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PyroMania Genesis 41" Round Charcoal Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

PyroMania Genesis 41" Round Charcoal Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

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The Genesis Round Fire Pit Table boasts a hand-crafted design using top-quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) with 2 coats of clear sealer applied. GFRC is lighter compared to materials like marble and stone but provides the same level of durability while giving a natural handcrafted look. On the other hand, due to the glass fibers mixed in the GFRC help to reinforce the concrete, it's stronger than MGO (Magnesium Oxide) and without paint in GFRC makes it more colorfast to withstand the outdoor elements. The Genesis fire table features a distinctive travertine texture on the sides while the top has a sleek matte finish. With its stunning aesthetics and exceptional quality, Genesis continues to be a customer favorite.

*Available in two fuel types (natural gas and propane) which are easily convertible.*


  • Equipped with a CSA certified
  • Thermo-couple-controlled 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner
  • Convenient electronic push button ignition (1.5v battery powered). 

What's Included

  1. A 10-foot hose with a 3/8" flare fitting at the end for natural gas connection. Or a 10-foot hose with a standard connection for a propane tank.
  2. A weatherproof canvas cover 
  3. Optional aluminum legs raise the table 3 inches off of the ground allowing plenty of ventilation for installation on composite decks
  4. Propane Tank Seat

Note: All fire pit media (pebbles or fire glass) will be sold separately.


Model No. GE-CH-LP
Series Genesis
Fuel Type Liquid Propane
Finish Charcoal
Ignition 1.5v electronic ignition (battery powered)
Heat Output 50,000 BTU
Height with legs installed 15"
Height high without legs 12"
Table size in diameter 41"
Burner pan size 18" diameter, round
Burner ring size 12" diameter, round
Table Weight 150 lbs.
Media weight around 50 lbs.
Width 41"
Depth 41"
Height 12.2"
Weight with lava rocks 190 lbs.
Weight 123 lbs.



Pyromania Inc. extends the following warranty for PyroMania brand decorative gas appliances in the USA and Canada. Dealers and employees of Pyromania Inc. have no authority to make any warranty or authorize any remedies in addition to or inconsistent with the terms of this warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Pyromania Inc. warrants that this decorative gas appliance will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from its date of purchase. The warranty is subject to the conditions, exclusions and limitations described below.

This warranty applies only to the original owner of the product and is non-transferable. Pyromania Inc.’s obligation under this warranty does not extend to damages resulting from (1) assembly, operation or maintenance of the product not in accordance with the Owner’s Manual; (2) installation or use which does not comply with local building codes and ordinances; (3) shipping, improper handling, improper operation, abuse, misuse, accident or unworkmanlike repairs; (4) use of fuels other than those specified in the Owner’s Manual; (5) Installation or use of components not supplied with the product; and/or (6) modification of the product not authorized or approved by Pyromania Inc. This warranty is void if the product or any component has been removed, repaired or replaced before Pyromania Inc. has been given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the product.

This warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of defective components or workmanship and Pyromania Inc. may fully discharge its obligations under this warranty by repairing or replacing, at its discretion, the defective components under this warranty. The maximum amount recoverable under this warranty is limited to the purchase price of the product only and does not cover costs related to freight, removal, re-installation, etc. If Pyromania Inc. is unable to provide replacement or repair in an expedient and cost effective manner, Pyromania Inc. may discharge all obligations under this warranty by refunding the purchase price of the product.

This warranty applies only to appliances used for personal, family or household purposes and specifically excludes rental, community and commercial applications.

The original purchaser acknowledges and agrees that this product is a hand-made, hand-finished product and each piece is unique. Any samples provided are typical of texture, finish, color and individual characteristics but they should not be considered exact representations of the final product. There can be up to a 15% variation in color and texture from unit to unit. In addition, shape detail can vary as much as ¼” in size. The texture created by entrapped air ranges from smooth to randomly indented. Minor chipping, water staining and non-structural hairline cracks are also traditional characteristics of this product. As with natural stone, color will vary on individual orders and among individual pieces in the same order. As with natural stone, excessive heat exposure may cause discoloration. As this product ages, color may lighten or darken according to specific field or storage conditions such as humidity, temperature and exposure to sunlight.

  1. Email written notice of the claimed condition to:
  2. Affirm that you are the original owner of the product.
  3. Submit photos of the issue in order to assess the warranty claim.
  4. Provide Pyromania Inc. reasonable opportunity to investigate the claim, including reasonable opportunity to inspect the product prior to any repair or replacement work and before any component of the product has been removed.


