EcoSmart Fire Single Sided Flex Fireplaces

Flex Single Sided Fireplace Insert

Enjoy an alluring flame from any angle you look at it.

Specifically designed for a single room application, the Flex Single Sided Fireplace Insert features one open side, enabling the flame to be viewed from the front. The bioethanol, true zero-clearance fireplace can be used to create a striking addition to a feature wall, integrated within cabinetry or a fireplace setting - whether in a residential dining room, indoor or outdoor living area, or commercial spaces.

Single Sided Ethanol Fireplace Inserts are available in different sizes and configuration i.e. 18SS, 32SS, 42SS, 50SS, 50SS with Decorative Box, 68SS, 68SS with Decorative Box, 78SS with Decorative Box, 86SS, 86SS with Decorative Box, 104SS, 104SS with Decorative Box, 122SS, 122SS with Decorative Box, 140SS with Decorative Box, 158SS, 158SS with Decorative Box.