. With on-trend styling choices to fit your look, it will be your favorite hangout spot.

What's Included

  • 20,000 - 40,000 BTU/Hour Input (NG)
  • 21,000 - 37,000 BTU/Hour Input (LP)
  • IntelliFire Touch Ignition System
  • Battery Backup
  • 10 Ceramic Fiber Logs
  • Tempered Glass
  • Glowing Embers
  • Manual Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Gas Flex Connector
  • Junction Box
  • 12' Control Wire

Not Included

  • Front (Required to Complete)
  • Brick Interior Panels
  • Fan Kit
  • Heat Management
  • Remote/Control System


  • Aesthetics
    • 6" and 42" widths, in three models including a Modern unit
    • for a more contemporary feel
    • Dramatic, big view with hand-painted logs
    • Five interior panel options and four decorative front designs
    • LED ember bed and LED backlighting create a warming ambiance (Platinum only)
  • Comfort and Convenience
    • Enhanced safety with the IntelliFire Touch Ignition System
    • Easy control with touchscreen remote, voice control, wireless wall switch or app
    • Heat Management puts the heat where you want it, when you want it
    • ynamic Thermostat adjusts flames with rising temps to maintain comfort level
    • Variable speed fan disperses heat throughout the room

Venting Notes

  • Requires 8" DVP pipe
  • Approved for use with SLP venting. See venting section of manual
  • Approved for use with PVLP-SLP, PVI-SLP-B, and PVV-SLP with power vent wire harness and IFT-RC400 remote (order separately). See venting section of manual.


      Model 42" Meridian Platinum - MERIDPLA42IN(L)
      Fuel Type Natural Gas/ Liquid Propane
      Viewing Area 39" x 23-5/8"
      Heating Capacity² Up to 1,900 sq.ft.
      BTU/hr Input 40,000 (NG); 37,000 (LP)
      Appliance Width 48"
      Appliance Height 42-7/8"
      Appliance Depth¹ 21"
      Appliance Rear Width 35-1/2"
      Framing Height 42-1/8"
      Framing Depth 22"
      Framing Front Width 49"
      Framing Back Width 49"


      Majestic warranties illustrate commitment to producing the best and most reliable products available—and allow you to own your hearth appliance with confidence. You can read and download the specifics of the warranties below.
      Click to See Warranty Coverage and Limitations

      Hearth & Home Technologies LLC (“HHT”) extends the following warranty for HHT gas, wood, pellet and electric hearth appliances (each a “Product” and collectively, the “Product(s)”) and certain component parts set forth in the table below (“Component Part(s)”) that are purchased from a HHT authorized dealer or distributor.



      HHT warrants that the Products and their Component Parts will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the applicable period of Warranty coverage set forth in the table below (“Warranty Period”). If a Product or Component Parts are found to be defective in materials or workmanship during the applicable Warranty Period, HHT will, at its option, repair the applicable Component Part(s), replace the applicable Component Part(s), or refund the purchase price of the applicable Product(s). The maximum amount recoverable under this Warranty is limited to the purchase price of the Product. This Warranty is transferable from the original purchaser to subsequent owners, but the Warranty Period will not be extended in duration or expanded in coverage for any such transfer. This Warranty is subject to conditions, exclusions, and limitations as described below.


      Warranty coverage begins at the date of installation. In the case of new home constructions, Warranty coverage begins on the date of first occupancy of the dwelling or six months after the sale of the Product(s) by an independent, authorized HHT dealer or distributor, whichever occurs earlier. However, the Warranty coverage shall commence no later than 24 months following the date of Product shipment from HHT, regardless of the installation or occupancy date.

      Check Warranty Policy.


      • Because HHT cannot control the quality of any Products sold by unauthorized sellers, this Warranty only covers Products that are purchased through an HHT authorized dealer or distributor unless otherwise prohibited by law; a list of HHT authorized dealers is available on the HHT branded websites.
      • This Warranty is only valid while the applicable Product remains at the site of original installation.
      • This Warranty is only valid in the country in which the HHT authorized dealer or distributor that sold the applicable Product is authorized to sell applicable Product.
      • Contact your installing distributor or dealer for Warranty service. If the installing dealer or distributor is unable to provide necessary parts, contact the nearest HHT authorized dealer or supplier. Additional service fees may apply if you are seeking Warranty service from a dealer other than the dealer from whom you originally purchased the applicable Product.
      • No HHT consumer should bear cost of warranty service or costs incurred while servicing warranty claims (i.e., travel, gas, or mileage) when the service is performed within the terms of this Warranty. Check with your dealer or distributor in advance for any costs to you when arranging a warranty call. Travel and shipping charges for parts are not covered by this Warranty.