This warranty certificate along with proof of purchase must be produced when making any claim.
SERIAL NUMBER (Found on the data plate):
Do not send this form to Pyromania Inc. Please retain it for your own reference.

Documents & Files

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety, Product & General Questions

What is GFRC? It is glass fiber reinforced cement, which has a special formulation and casting method that allows it to be cast quite thin. It is both lightweight and strong. We use it so that our fire tables can easily be carried and installed on any patio surface including apartment balconies. It has a better ability to expand and contract then traditional concrete and much less likely to suffer from structural cracks, what makes it the ideal material for outdoor fire features.
Can the propane tank be hidden inside of the fire table? No. Due to height restrictions, propane tanks cannot be hidden inside of Pyromania fire tables, but we have matching tank covers which are sold separately..
Is the burner flame adjustable? Yes, you can adjust the flame to the desired height with the control knob.
Is assembly required? Yes, minimal assembly is required. The fire pebbles must be installed in the burner area and the gas line must be connected to the gas source. Please refer to the owner’s manual for the procedure.
What safety standards are Pyromania fire tables certified to? All our residential and professional line fire tables are certified to CSA/ANSI standards.
Do Pyromania fire tables come with a warranty? Our residential line has a 1-year limited warranty, and the professional line has a limited 2-year warranty. For more details about our warranties, please contact us.
How many BTU are offered? Pyromania residential line models have a heat output of 50,000 BTU and the professional line models have a heat output of 60,000 BTU. The BTU output are the same for both propane and natural gas. We use a different sized orifice in each one to compensate for the difference in gas density.
What is the burner made of? What materials are the fire pits made of? Our burners are made of 304 stainless steel and brass. The fire tables body are made of glass fiber reinforced cement (GFRC) material.
Can I put a Pyromania fire table on a wood or synthetic deck? Yes, Pyromania fire tables have a heat shield incorporated underneath the burner pan and can be placed on any non-combustible surface.
Can I put a fire table under a covered patio? What is the overhead clearance minimum? You can absolutely have a natural gas or propane fire table under a covered patio if the overhead height of the ceiling meets CSA requirements for distance from appliance. This is usually between 72 - 80 inches above the height of the tabletop and 48 inches in the sides and the back. Refer to the Pyromania owner’s manual for required minimum clearances.
Do I need to allow for ventilation inside the fire tables? Yes, fresh air must be able to pass under the fire table to safeguard against residual gas accumulation. Failure to allow proper ventilation may cause a fire or explosion. If installing this fire table without the optional legs, it should be placed on a hard level surface that allows proper ventilation 3 | P a g e through the ½” gap incorporated into the bottom. If the installation method blocks the incorporated gap, then an alternative method for allowing ventilation would be required. Required minimum clearances (to combustible materials): Sides and back - 48 inches (122 cm). Top - 72 inches (183 cm).
Can I keep my fire pit outside year-round? Do I need to cover my fire table? Yes, our GFRC fire tables are designed for all weather use and can be left outside year. However, we recommend that the supplied weather resistant cover is used to protected from the elements or if unused for extended periods. The cover also helps to keep debris out of the burner pan and prolong the life of the burner components.
What can happen if a Pyromania fire table gets rained on? We always suggest using the supplied cover to protect the fire table from harsh weather conditions, but a little rain should not be too much trouble because Pyromania fire tables are made with all-weather materials and feature drainage holes to deter moisture damage and water pooling.
Can Pyromania fire tables be used in windy areas? Storage of the fire table indoors is permissible only if the gas source is disconnected and gas cylinders are removed from the appliance.
Can I store my fire table indoors? Gas fire tables typically do not do well in high wind areas. Too much wind interferes with the aesthetics that are usually desired from a fire pit. It also has the potential for cracking the concrete if the flame is blown onto the table surface for a prolonged period. This said, if you plan to install a gas or propane fire table in an area with consistent wind, we recommend using a glass wind guard.
Are glass wind screens available? Yes, we offer tempered glass screens for most of our models. (Note that the glass is for screening wind only. It will get hot!)
What type of connections are included with the propane fire tables? For propane fire tables, we preinstall a 10-foot propane hose with a pressure regulator and connector for 20-pound portable propane tanks.
Where can I buy a propane tank? Propane tanks (cylinders) can be purchased at most of home improvement stores (i.e. Home Depot, Lowes), grocery stores, gas stations, etc.
How long does a 20-pound propane tank last with a Pyromania fire table? With the flame set at maximum, our professional line fire tables should run for about 8 hours and the residential line tables should run for about 10 hours.
