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Rasmussen 60" Tipi Vented Gas Log for Rumford Fireplaces

Rasmussen 60" Tipi Vented Gas Log for Rumford Fireplaces

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Tall vertically stacked logs meant for Rumford fireplaces and fireplaces with square or vertically oriented openings. Rasmussen uses real pieces of wood to develop our log patterns and a painstaking molding process to reproduce the finest detail. Rasmussen uses high-heat resistant, high-alumina refractory cement with a maximum temperature rating of over 2300 degrees F, lightweight expanded clay aggregates, and rigid steel rod reinforcing for strength and durability. All of Rasmussen’s logs are hand-colored with a multi-step (up to six colors) process utilizing environmentally-friendly non-paint-based ceramic colorations, which remain colorfast under fire, and which do not create any odor when burned.

Product Specifications

  • Available in 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 60", 72"
  • Log Set Type: Vented Indoor
  • Fireplace Type: Standard
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Log Set Width: 60"
  • Stack Height: 36"
  • Compatible with Burner Type: TNA30, TNA30E


  • Burner System is not included with the log set and should be ordered separately. 
  • Remote Control is not included with the Remote Ready Burner and should be ordered separately. 
Specification Sheet
Single Face Logs
Set Size Model # Weight
# of Logs in Set
24" RF-TR24LOG 42 9
30" RF-TR30LOG 42 9
36" RF-TR36LOG 70
72" RF-TR72LOG 235 14


Minimum Fireplace Sizing Requirements

Log Set Size Front Rear Depth Height
24" 24" 13.5" 12" 24” – 28”
13.5" 12" 28” – 32”
32” – 38”
38” – 42”
48" 48" 18" 16" 42” – 48”
60" 60" 22.50" 20" 45” – 54”
72" 72" 24" 24" 45” – 60”

*Click to see Guidelines for selecting the proper set size for your Fireplace

Burner Kits Includes: Pan Filler - Sand for Natural Gas (Indoors) or Volcanic Ash for Propane and Natural Gas (Outdoors), Ember Magic, Flexible SS Non-Whistling Connector Kit, Damper Clamp, Instructions.

**Note: Burners for Vented Sets produce soot and other combustion products and are for use ONLY in fully functioning fireplaces in which it is safe to burn wood and with the damper wide open. Glass Doors must be wide open when burning for proper ventilation, proper combustion and cooling of safety control valves and components.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

RASMUSSEN IRON WORKS INC, 12028 E. Philadelphia Street, Whittier California, U.S.A., warrants this Gas Log Set and accessories against defects in materials and workmanship, and suitable for a particular purpose, for a period of:

 Home (Non-Commercial use):
 Log Castings All logs are guaranteed against crumbling in the original installation for the lifetime of the initial purchaser.
Burner & Grate 2 Years from date of purchase.
Safety Control and Pilot
Pilots and Safety Controls are covered by a warranty of the original manufacturer only.
 Commercial Use: 
All Components  1 year from date of purchase

 Options and Accessories

Click to see Burner Kits


Tipi/Andiron Vented Burner

The TNA Burner is designed for use in narrow-backed Kiva and Rumford fireplaces with tall or short tipi log arrangements, or with andirons (with the Evening Series log sets).

Max BTU: Natural Gas 100,000 | Propane 72,000


Tipi/Andiron - Enhanced Vented Burner

The TNA Enhanced burner is meant to be used with either our Rumford logs sets: the Retiring Tipi or the Rumford Tipi, or with any Evening Series log set and a pair of andirons (we do not sell andirons, instead the andirons can be replaced with our box of chunkers item #BOC). Similar to the other TNA burner, except the enhanced burner has an additional front burner for more front flame.