        Documents & Files


        Frequently Asked Questions

        Why a Fireplace?

        From an elemental standpoint, fire is king. From a design standpoint, the regal ambiance a fireplace brings to a space is undeniable. With today’s hearth innovations and technologies, it’s possible to include a fireplace in virtually any room in your residential or commercial project.

        Why a Gas Fireplace?

        Gas fueled fireplaces offer the most versatility of placement, model variety, and technology. Majestic gas fueled fireplaces will not only add an unforgettable focal point to your home, but ambiance and comfort to the spaces you’re creating to deliver an experience of royal proportions. Clean-burning and efficient, building and design professionals typically include at least one gas fueled fireplace in entry level new construction homes as well as a second or third fireplace when planning move-up or luxury/custom properties.

        Why a Wood Fireplace?

        Majestic wood burning fireplaces are a robust, reliable and budget-friendly alternative to true masonry fireplaces and are ideal for projects where the hearth is used seasonally or when end-users are seeking the hands-on experience of a woodfueled appliance. It’s important to understand local codes when specifying wood burning models, particularly when seeking to comply with EPA requirements and other state, city or provincial mandates.

        What are Majestic's Key Technologies?

        Learn about the key technologies that make Majestic Products a great addition to your home.

        IntelliFire Touch Controls

        IntelliFire Touch is the most advanced and intuitive IntelliFire system available, making operating your fireplace simple, smart, and safe.

        Direct Vent Technology

        With Direct Vent Technology, your fireplace can use outside air for combustion, expelling 100% of the combustion exhaust and by-products.

        Heat Management Solutions

        Heat Management solutions allow you to enjoy the fire in comfort and at the same time control the heat.

        IntelliFire Technology

        IntelliFire features intermittent-pilot Ignition (IPI) allowing you to conserve fuel and money when the fireplace is not in use.

        Power Venting Technology

        Power venting technology makes it possible to install a gas fireplace virtually anywhere.

        Zone Heating

        This climate control technology provides homeowners with the option to redirect heat output to specific areas of the home, improving heating efficiency.

        What is Majestic's IntelliFire Technology?

        The IntelliFire™ Ignition System (IPI) is an advanced intermittent pilot ignition system. IntelliFire constantly monitors ignition, ensures safe functioning and conserves up to $10/month in energy costs.

        IntelliFire Plus (IPI Plus) takes this technology to the next level with more safety and memory settings and a programmable wireless remote control.

        IntelliFire Touch is the most advanced and intuitive IntelliFire system, making operating your fireplace simple, smart and safe. Select the wireless wall switch, touchscreen remote control or iOS app for the solution that fits your life.

        What is IntelliFire Touch?

        IntelliFire Touch is the most advanced and intuitive IntelliFire system available, making operating your fireplace simple, smart and safe.

        Select from the IntelliFire app, touchscreen remote control or wireless wall switch for a solution that fits your lifestyle.

        IntelliFire App

        The IntelliFire app provides smart control for the way you live. Control your fire from anywhere so a cozy environment greets you when you walk in the door. You can even control your fireplace with the sound of your voice!

        To sync your fireplace with the app, installation of the IntelliFire WiFi Module is required.

        IntelliFire App Brochure
        IntelliFire App User Guide
        IntelliFire App Quick Start Guide

        RC400 Touchscreen Remote Control

        Gone are the days of stacking wood and blowing on newspaper to nurture a spark. With the RC400 remote control, you can control all the features of your fireplace, from flame height to fan speed, with a quick tap of your finger. Safety features include a child lock and timer mode, allowing enjoyment of your fireplace with total peace of mind.

        RC400 Remote Control User Guide

        RC150 Wireless Wall Switch

        With the flip of a switch, enjoy instant ambiance. It doesn’t get simpler than that! Installation of the RC150 battery-operated wall switch is a cinch, too, with no special wiring required. You can also stash the switch in a drawer if you’d prefer to leave your walls unadorned! Live in a cold climate? Turn on climate mode to reduce condensation on your fireplace glass.

        RC150 Wireless Wall Switch User Guide

        What is Direct Vent Technology?

        Using our Direct Vent technology, all fumes and combustion exhaust created by our fireplaces and inserts are efficiently and effectively removed from your space. This technology ensures the highest air quality, while improving performance, so that you get the most out of your hearth product.