What type of connections are included with the natural gas fire tables? For the natural gas fuel fire tables, we pre-install a 10- foot natural gas hose. It is equipped with a 3/8" (female) flare end connection. It is a standard gas connection and gas shut-off valves are available with the male connection.
If my gas line is underground can be connected under the unit hiding the connection? Or does it have to be outside the table? We designed our fire tables with both types of installations in mind. If you have an underground gas line it can be connected 5 | P a g e inside the cavity of the fire table through the bottom. All Pyromania fire tables have a supply hose pre-installed and connected to a bulkhead connection which is discreetly located underneath the bottom side. The hose can be disconnected, and the bulkhead fitting can be removed from the body and relocated inside the fire table cavity. Then the hose can be reconnected to the bulkhead fitting on one end and connected to your gas line "stub-up" at the other end (refer to the spec drawing for the opening size at the bottom of the fire table). Once the table is set in position the hose and the old connection point will not be seen.
Can I bury the supplied gas line underground? No. Do not bury the gas supply line supplied by the manufacturer underground. They are not approved or certified for underground use.
Can I convert my fire table from NG to LP or vice versa? Yes, we offer conversion kits. All the conversions should be performed by a qualified service agency in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (Pyromania Inc.) and all applicable codes and requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction. The qualified service agency is responsible for the proper installation of this kit. Contact us for more information.
Who should I call to install my fire table? You should call a certified gas fitter or a local gas supplier to connect the fire table to a gas supply line (natural gas or hard piped liquid propane).
What is fire table media? This is what you use to fill your fire table burner area and give it the look that you desire. These can include lava rocks, tempered fire glass, fire pebbles, mixed media, and fire pit logs. If using fire glass, make sure that it is heat resistant for at least 1100 degrees.
Is media included with the fire table? Yes, 44 lbs. of fire-resistant pebbles (2 bags - 22lbs each bag) are shipped with the fire table.
What to do if the fire pebbles are cracking or splitting? This is a property of fire pebbles and may happen occasionally. It is due to heat and/or abrupt temperature changes. Do nothing. This is completely normal.
How to arrange the fire pebbles on the fire table? Place the pebbles by hand. Do not dump the bag into the burner in order to prevent damage to the fire table, to prevent clogging the burner ports with dust and to prevent getting debris in the ignitor box. Only place enough pebbles to cover the top of the burner ring and pan by 1”. Do not cover the top of the ignitor box. Excessive material may impede gas flow, cause gas build-up, and potentially cause an explosion.
How do I clean my fire table? For routine cleaning of the fire table, wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge and mild dish soap. Avoid using any other cleaners as they may contain chemicals that can cause discoloration. To remove stains, use a marble or granite stain remover available at a local home improvement or masonry supply store. Follow the application instructions provided by the stain remover manufacturer.
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  • Researched and ordered my fireplace from US FIreplace Store. Pricing was a fair value however, the customer service was EXCELLENT! I had an issue with the direct vent venting. I called US Fireplace and the correct items were sent out the next day AND Janessa stayed on top of my return authorization and sent me the permissions and documents I needed to return the incorrect item and no cost to me, including return shipping. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and my fireplace looks and operates flawlessly. I am glad that I selected US FIreplace to source my direct vent fireplace. Thank you for the great service.


    Monteagle, TN

  • I had placed an order, through Lowe's Home Improvement, for an Electric Firebox: Revillusion RBF42. Ordered 1st part of January. Was told I would have it in 3 weeks. When checking to see is it came in, was told it was delayed to 3/15. Was then told is was delayed until 4/25. Waited until 4/27 to check on it. Was then told it was now delayed until August. This firebox was going in a new Sun Room addition. I could not get my final inspection until the Firebox was installed. I went on line and googled for this same product. US Fireplace Store web site was given to me. This was on a Saturday. I call and reached a very nice man. Explain what I was look for. He checked and told me they had 30 of them in stock. I almost fell out of my chair. I clarified with him the product I was wanting. I ask how soon could I get it. He told me it would ship today. Again, was amazed. It arrived on the following Monday. What a pleasure and a relief working with US Fireplace Store and their employees. Exceed my expectations.

    Thomas W.

    Fort Mill, SC

  • Great prices, quick delivery and fast hassle free services on the issue I encountered. I had purchased an electric fireplace unit that would not fit into the existing fireplace space. With one email I was able to get the wrong fireplace refunded and picked up at my home at no extra cost and the new one I purchased and delivered free of charge. Great company.

    John P.

    Denvers, MA

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