Max BTU: Natural Gas 125,000 | Propane 95,000


Click to see Remote Control and Switching Accessories

SR-2R Wireless Hand-held Transmitter with simple ON/OFF function

This remote turns the fireplace on or off at the push of a button. Works with "EASY" control systems as their remote control.
  • For "RPK3E" and "SE" Remote Ready EASY Controls Includes battery
  • Remote works up to 20 feet away

THR-2R Remote Control (Thermostat & On/Off) for RPK3E & SE Systems

This remote turns the fireplace on or off at the push of a button, but also has thermostat function. Works with "EASY" control systems as their remote control.
  • Only for use with Rasmussen "EASY" Control systems with latching solenoid, such as all "SE" and "RPK3E" controls
  • Batteries included
  • Works up to 20 feet away

TS-2R Wireless Wall Thermostat Control

The wall thermostat turns the fireplace on until the air temperature in the room reaches a certain point, then it shuts off. Works with "EASY" control systems as their remote control.
  • Turns the fireplace on until it reaches a certain temperature in the room
  • For Rasmussen RPK3E and 'SE' 'EASY' models with Latching Solenoid
  • Works up to 20 feet away
  • Includes batteries
  • Receiver not included

WS-2R Wireless Wall Switch

The wall switch turns the fireplace on or off at the push of a button. Works with "EASY" control systems as their remote control.
  • On/off rocker switch, similar to a light switch, which turns the fireplace on or off at the push of a button
  • For Rasmussen RPK3E and 'SE' 'EASY' models with Latching Solenoid
  • Works up to 20 feet away
  • Includes batteries
  • Receiver not included

WT-2R Wireless 30/60/120 minute Wall Timer

The wall timer turns the fireplace on until the specified time is reached, then it shuts off. This can help save gas or keep a room from getting too warm. Works with "EASY" control systems as their remote control.
  • Turns the fireplace on for a certain amount of time, after which it automatically shuts off
  • For Rasmussen RPK3E and 'SE' 'EASY' models with Latching Solenoid
  • Works up to 20 feet away
  • Includes batteries
  • Receiver not included

SR-MV1 Wireless On/Off Remote Control for Millivolt & EIS

  • Provides ON/OFF control
  • Use with Millivolt controls: S, RPK1, RPK3, & VMV
  • Use with EIS-N135, EIS-N200, EIS-N350, EIS-N720, EIS-P200, & EIS-P350
  • Works up to 20 feet away
  • Includes both Transmitter & Receiver
  • Batteries included

RH2 Ceramic Log House for "SE", "RE" and Millivolt receivers

This log shaped ceramic box blends in with most Rasmussen gas log sets. Helps to keep heat off of the remote receiver and helps mask the appearance of some electronic components. This receiver housing should still be installed near the edge of the firebox or outside it as far away from the heat as possible.
  • Helps protect the receiver from heat
  • Made from the same materials as our gas logs


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  • Researched and ordered my fireplace from US FIreplace Store. Pricing was a fair value however, the customer service was EXCELLENT! I had an issue with the direct vent venting. I called US Fireplace and the correct items were sent out the next day AND Janessa stayed on top of my return authorization and sent me the permissions and documents I needed to return the incorrect item and no cost to me, including return shipping. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and my fireplace looks and operates flawlessly. I am glad that I selected US FIreplace to source my direct vent fireplace. Thank you for the great service.


    Monteagle, TN

  • I had placed an order, through Lowe's Home Improvement, for an Electric Firebox: Revillusion RBF42. Ordered 1st part of January. Was told I would have it in 3 weeks. When checking to see is it came in, was told it was delayed to 3/15. Was then told is was delayed until 4/25. Waited until 4/27 to check on it. Was then told it was now delayed until August. This firebox was going in a new Sun Room addition. I could not get my final inspection until the Firebox was installed. I went on line and googled for this same product. US Fireplace Store web site was given to me. This was on a Saturday. I call and reached a very nice man. Explain what I was look for. He checked and told me they had 30 of them in stock. I almost fell out of my chair. I clarified with him the product I was wanting. I ask how soon could I get it. He told me it would ship today. Again, was amazed. It arrived on the following Monday. What a pleasure and a relief working with US Fireplace Store and their employees. Exceed my expectations.

    Thomas W.

    Fort Mill, SC

  • Great prices, quick delivery and fast hassle free services on the issue I encountered. I had purchased an electric fireplace unit that would not fit into the existing fireplace space. With one email I was able to get the wrong fireplace refunded and picked up at my home at no extra cost and the new one I purchased and delivered free of charge. Great company.

    John P.

    Denvers, MA

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