        What are Majestic's Heat Management Solutions?

        Heat Management solutions allow you to enjoy the fire in comfort and at the same time control the heat.


        What is the concept of “heat management”?

        Allows you to enjoy the fire in the comfort while at the same time control the heat


        What are the Benefits of Heat Management Solutions?

        Comfort/control of heat

        • Ability to control where, how and when heat from a gas fireplace is managed within the home
        • Extended daily and year-round enjoyment

        Design versatility

        • A TV or heat sensitive materials may be placed just 12" above the fireplace opening


        • Additional placement in warmer geographies
        • Placement considerations in commercial applications



        Passive Heat Kit

        Allows heat to disperse naturally (no fan) into the room, reducing surface temperatures. Choose side, front or open wall register.

        KEY BENEFIT: A TV or heat sensitive materials may be placed just 12" above the fireplace opening without a mantel.


        Heat-Zone® Kit

        Draw heat from the fireplace to another room in the home, up to 20 feet away. When a Heat-Zone kit is run continuously, it can redirect up to 25% of the heat to another area, also reducing wall temperatures above the fireplace. Two Heat-Zones run continuously will redirect up to 50% of the total heat output.

        KEY BENEFIT: Maintain a comfortable ambiant temperature while also utilizing any excess heat in other areas of the home.


        Heat-Out Kit

        Draw heat from the fireplace and direct it outside, up to 25 feet away. When a Heat-Out kit is run continuously on high, it can redirect up to 40% of the heat off the fireplace, also reducing wall temperatures above the fireplace.

        KEY BENEFIT: Enjoyment of the fire year round while maintaining comfortable ambient temperatures in the home.

        What is Power Venting Technology?

        Power venting technology makes it possible to install a gas fireplace virtually anywhere.

        No matter where you want to install your gas fireplace, power venting technology makes it possible. This extremely flexible, versatile technology is small enough to effectively navigate you home to an effective vent location, which in turn provides you with optimal performance, every time.

        Low Profile Power Vent Install Manual
        Inline Power Vent Install Manual
        Vertical Power Vent Install Manual
        Power Vent Architect Guide

        What is Zone Heating?

        This climate control technology provides homeowners with the option to redirect heat output to specific areas of the home, improving heating efficiency.

        Zone heating is an energy saving way to ensure that you and your family remain comfortable, while reducing your monthly bills. By effectively heating only the areas you spend most of your time, you can avoid wasting fuel and money. This allows you to save up to 40%* on your heating bills.

        As supplemental heating sources, Majestic fireplaces, stoves, and inserts are beautifully styled and built with superior craftsmanship and technology, delivering powerful performance and efficient heat. Now you can heat only the areas you need, right when you need it. Contact your local Majestic dealer to learn more!

        * ACEE 1990 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Proceedings. Vol. 9.


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        • Researched and ordered my fireplace from US FIreplace Store. Pricing was a fair value however, the customer service was EXCELLENT! I had an issue with the direct vent venting. I called US Fireplace and the correct items were sent out the next day AND Janessa stayed on top of my return authorization and sent me the permissions and documents I needed to return the incorrect item and no cost to me, including return shipping. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and my fireplace looks and operates flawlessly. I am glad that I selected US FIreplace to source my direct vent fireplace. Thank you for the great service.


          Monteagle, TN

        • I had placed an order, through Lowe's Home Improvement, for an Electric Firebox: Revillusion RBF42. Ordered 1st part of January. Was told I would have it in 3 weeks. When checking to see is it came in, was told it was delayed to 3/15. Was then told is was delayed until 4/25. Waited until 4/27 to check on it. Was then told it was now delayed until August. This firebox was going in a new Sun Room addition. I could not get my final inspection until the Firebox was installed. I went on line and googled for this same product. US Fireplace Store web site was given to me. This was on a Saturday. I call and reached a very nice man. Explain what I was look for. He checked and told me they had 30 of them in stock. I almost fell out of my chair. I clarified with him the product I was wanting. I ask how soon could I get it. He told me it would ship today. Again, was amazed. It arrived on the following Monday. What a pleasure and a relief working with US Fireplace Store and their employees. Exceed my expectations.

          Thomas W.

          Fort Mill, SC

        • Great prices, quick delivery and fast hassle free services on the issue I encountered. I had purchased an electric fireplace unit that would not fit into the existing fireplace space. With one email I was able to get the wrong fireplace refunded and picked up at my home at no extra cost and the new one I purchased and delivered free of charge. Great company.

          John P.

          Denvers, MA

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