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Security Chimneys Secure Pellet 3SPVLW4 Increaser

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Since starting operations in 1960, Security Chimneys International has built a reputation as one of the most trusted suppliers of quality chimneys in North America. Our dedication to total quality lives in the research and development of new products and services for the residential and commercial markets. With a 104,800-square-foot manufacturing facility in Laval, Quebec, we are fully equipped and accredited to certify that all our products are in accordance with UL and ULC standards.
Throughout our history, our product offerings have evolved. We’ve strengthened our focus on maintaining our leadership position in the industry by designing, building, and marketing a complete line of chimneys for residential and commercial applications that have set the standard that other manufacturers have often imitated, but never equaled.

Ultimately, Security Chimneys International believes that quality relationships develop quality products. We have developed valuable partnerships by providing superior sales support, customer service, and products. But most of all, we’ve fostered an environment where customer focus is the key to our success.


Use to transition from 3” pipe to a 4” pipe. Not a decreaser or stove adapter

Why Choose Security Chimneys?

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For over 50 years, Security Chimneys has been an innovator in the venting field and a market leader in North America. Instrumental in the company’s growth has been an ongoing focus on product improvement and the introduction of new, innovative products. This drive for excellence has given rise to the Tubinox venting system, a line of high-quality products that deliver optimal performance.


As a reflection of our ongoing commitment to product quality, the Secure Pellet vent pipe, while reducing installation time and headaches, is engineered to be the most durable and easy-to-install product on the market today. Offered in 3- and 4-inch diameters, the Secure Pellet features a clearance to combustibles of only 1 inch, with improved airtightness at the connecting joint. Plus, with the small clearance to combustibles, the accessories feature a complimentary design that makes installation simpler. A silicone gasket has been placed at each female joint to eliminate the need to caulk each joint. From a durability standpoint, Secure Pellet features enhanced materials that deliver unparalleled corrosion resistance. This includes a corrosion-resistant stainless steel inner wall and a Galvalume outer casing. Both materials will help ensure product life and maintain a high level of dependable performance over a longer period of time.


  • High-temperature-rated silicone gasket at each female joint
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Laser-welded
  • Galvalume outer casing
  • Adjustable wall support
  • Adjustable attic radiation shield
  • No need to caulk each joint 
  • Makes installation fast and easy
  • Applicable for corn-burning appliances
  • Creates a rounder pipe
  • Provides a better fit
  • Makes installation easier
  • More corrosion resistance than galvanized steel
  • Enhances product life
  • Meets Canadian standard for vent outer casings
  • Multiple adjustments to the wall distance
  • Allows for easier installation
  • Eliminates the need for painting on-site
  • Provides a better-looking pipe inside the house
  • Allows for more types of installations
  • Assures a quality installation


List of other components

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Adjustable Vent Lengths 3",4"

Flexible Vent Lengths 3", 4"
Flex Trim Collar 3", 4"
Female Flex Adapter 3", 4" 
Male Flex Adapter 3", 4"
Appliance Adapter 3", 4"
Quick Release Adapter 3", 4"
Harman Adapter 3"
Appliance Adapter/Increaser 3"
Increaser 3"- 4"
Chimney Adapter 3", 4"
45° Elbow 3", 4"
90° Elbow 3", 4"
Regular Tees 3",4"
Double Tee w/ Clean-Out Tee Cap 3.63", 4.63"
Clean-Out Tee Cup 3", 4" 
Wall Thimble 3.75", 4.75"
Wall Thimble Air Intake Kit 3", 4" 

Ceiling Support Firestop Spacer 3.75", 4.75"

Wall Strap 3.625", 4.625"


Adjustable Wall Strap 3.625", 4.625"

 Wall Strap Extension 3", 4" 

Cathedral Ceiling Support Box 3.75", 4.75"

Ceiling Support/Wall Thimble Cover 3"- 4" 

Reduction Collar 3",4" 

House Shield 3.75", 4.75"

Attic Insulation Shield 3.75" 4.75"

Adjustable Roof Flashing 3.75" , 4.75" 

Tall Cone Roof Flashing 3.75" , 4.75"

DSA Roof Flashing 3.75",4.75"

Storm Collar 3", 4"

Vertical Cap 3", 4"

Horizontal Cap 3",4"


Square Horizontal Cap 3",4"

Secure Pellete Flex 15',20',25',30,'35',100'


Paire Termination Cap 3",4"

Fresh Air Inlet Increaser 3"



Model 3SPVLW4
Piece/carton 6
Finish Galvalume
Dimensions 3" - 4" (dia.)
Listings UL-641, ULC-S609, ULC/ORD-C441
Canada / U.S
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty




California PROP 65: This product can expose you to Lead & Chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. See WARNING